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Sid Meier’s Civilization 5: Brave New World Announced

By on March 15th, 2013 11:37 am

Sid Meier's Civilization 5: Brave New World - Casimir of Poland

So, after Gods & Kings, the second expansion to Civilization 5 (previously rumored as “One World”) has finally been announced, and it’s called “Brave New World”. This new expansion introduces international trade and adds further depth to the culture and diplomacy mechanics.

There’s also a new concept called “Great Works” now, and you can choose one “ideology” for your people. Besides this, this second expansion will bring nine new civilizations (for which only Poland and its ruler Casimir has been revealed for now), eight wonders, two new scenario, and dozens of new units, buildings and improvements.

Sid Meier's Civilization 5: Brave New World - Poland

Features include:

New Culture Victory: Create masterpieces with Great Artists, Writers and Musicians that are placed in key buildings across your empire like Museums, Opera Houses, and even the Great Library. Use Archaeologists to investigate sites of ancient battles and city ruins for priceless cultural artifacts. Become the first civilization with a majority influence in all other civilizations to achieve a Culture Victory.

New Policies and Ideologies: Enter the Industrial Age and choose the ideology of your people: Freedom, Order, or Autocracy. Each ideology grants access to increasingly powerful abilities, and serves the different victory conditions in unique ways. The choices you make will impact your relationships with other civilizations for the rest of the game.

World Congress: Game-changing resolutions, vote trading, intrigue and a new lead-in to the Diplomatic Victory ensures that the end of the game will be more dynamic.

International Trade Routes: Will you connect to a closer city for a lower payoff and a safer route, choose a longer route with more risk for the bigger payoff, or perhaps point your trade route inward, sending vitally important food and production to the far corners of your own empire?

New Civilizations, Units and Buildings: Nine new leaders and civilizations are introduced, including Casimir of Poland, each with their unique traits, units and buildings.

New Wonders: This expansion set introduces eight new Wonders including the Parthenon, Broadway, the Globe Theater, and the Uffizi.

Two New Scenarios: a) American Civil War: Fight the “War Between the States” from either the Union or Confederate between the capital cities of Richmond and Washington. b) Scramble for Africa: The great colonial powers of the world are scrambling to explore the Dark Continent and extend their reach into its interior. Search for the great natural wonders of the heart of Africa as you explore a dynamically-generated continent each time you play.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 5: Brave New World is currently in development and will be released this summer for Windows PC and Mac. Check 2K’s website or 2K’s press release for more information. More on it as soon as we have it.

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  1. sly ostinato says:

    Nope…thumbs down to this and how 2K routinely strips down a newer iteration of a game so that they can re-monetize its potential later as faux expansion paks. And the sad thing is, newer and newer gamers fall for it because they don’t know any better; and that is one thing 2K hopes will happen so they can continue finding new, unsuspecting people to the genre to buy their game. For those that don’t follow what I’m saying, an example. This new expansion will give some “new” wonders – The Globe Theatre and Broadway. Ummm…those aren’t “new”. They were wonders in Civ IV, BUT…they stripped them out of Civ V so they could ‘gradually’ put the right back in but make you pay to get them back. Do you follow this line of thinking? Allow me to use my favorite car analogy to drive the point home. Let’s take for example the 2008 Ford Focus. (and just bare with me as I paint this picture and you definitely have to have the mind of a consumer to appreciate this). Ford releases the Focus with a certain set of features. Two years later, Ford ‘updates’ the 2010 with more airbags, standard GPS, etc. Great!! Two more years later, 2012, they now add voice-command radio, heated seats and rain-sensor auto wipers, all standard for the 2012 model. Finally, Ford says that for 2014 they are totally redesigning the Focus (a la Civ V). Now, someone goes out in 2014 and buys a brand new 2014 Focus, but wait, ummm, where are all the standard features that I had on my 2012 Ford Focus? Where are the 13 airbags, on-board GPS, voice-command radio, heated seats, rain-sensor wipers? And Fords response? “Well, we had to take all of those away from you so that we had somewhere to go with all of our updates to make you want to buy our car all over again, until you reached what we had previously given you.” Consumers would not stand for this and Ford would quickly lose loyal buyers and market share. This is precisely the crap 2K is pulling now. Ummm, 2K…you already gave us The Globe Theatre and Broadway in Civ IV (and I’m sure there are others I am totally forgetting right now), so you take it away for Civ V only so you have something to re-sell us at a later date and call it something new in an update/expansion pak?? Pfffttt….I don’t think so. This is why I stopped buying Civ after Civ IV. This company has no honor left in their bones.

    • jgdesigner says:


    • Mark says:

      lol, nice rant! And I did get a bit of a chuckle out of it because so much is true.

      However this is the new commercial reality we all live in now and screaming about it isn’t going to change anything.

      Personally I’d just be happy if this expansion (or however many else they decide to add) actually makes me want to play Civ V. I’m still playing Civ IV because I think its far superior and V is sitting on my HD collecting digital dust.

      • sly ostinato says:

        I’m with you. I have Civ V and simply won’t touch it. When I get a hankering for some Civ, I immediately go for Civ IV and will often load a mod to add some spice and variety.

        The new commercial reality? Bahhh…I don’t buy into it. I’m a more mature gamer now and I let my wallet do the talking for me. I’m sure we all could list any number of companies, gaming studios alike, that got cocky and complacent and continued to suck on the consumers money teat only to find that they lost the consumers’ confidence and faded into oblivion. History will always repeat itself. I won’t be batting an eye when this happens to 2K.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Civ vanilla versions aren’t usually that interesting compared with their second expansions. It happened with Civ3, Civ4 and it’s happening again with Civ5. One can argue that’s part of the Civ business model, I mean, to think in 20 concepts and put 10 in the vanilla, and 5 in each of the following expansions.

