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X Rebirth Looks Amazing! Two New Videos and Release Date

By on August 8th, 2013 3:10 pm

X Rebirth | Egosoft - Space combat and trade simulation

Have to say Wow! Still digesting the two new X Rebirth videos that Egosoft has released today.

Egosoft, the developer behind the sci-fi space trading and combat simulation X games series, have been working on X Rebirth, their newest X game installment for the PC, for more than five years now. Today, they released two videos showing off the game and, well, looks like the waiting will be worth it because they look just amazing.

X Rebirth is included in our “Space/Sci-Fi Games You Can’t Miss in 2013” list, since it’s one title that we think is promising and that we think you should have a look at.

Regarding gameplay, the developers summarize it this way in the videos:

“You may wonder, what game is X Rebirth? Is it an action shooter? Is it a trade simulation? Is it a game about building stations? Or, is it a game about playing free quests? Is it a game about a big plot? Well, the answer is that it is all of these things in the mixture you want it to be. We just sell you a universe, a universe with conflict and war, but also a universe with peaceful trading and building. A universe with fast-paced action and also a universe with slow exploration and discovery. What you do inside it, is up to you.” -Egosoft

A release date was also announced. The game will be released on November 15, 2013 in Europe and will be available in North America on November 19th. Now, sit back, relax, increase the video quality and enjoy!

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  1. Ben says:

    Its about time there is a release date. For how many years have they been saying “soon”… Lets hope its better then the old X series, as i found them to be a bit “dry”.

  2. BTAxis says:

    I never really got into the X series, but this does look extremely appealing. It may be time to dust off the old flight stick.

  3. cem şancı says:

    last X game engine relased at 2005. I remember that day. it was a huge shock.

  4. G_Bison says:

    Well, there goes my PC budget…

  5. Andy Kannberg says:

    This looks pretty impressive. But I have some reserves when it comes to the ‘giant simulated universe crawling with life’ and that ‘all your actions do matter’. Haven’t played the other X games, how where they when it comes to AI and the influence of player actions on the universe ?

    • Liam says:

      They were excellent at it: you could replace any part of the economy, except ship building. Didn’t like your competitors? Undercut them, or destroy them. Destroyed a pirate? You could have just saved a humble trader that later becomes a little less humble. It also manages to somehow simulate more than where you are: you leave a sector and come back again, and the station carrying ship has moved half a sector, like you’d expect.

      Trust me, when they make those claims, they aren’t joking.

  6. Roger says:

    is it time again to sink another 30+ hours into an X game and achieve literally nothing?

  7. Jeff P says:

    Kinda looks like EVE without all those bothersome people. I wonder what the system specs look like? I didn’t find any mention of them on the website.

    • Adam Solo says:

      You can check the preliminary specs in the game’s Steam page. Yep, already up. There’s no pre-orders but there’s indication already that the game unlocks in the announced release date.

      • SJones says:

        looks like thew first game I will need to overclock my cpu for… not bad for a 6 year old processor

        • Ben says:

          Based upon there minimum & recommended specs, its possible you need to do a lot off overlocking.

          They advice as minimum a i series processor ( and i do not think they mean a i3 ;) ). The recommended specs are already a i5 quad ( what technically despite its age, is still one of the more fasted type off CPU’s on the market.

          So, if you got a 6 year old core duo 2, it might be a bit too little even when overclocking ( i assume that in heavy fights with lots of ships, the CPU will become a major factor ).

          And then we have the 64bit requirement, with 4GB minimum. And i think it was 8GB recommended. Looks like this game is going to be heavy! Think for some people it will be upgrade time.

  8. fred says:

    lets see how the auto pilot behaves this time, hehe…
    the biggest problem (for my taste) was the auto (pillok) pilot that destroyed many ships because it was so dumb (programmed) that after investing hours of real gaming time some ships were destroyed and you just found out what you have lost after some time and you had to reload or get used to such losses.
    totally stupid!!!

  9. Adam F5ing says:

    it does look amazing almost gta in space ultra :)
    I hope the game will support my favourite play style of shooting things till they almost die and then capturing them :)

  10. Thiosk says:

    I was checking hours played on steam.
    700 on x:tc.

    I don’t remember anything about those hours, but I’m sure they were awesome.

  11. ashbery76 says:

    I look forward to playing an X game where the gameplay fun matches the eye candy.Hopefully Rebirth will be that but past history gives me doubts as I found each one slow,boring and with a dull campaign.Human animations,voice acting and portraits were laughably bad.

    Freelancer is still a superior game with an interesting setting and campaign in my view even after all these years.

  12. Ace of the Stars says:

    OMG… Been playing Albion Prelude like crazy this past month and I can´t get away from it, Rebirth seems like THE best space sim of all times, I can only hope they can deliver on their promises.

  13. Mezmorki says:

    Whow. I’ve enjoyed the X-series since I started with X2 (although I haven’t played Albion Prelude). I think the series does some remarkable things in its blending of private empire building with first-person action. The gameplay may not be for some people … but I love the immersive quality of sitting back on the bridge of my ship directing fleets of escorted trade ships around the universe, with the ability to drop into my tricked out fighter and then jump across the map with a squadron of wingman to deal with hostile situation personally, or perform a heavy raid on another empire’s facilties.

