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Star Lords: Alpha 2.1 Released and New Screenshots

By on January 18th, 2013 7:27 pm

Star Lords | A Space 4X Game by Neogen2 Creations - Alpha 2.1

Star Lords is a new turn-based space 4X game for the PC that is currently in the works by Neogen2 Creations. It’s part of the SpaceSector’s “Sci-Fi/Space Games You Can’t Miss in 2013” list, and its release date is set for Q2 2013.

Star Lords was announced in August 2012 with an initial release ETA for Q4 2012. By then, the devs made their game available for pre-orders. Star Lords looked promising at the time, and it was in fact quite playable, but it was clear that there was definitely still a lot of work to be done. We have a preview of that initial pre-order Alpha (v1.2).

However, after the game’s announcement, there was little to no feedback for a long time. This was in part due to logistical problems including lack of internet access by one of the main developers, and also due to website hosting problems.

But, today, Neogen2 released their new Star Lords Alpha build (v2.1). Among many fixes and further polishing, it includes the following major changes:

Alpha 2.0

  • New sound effects and music tracks
  • New technologies and planet types
  • Improved AI decision making
  • Changing domestic policies now causes internal turmoil
  • Added tutorial
  • Added minor race interaction
  • Added Intel/Missions info in-game
  • Several UI improvements

See here for full release note.

Alpha 2.1

  • Now possible to zoom more
  • Added more tutorial topics
  • Added new technologies
  • Added “Allied” and “Research” victory conditions
  • Added several new random events
  • Added new icons, panels and buttons

Here for full release note.

And now, some screenshots of the new build.

We’ll be doing another hands-on preview in the near future, most probably when they reach Beta.

But, if you want to jump in now, you can already pre-order the game. The devs state that if you do, you’ll “get the game 20% to 35% cheaper”. But, remember that this is still work in progress. I suggest that you at least read our alpha preview before deciding to buy.

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  1. David says:

    Happy pre orderer here.
    I’m really enjoying playing the alpha, the last update in particular made the game very stable for me, so far I haven’t encountered any bug or crash.
    Can’t wait for the release, Star Lords is definitely one of my top 5 most awaited games for this year.

  2. t1it says:

    Well time to pick this up again! This game is already polished with a good interface, sensible (and quite deep) diplomacy / ai and a good looking star map. All it needs is more flesh. That comes with time. I hope they give enough time for it and not rush into release à la endless space.

  3. Smoking Robot says:

    Tiny fonts? Yup. I’m out.

    • just_me says:

      this is just Alpha version, i’m sure they will change the fonts :)

      • Smoking Robot says:

        Why? No one else does. TFS (tiny font syndrome) is the bane of strategy games and has been for years.

        Developers are knuckleheads and will not figure this out.

        Playing a game where you have to struggle to get information off the screen is a chore, not fun.

  4. Mark says:

    So many good looking 4x games in the pipeline! It feels great to finally have a reasonably large range to look forward to after so many years of 4x drought.

    Even if they mess many of them up, at least a few are bound to be good. That’s the theory anyway…..

  5. Thrangar says:

    Woot the 404 page error has gone away,just intime to see this!
    Isaw the original review and a video review from some guy(who in my opinion was hilarious) and have been keeping watch for this one.
    Yup tiny fonts are now a item that I lookout for also.

    • Adam Solo says:

      What do you mean 404 page error? Here or at the Star Lords website?

      • Thrangar says:

        It was here for about 5 days,I sent an email to the contact address to let you know,it was on the home page just the left side,was all white with error message,anyways its gone now

        • Adam Solo says:

          Ok, strange. Maybe some ads were not showing up. But, you say that it was the “left side” that you could not see, but could see the sidebar on the right?

          I replied to your email. Sorry, I mistook it for spam.

  6. Ace of the Stars says:

    Alpha 2.2 is out, so some questions :

    1 – What do you make of it? Is it worth almost 25 bucks at this time?

    2 – Since I have 2 64 bits O.S.’s (win 7 and Win Xp) can I play it now?

    3 – Ship customization is really supposed to happen?

    Thanks. :)

    • DevildogFF says:

      It’s still pretty rough, but the foundation leaves me a little bit excited. It’s very reminiscent of Galactic Civilizations and I’m not sure if it’ll bring anything new to the scene, but it has the potential to be fun….

      I’d wait on the $25. It’s not worth it right now, unless you just like to support the 4X genre, like me. It has potential, but it hasn’t been realized yet.

      We’ll see….

  7. Ace of the Stars says:

    Strange. Bought the game 3 hours ago and still no login information so I can download the Alpha. Hope the e-mail gets here soon, I want to try this game out (yeah, I didn´t resist giving them almost 25 bucks…).

    • Ace of the Stars says:

      Well, I finally got it. Now let´s play and see what’s it like at this stage for me. :)

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