      But, it’s ok to release more stuff with expansions as long as the vanilla game is still strong, which with Civ5 was clearly not the case. Civ5 was only a good/great game AFTER Gods & Kings.

      However, and although I understand your point of view, I think that if you exclude Civ5 vanilla and think of it as a single game with Gods & Kings (how it should have been released in the first place) it still is substantially different from Civ4, especially with the inclusion of 1UPT and City-States.

      But, clearly Civ5 vanilla was a bad release. I think nobody will disagree with that. I mean, even the lead designer did mea culpa in many aspects. The problem in my view was one of execution. They simply rushed the thing. However, Jon was indeed wrong (it happens) with diplomacy. You can’t have random/unpredictable diplomacy. It simply does not work. This is fixed now by the way.

      \Edit: Besides, while I agree that some particular things like wonders may re-appear in different installations. And, leaders too. The most glaring take-out-features to being-back-later were religion and espionage in Civ5. Those were the relevant things taken out to-bring-back-later. So, in my view, Civ5 vanilla is/was the problem here. Gods & Kings remedied it to a good extent. Next time wait for the reviews before buying.

      • ashbery76 says:

        I think all strategy games need expansion packs to flesh out the game in this age and its not all some devious plan.DistantWorlds,EU3,Armada,ect were all lacking in some way until expansions.

        EndlessSpace was bland at release but has been improved since and the expansion will make it much better.The Stardrive beta also looks very thin at this stage so that might be another needing expansions.

        • Adam Solo says:

          Yea, it’s an old topic here. I totally agree with you. Without repeating myself too much and with no need to further detail the obvious, strategy games (especially 4X games) need a big post-support period, not only to flesh out bugs but above all to do proper balancing. Only possible with many people (customers) playing. Which ultimately leads to most problems only being fixed in the first expansion. Most probably they were before, but the fix is only recognized in the first expansion.

          It happened with all strategy titles you can think of. A few: DW, Armada 2526, Star Ruler, GalCiv, GalCiv2, Civilization (all installations), Endless Space it’s also happening, Fallen Enchantress, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, etc.

          The need to have post-support is not the same as broken/buggy/incomplete game. Civ5, in my view, was probably the weakest Civ vanilla installment. DW was horrible at release. Star Ruler was also horrible, etc, etc. But, DW is excellent now with Legends and Star Ruler was turned into a good game, and Civ5:G&K is an great experience now.

          So, yes, not every false start is an evil plan to take your money. Many times, games (and the developers) just need some slack and a good dose of feedback to finish off their games.

          The best suggestion I can give to the devs is to make big closed/open beta sessions. This will help you tremendously. In some cases paid betas with discounts can also be a good path. People know what they are getting into when they buy and the devs get some extra money to help polish stuff.

          Well, the comment came out a bit bigger than I thought :)

    • David Hampton says:

      I’m not sure I would have dedicated myself to so many sentences. Because the first one says it all. I can’t imagine owning a console system anymore because it’s even worse. Where the same game gets upgrades and released again a year or two later. But your right. It’s a pervasive business model that is pretty abusive to it’s customers.

      • Wodzu says:

        I do not understand.. what is worse? Console games are generally very stable and do not need to much patching. I can say this as an PS3 owner.

  2. ashbery76 says:

    World Congress sounds great.We have not a relevant council in a CIV game since AC.The new culture stuff sounds cool too.Day1 buy.

  3. Kordanor says:

    Well, more stuff is always nice. However they didn’t even “fix” the basic game yet. When doing multiplayer you are not even able to chose all the factions Gods and Kings have to offer. Having a lot of factions is nice, but what for if you can only chose half of them for a single game?
    New buildings and so on are nice, too. But in Civ4 you are able to get these also by mods. In Civ5 however you can’t even use Mods in Multiplayer games. So in order to get “new stuff” you are actually forced to buy the DLCs.

    I might buy the DLC anyway. But certainly not at release but later on in a sale for like 5-10€ like I did with Gods and Kings. Had a couple of evenings of fun before I switched back to Civ4. Not worth more money.

  4. Ace of the Stars says:

    Well, guess I´ll buy it when it reaches 4 bucks or so… Not before!

  5. dayrinni says:

    I’m kinda excited for this. But, I’ll pick it up only if I get a windfall of unsuspecting cash (lol never!) or when it’s on sale (much more likely).

  6. Buxaroo says:

    Gods and Kings is and was my last DLC purchase for Civ5. The only time I am going to care about anything to do with Sid Meir anymore is if it has Alpha Centauri 2 in the title…..

  7. Evrett says:

    I’m pretty happy how firaxis brought Civ 5 back after the incompetent Jon Shafer got out of the chair. The release was a crime against gamers but one could pirated it until it was ready to purchase and picked up civ 5 plus g&k in a steam sale when it was no longer a beta. xpacs are just the way of paying for further development..gotta pay the bills somehow so I got no problem paying for something again as long as the features are robust. If One world meets the goals its set I’ll be happy to buy it.

  8. claes says:

    I am a tad intrigued, but like others I’ll wait for a sale. For those that haven’t read it, the Beach (lead programmer) interview at RPS is pretty informative;

  9. Tristrim says:

    There is no reason to ever pirate any game. Back on topic, I loved gods and kings and hoping this expansion improves civ5 even more.

  10. Lens Flares Suck says:

    If you enjoy these kinds of games you should stop bitching about buying new ones. If the old ones are so good, keep playing them.

    It’s a huge endeavor to create a product like Civ V. Yes, they should make money on this. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be a Civ V, and certainly not a Civ VI.

    And I’m looking forward to CIV VI, because I ENJOY THESE KINDS OF GAMES SO I PAY FOR THEM.

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