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Anomaly 2 Announced – A Sci-Fi “Tower Offense” RTS

By on February 28th, 2013 1:45 pm

Anomaly 2 | 11 bit studios

11 bit studios announced Anomaly 2, the sequel to their 2011 released strategy game, Anomaly Warzone Earth.

Anomaly 2 will deliver a hardcore real-time strategy experience with exceptional tactical variety, intense multiplayer and remarkable visuals.” ~11 bit studios

Anomaly 2 is a real-time strategy game that blends tower defense elements with the reversed concept of tower offence, something that I admit to not have heard before, but also can’t say to not make sense when you’re the attacker in this sort of game.

The game sets on a post-apocalyptic world following an invasion of Earth by alien machines. The anomaly, as it seems, is us, the former dominant species still struggling to survive on a now machine-controlled planet.

Anomaly 2 | Tactical planning

In terms of gameplay, the player seems to be the commander of a convoy, and you should be on-field supporting your troops in combat. But, there seems to be some sort of tactical planning element also. Well, this was what I could extract from the press release, but there’s more on gameplay below.


Anomaly 2 introduces a number of important new features:

  • Morph your troops into war mechs to discover the new face of strategy: each unit has a different mech form with various abilities to help you overcome specific combat situations.
  • Engage in a multiplayer experience unique to Anomaly 2: tower defense vs. tower offense. Play as the towers and destroy the humans or lead the humans to annihilate the alien towers.
  • Fight across a post-apocalyptic world in a new single-player campaign that offers a more intense strategy experience than the acclaimed original.
  • Carve your own path to victory and create your ultimate battle squad. With more than a million tactical combinations to build your squad, your options in combat are nearly endless.
  • Dive into a beautifully rendered world, thanks to the team’s new and improved visual engine.
  • Experience alternative endings dependent upon your approach to enemy machines in the campaign.
  • For more information, visit

So, there’s a single-player campaign and multiplayer. And, in the latter you can play as the defending aliens or attack as the humans. Sounds interesting.

Anomaly 2 should come to PC, Mac and Linux in Q2 2013 for $14,99. Now, the announcement trailer.

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  1. Keith Turner says:

    I’ve played a few tower defense games, but I didn’t play the first installment in this series. Tower defense (or offense, as in this case) can sometimes scratch an itch that other games can’t. Overall, it looks interesting and I’ll keep my eye on it.

    • I’ve played the original on both the PC and my Android tablet, both unique experiences and both worth a chance if you get the time. Certainly gives a break from the typical style tower defence.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I also didn’t play the original game. I didn’t play many tower defense games to date, but I particularly enjoyed my time with Gratuitous Tank Battles. You could say that Gratuitous Space Battles is also tower defense to a good degree.

      • Anomaly is significantly different to Gratuitous Tank Battles as its much more approach based and tactical, rather then selecting which units to use, its a lot more about which route will get you less killed on. Both good games though.

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