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Race To Mars: From a Space Company Startup To a Mars Base

By on June 27th, 2013 2:17 pm

Race To Mars | Space management simulation at Kickstarter

Indie dev game studio Intermarum, lead by Szymon Janus, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their newest project, a turn-based space management simulation game called Race to Mars.

The game’s ultimate goal is to establish a base on Mars, and to achieve that you will play the role of a space industry private company’s boss with the task to build satellites, rockets, spacecrafts and orbital stations.

Intermarum says to have been inspired by Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space, also a turn-based space management simulation game where the ultimate goal is, in that case, to be the first to conduct a manned moon landing.

There aren’t many more details to be found on their KS page at the moment, apart from a “market” gameplay system which allows you to scan for new contract offers, the fact that they are working closely with a Polish space industry company for scientific consultancy, and the game’s supported platforms, which due to the Unity3D’s engine, allows them to release for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Race To Mars | Space management simulation at Kickstarter

Intermarum’s Race to Mars proposal in a nutshell:

  • Turn-based space management simulation
  • Build satellites, rockets, spacecrafts, orbital stations and establish a base on Mars
  • +200 technologies to discover
  • DRM-free
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • £12 (~$18) pledge to get digital game / £90 (~$140) for physical copy (+others)
  • ETA: March 2014
  • Target: £30,000 (until July 27th, 8:46am EDT)
  • Why Kickstarter: “detailed buildings’ models”, “accurate technology description” and “achieve a balanced gameplay”

Intermarum says that they are at Pre-alpha, in a very early stage of development. They also say that more details about the project, including the stretch goals, will be revealed as they go.

The concept work is very interesting and pretty, and they seem to have a solid team behind the project (12 people total). But, the project sounds quite ambitious to accomplish with such a low budget goal. Will they manage to convince the community to help them out?

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  1. caekdaemon says:

    Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space? Is that you?

    Seriously now, definitely getting this :D

    • caekdaemon says:

      Huh, the edit system is broken. Anyway, you can definitely tell that it feels like BARIS, and I’d love to see a review of the old girl on here one day. Hell, I did a let’s play of it a few weeks back.

  2. Mark says:

    Wow, this game sounds really interesting although I agree that it seems a little ambitious.

    Actually I kind of wish that it were a little *more* ambitious and allowed you to plan a colony for ANYWHERE in the solar system, not just Mars. Then I would be extremely excited about it.

    Each different colony location would have it’s own survival challenges and would require different strategic choices and technologies to establish a successful colony. Oh well, maybe in an expansion :)

    • Adam Solo says:

      I like the sound of that. I’m also in for a game with a complete focus on establishing and managing colonies. A “city-building” game in space. Like, Weyland-Yutani corporation style. “Building better worlds” :)

      There’s Unclaimed World in the works, but, although beautiful, sounds more like pioneering stuff. About exploration. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I think I would prefer something more advanced, technologically. Perhaps different campaigns to establish different bases. Or, a mega campaign where you need to keep switching from a colony to another. Like you’re playing the role of a Colony Governor like you see in a 4X game. But, I digress.

  3. Hi guys! :)

    Fell free to ask if you have any questions :)

  4. CRYO says:

    I’ve been thinking about a game like this for years.
    Is the game over when you get to mars or when you can make a profit on mars some how? (Mining tourists ect.)

  5. Phi Dinh says:

    Another similarly themed game currently active on Kickstarter:

    Colonisation: Moonbase

    Although this one seems to be more inspired by Outpost! I love Kickstarter games so much..

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