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Total War: Rome 2 – And Now the Battles, Over Land and Sea

By on August 20th, 2013 9:42 am

Total War: Rome 2 | Historical 4X strategy game - The Creative Assembly

Sega and Creative Assembly continue their Total War: Rome 2 showcase. This time they present the battles, on both land and sea. The land battle video shows a  Macedonian vs Roman skirmish against the AI played in “Very Hard” mode. My immediate reaction watching this was like: “Ok, this looks rather familiar.”. I mean, the way you select and deploy troops on the battlefield and the general look & feel really reminded me of good old Rome: Total War, though more good looking now of course.

The other video shows how naval warfare works with lots of ships ramming around, arrows raining from everywhere and chaotic ship boarding. Total havoc on sea really, all in a very appealing atmosphere. And everything looks very good indeed, but that hardly tells anything at all, at least with respect to strategy games. I would say that if they stuck to the original formula and managed to increase the game’s depth without overcomplicating things, this can turn out to be a hell of a good sequel. At least it seems to have all the ingredients to be one, judging from what I saw here and in the campaign trailer.

Total War: Rome 2 is set to release on September 3rd, 2013 for the PC. Creative Assembly is currently selling pre-orders for $59.95/€54,99. We’ll be reviewing this one. So, if you can hold your swords just for a little while longer after release you’ll play it safe, since this is quite an expensive game after all.

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  1. t1it says:

    A good amount of campaign features makes this game worth purchasing. Couldn’t care less of the battles. Nothing whatsoever has happened in that area since the very first Shogun 13 years ago.
    (yes I’m aware of the supposed “integration” of land& sea battles. It’s “meh”).

    • Buxaroo says:

      Bitch bitch bitch :P

      But I agree with you though, I sometimes don’t even bother with battles, I sometime run a campaign entirely through auto resolve. Half the time though I play through the campaign and do every single battle. It’s a little like roleplaying and I can turn a campaign into a very, very long game which I sometimes enjoy. Oh and I agree as well with the campaign features, the earlier videos of it from last week really has me excited.

      Can’t wait for it to be released next month, one of the few big titles I am looking forward to.

    • csebal says:

      “A good amount of campaign features makes this game worth purchasing.”
      What features might those be? Please tell me is campaign multiplayer :)

      Seriously though, im curious what features you think makes the game worth purchasing

      • t1it says:

        Mainly the changes to recruitment, character & Army “role playing” and a more sensible rebellion/civil war scenario.

  2. Thiosk says:

    The appeal of RomeTW over the earlier entrants was for me the union of solid battle play with an enjoyable campaign map. The game captures the differences, economic and tactical, between the various factions. As such, when Im in the mood for an empire builder, I can always go back to romeTW and run through a brutii campaign.

    I only hope that the sequel preserves this subjective “Comfort” level of the original.

  3. AstroCat says:

    Very excited for this one and I have been following the development closely for some time. I think it’s going to be a blast and can’t wait to spend a ton of time really getting into the game. I love the historical period and the mixed “RP style” turn based empire building with the real time battle system. I am a fan of all the TW games on some level but Rome was always my fav, along with Medieval 2. Two more weeks! :)

  4. Keith Turner says:

    I’m trying not to get too excited about this until I read the review. I’m wondering how deep the strategic/empire layer is really going to be.

  5. Kyle M says:

    I’m more so interested in what modders will do with the game mechanics… Mods have taken total war games to the next level.

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