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Space Sector’s Bargain List: GOG’s 2013 Summer Sale is Up

By on June 21st, 2013 11:01 am

2013 GOG's DRM-Free Summer Sales

And here we go again. GOG’s DRM-free summer sales are up and will be so until July 5, 2013.

What’s special about GOG (previously known as Good Old Games) is the fact that their games are DRM-free, which means these games are really yours and there are no limits to how or where you play them. And, usually, you don’t need a third-party tool to run them. DRM-free games are more flexible and give you more freedom. No need for serials, installation activation, online verification or other enforced restrictions. Of course, copyright rules still apply, and it is assumed that you don’t pirate the games, of course.

Here’s our GOG list. What GOG has to offer on the realm of space-based, science-fiction themed and great strategy gaming. Now on sale (about 50% in most cases).

The must-buy ones are the first five or six :) Unfortunately we don’t have reviews for all. So, at least check GOG’s rating before you buy. Warning: Some of these titles are quite retro. Enjoy!

Highly Recommended:

Other Space and Sci-Fi strategy deals (all at 50% off):

Other Space and Sci-Fi non-strategy deals (all at 50% off):

Other great strategy (all at 50% off):

These deals are included in GOG’s “2013 DRM-Free Summer Sale”, which has almost all of GOG’s game catalogue at 50% off. The prices listed above were the ones set when the article was posted. The sales end on July 5th 2013. Note that some promotions may end sooner.

Note also that GOG is offering special deals each day in which they discount games even further (75% or so), sometimes if bought on a bundle. To make sure you receive the maximum discount, you might want to wait until a particular game you’re interested becomes available as a daily deal, or bundle deal, and then buy it before July 5th. Happy gaming!

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  1. Towerbooks3192 says:

    You cant go wrong with that turn based bundle. MoM, MoO and Alpha Centauri is already more than enough turn-based awesomeness.

    For fantasy fans, HoMM 2 and 3 is a must though and Eador genesis deserves a chance since I prefer it over MotBW

    One more thing, for fans of Paradox Victoria and Victoria 2, Imperialism and imperialism 2 are good TBS that is somewhat like victoria

    • Adam Solo says:

      A agree. Look at that bundle. Just the three you mentioned would be enough. Space Empires IV is also good, and GalCiv I is a nice bonus. I also love Sid Meier’s Colonization.

      We’re still to review Eador: Master of the Broken World (it’s not forgotten). Hopefully it will not be too long before we have it up.

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        Please tell me its now called masters of the broken world and not just broken world? I haven’t checked for updates for GOG copy.

        As for Gal Civ I, I can’t vouch for it, for space empires IV, it was fun but I never really got in to a point that I played and enjoyed it while knowing what I am doing. I also haven’t found a good LP on it so I haven’t bothered learning the game

        • Adam Solo says:

          I sincerely don’t know about Eador:MotBW. Keith is with that one. We’ll find out soon enough what he thinks about it. If it’s only “broken” or really “masters of the broken world”. Hope it’s the latter.

        • Adam Solo says:

          Well, GalCivI and SE4 are worth it at least for the nostalgia effect, I guess. They were definitely good games at the time.

  2. salvo says:


    apropos bargain list, has anyone tried Project W- Phase 2? It’s a TB grand strategy game set in a not so distant future. You play one of the main five powers in an attempt at world domination. The graphics are good for an indie title. It even has tactical combat. I haven’t played the game yet, though it really looks amazing, especially considering it’s the hobby work of just one guy. And it’s totally free. The critics are pretty favorable, so I’m going to give it a try, as soon as I have a little spare time. You may want to check it out and eventually review it.

  3. Gary says:

    Today (Friday, June 21, 2013), has ALL of the various daily deals available. Lasts through Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 9:00am Eastern time. for $7.96.

    • Adam Solo says:

      The turn-based supreme for $7.96? I’m getting $12.46.

      \Edit: I understand why you say $7.96. I also got $7.96 after I login, because I already own Master of Orion 1+2, Colonization and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Which do you own by the way? :)

      • Gary says:

        Ya, that’s what happened with me, too. I didn’t notice until you posted. Anyway, I have Alpha Centauri, Master of Magic, and Master of Orion 1+2 from GOG, even though I also have the original games on disc :)

        But I also have Space Empires IV: Deluxe on DVD from when I purchased Space Empires V (IV came on the DVD as a bonus). It works on Win 7, so I don’t need it from GOG. I have GalCiv 1 & 2 from Stardock, as downloads, which also work with Win 7.

        I have the original Colonization box, but it wasn’t a game I ever really got into. I’d rather play Imperialism 2, which I have in box and from GOG :) And Fragile Alliance I’ve never played, but I’ve got so many games from GOG, Steam, and GamersGate sales still to play that I really wouldn’t need to buy another game for five years, LOL! Not to mention all the games I’ve pledged to on Kickstarter (M.O.R.E., Predestination, Planetary Annihilation, Grim Dawn, Expeditions: Conquistador, plus another 17 video games (RPG and strategy games)).

        • Adam Solo says:

          I also have MoO2 on disc :) I don’t think I played Fragile Alliance either. Colonization was great at the time. Very difficult though. I also have a great deal of games on GOG. Some of them I re-played recently (MoO, MoO2, Alpha Centauri, Heroes of Might & Magic II, Zeus), but others I still did not (Lands of Lore 1+2, Might & Magic VI, VII, VIII, Fallout, Heroes 1, Heroes 3). I have very good memories from all of them.

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