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Pandora: First Contact Beta Preview Video

By on March 14th, 2013 11:01 am

Pandora: First Contact | Beta preview video

Matrix Games, Slitherine and Proxy Studios have published a preview video of their upcoming science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game, Pandora: First Contact.

This is footage from the beta, which is currently underway. We played the beta and produced a preview article, which you can have a look here. In short, Pandora will feel familiar to people who played Sid Meier’s Civilization games or Alpha Centauri. Your task in Pandora: First Contact is to lead a faction and achieve supremacy on a recently discovered Earth-like Terran world, named Pandora.

Pandora: First Contact is expected to release somewhere in Q2 2013 for PC, Mac and Linux.

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  1. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Looks good!

    I’m still waiting for my beta invite, having signed up many many moons ago…

  2. Mark says:

    Seems very, very similar to Alpha Centauri. So similar in fact that I’m wondering what Pandora offers that AC doesn’t? I’ve never been a fan of buying the exact same game, just with updated graphics.

    • BTAxis says:

      I never did get SMAC to run on any OS newer than Windows 98, so I’d buy this even if it was a clone in most respects.

    • Adam Solo says:

      While playing the beta I got the feeling that Pandora plays more like Civ4, Civ5 and SMAC combined than SMAC alone. SMAC has a very particular atmosphere. So, I’d say the mechanics are very Civ-like while the setting is more SMAC (of course) but Pandora doesn’t really play like any game in particular. Well, my thoughts can be read in the beta preview article.

      • Mark says:

        I’m probably going to end up getting this, just because of its similarity to Civ4 and SMAC. You cant really go wrong with cloning either of those games. I’m just a little concerned about the lack of innovation though, not that it’ll stop me from parting with my money.

  3. TanC says:

    Wow. That last bit about transitioning to hexes! Very nicely placed surprise. I’m excited already! :D

  4. Fenryr says:

    This looks very promising and that they change to hexagons is very neat.

    Ah I love this already :D

  5. ashbery76 says:

    That video looked pretty good.I doubt it will have the great theme that AC had but looks like the military game is more advanced and with a modern UI.If the A.I is decent it looks a buy.

    • hakkarin says:

      That part of your comment where you said “If the A.I is decent” really hits the nail on the head. I personally don’t care how cool this game looks if the AI is no threat whatsoever. One of the key reasons for why I gave up on Civ 5 more or less was exactly because the game just felt so dull and pointless when you already knew that the AI would never be able to destroy you.

  6. BTAxis says:

    “Large stacks of units”. Oh dear. Let’s hope the combat rules are solid in that area.

  7. Buxaroo says:

    Now this is gonna be nice. The main thing I loved about this game is that he said it’s going to be on Linux….that is a VERY big plus in my book. My only concern is that the UI seems to take up a lot of room, I wonder if it’s because of he smaller resolution he may be playing in though. But other than that, I like what I see. Besides, I am a big fan of Slitherine/Matrix, they always come out with games that I always end up playing. Wished I could say the same thing about SimCity 2013….

    • SephiRok says:

      Yeah, it was recorded with the game running in 1280×720 which makes the interface take a lot of space. It should really have been recorded in 1080p source, it would have looked a lot better.

      Linux is our favorite development system, but we could use more Linux testers. If anyone’s interested in testing the Linux client in particular, send a mail my way to info at


  8. Lens Flares Suck says:

    The ‘large stacks of units’ is perhaps troublesome. The ‘sky changes due to pollution’ might be an unnecessary annoyance.

    But this is looking really good. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  9. SolCommand says:

    Loving the graphics !

  10. Happy Corner says:

    This is promising. If Firaxis won’t get off their asses and make an updated Alpha Centauri, I’ll take another game that follows in (at least some of) its footsteps, and Pandora looks like it might not suck.

    As always, Adam, thank you (and your fellow Space Sector writers) for your coverage of the genre.

    • sly ostinato says:

      Happy, I totally agree and love your cut-through-the-BS take on it – “If Firaxis won’t get off their asses and update Alpha Centauri…” Precisely! People loved SMAC, hell, they still love it as I still routinely play it. Firaxis had a golden opportunity to do a 10-year anniversary revival of AC and they pissed it away. Let’s hope Proxy Studios wows people with this when it comes out. (<– hint, hint, Proxy Studios, make sure you test the hell out of this thing before you release it to, what can often be, an unforgiving consumer base.)

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks a lot on behalf of the team! :)

  11. Gary says:

    Wow, I’m lovin’ that beta preview video! I’m really looking forward to this game :)

  12. Chaosspeeder says:

    This is the biggest announcement for me. I have played SMAC and SMAC so oft and with so much fun. If Pandora delivers one persent of this experience, I am happy with it. Already on the first place on my watch list. Thank you, for the info, Adam.

  13. Julia says:

    LAN-Modus? then i will buy it, and my brother, too.

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