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Aliens: Colonial Marines – Tactical Multiplayer Trailer

By on January 31st, 2013 11:39 am

Sega has released a new trailer for their sci-fi first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. After a much criticized cinematic around the “marine-cliché” motif – which I personally took as Aliens’ dark humor – it’s now time for Sega to show off the game’s multiplayer side. It’s a good trailer, which will probably make a better service in selling a few more pre-orders than the previous one. The marine-talk cliché is still present, but let’s face it, that’s part of Aliens, so, there’s simply no way around that. Prepare for blood, gore and fear. Some of the Marines and Aliens abilities are also revealed.

Personally, I prefer when there’s less Alien Xenomorphs around, when the setting is darker, the space tighter and you can’t see the aliens in much detail. Oh, and, apparently the Weyland Yutani Corporation has not yet learned to better equip its marines. When there was a surprise factor involved it was understandable, but after the first bloodshed, they still run out of clips? :) I understand the need to be faithful to the franchise origins, but where’s the cavalry? Unless this is a re-imagining of the Aliens movie itself and the marines were once more caught by surprise of course.

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  1. Ashbery76 says:

    Sega cancelled a great looking Alien’s RPG for this like mediocre looking corridor shooter with dated visuals.What a shame.

  2. Loyal_Viggo says:

    I’d be surprised if Gearbox do screw the pooch on this, but I’m not that inspired by any of the footage I’ve seen so far.

    Something just not quite right about it…

  3. Mark says:

    Well we were all afraid this was going to happen and sadly, it did.

    Getting the alien franchise right would seem to be a total no brainer. How could they possibly mess it up this badly? Hopefully someone will try again in a few years and this time get it right.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Saw the polygon review also (3/10). Oh well. Guess you can scratch this one from the “2013 can’t miss list”. It’s a hopeful list, but in any case I better start calling it “Games to look for in ….” list instead of “can’t miss”… Or, simply don’t put games there based on hunches or nostalgia effects.

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