    The series is one of those games where you get out of it what you put in, and you need a creative mindset I think to really enjoy it. If you are sitting back waiting for the games to spoonfeed you the mission or cutscene – this isn’t the game/series for you.

    Rebirth looks incredible. I’ve bee waiting them for them to add the ability to actually get out of the cockpit and walk around your ship or stations.


  14. Smitty says:

    One of the reasons I love this website. I learn of games I have never head about. Case in point, X3 and all. While this new one looks great it seems I have the previous stuff to try out. So I bought it on steam and I am completely lost. Having fun, but completely lost! ;-)

  15. John says:

    It looks terrific. Hopefully the game will live up to all they are promising. I plan to find out, they will get my dollars based upon those videos alone.

  16. hakkarin says:

    I once tried to get into an X-game but could not. If they want me to care about this game then they better do something to make it more approchable then the earlier games.

    While I won’t demand a fast paced CoD in space, I also don’t want to feel like I am basically working in a job for free.

  17. Ghoul says:

    it looks nice, yes, but there is a big problem with rebirth allready, the problem is you can only fly one ship, your starting ship and nothing else. anyone who loved x3 for the choise of what ships to fly and use will be disapointed. the option to fly another ship if you got bored of the one you currently flying, the fighter dogfights, the capital ships power. all that is gone for the sake of one ship that only customizable options are new weapons, shields and drones(as far as i know). it wouldnt suprise me if you cant even rename your ship. all that is quite a big letdown and good looks wont change that.

    • Mezmorki says:

      What? Where has this been stated/confirmed?



    • Mezmorki says:

      Well – that’s certainly a departure, and we’ll have to see how it plays out in practice.

      In one sense, most of the time I played X3 I always ended up in my preferred corvette class (M6) ship that provided that blend of hands-on combat performance, storage, and manuverability. It was always a bit of a chore working up to that point – but once you get there you pretty much ran your whole empire from that point forward.

      Cutting out the slog to get your command ship by just having you start the game with it, and one that (from the sounds of it) can be customized in a lot of different ways might be a nice way of taking the grind out of the early part of f the game. You loose the ability to pilote anything you want … but in the prior X games there are only a few things you’d want to pilot anyway.

      • Ghoul says:

        true, if you like the corvette m6 class this might not be so bad for you, but for me fighters and smaller cruisers were the most fun and what i usally was using. and i wish they would show us more what all these customizations actually do and how far we can customize the ship, crew and, while we’re at it, ourselfs. i have seen videos where you run arround on space stations and speak to npcs, so i kinda would like to know if i can choose who i am, but i fear it will end up as being human, male and white where i kinda want to be an alien or other type of human. also i hope we can change the crew and arnt stuck with them as well and that the customization isnt limmited to only shields, weapons and drones. but they do not talk about that all that much if at all, and that is importent, imo.

    • Nick West says:

      Oh man, I hope they know what they are doing…

  18. Mark says:

    Well that looks absolutely amazing, no doubt, and I certainly don’t wish to seem ungrateful or anything…….. but…..

    They didn’t mention anything about planets. Again. A lot about space cities, factories, asteroids….etc, but nothing about planets. All this awesome stuff, all this focus on feeling like we’re “really there” and we don’t even get to land on planets. Not even a cut scene and you’re landed like in Freelancer. Nope, I think they’re just going to pretend the planets aren’t there again, that they’re just pretty background images in the distance. AGAIN! This has gone beyond a technical hurdle and has just become extremely weird, what do the devs of the X universe have against planets?

    Come on Egosoft! enough already, Planets are real too! and people live on them. Lots of people. Isn’t it about time you let us stop doing mental contortions to suspending our disbelief and just allow us to land on the bloody things? Its damn hard work to take the X-Universe seriously when you have to constantly pretend that they don’t exist.

    If X-Rebirth is all about convincing us that the universe we are adventuring in is real then don’t you think that ignoring planets ENTIRELY is missing the point just a tad?

    • Edward Ryan says:

      Ya I agree the whole not landing on planets thing is getting old it’s something I have personally wanted now for ages!!! I mean if just one guy can create the Evochron series and do it! why has it been such a struggle for a huge team at Egosoft?

      Do people on here think that the X series could be a really good MMO?

  19. Cain says:

    If they ever did a online version this would totally finish EVE off as I never found Eve to have a economy or supply and demand. And you could not employ NPC’s to be merchant captains or supply ships.

    • Nick West says:

      Jumpgate Evolution tried to do that. Not sure what ever happened to them, sort of disappeared.

    • Unforgiven says:

      Eve Online no economy ? You are kidding right ? Did you ever play the game ?

      • Buxaroo says:

        Tell me about it. EVE is all about the economy. The whole thing revolves around PVP, and that PVP dictates the supply and demand. I know, I was in the corp RKK in the alliance BoB, one of the richest corporations in all of EVE. Before invention took root, we had THE biggest tech 2 BPO collection in the game, not to mention super caps (we built so many we wrote the book on efficient super cap production and profit).

        The whole game is about supply and demand. 99% player controlled economy. EVE is, and will always be, the biggest and best example of a player run economy in any game. No other game can touch it, not in the slightest. Not Entropia Universe, not any.

        Saying EVE has no economy is like saying Wilt Chamberlain is a virgin xD

        • Unforgiven says:

          Hey Buxaroo, I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I played Eve for many years in a few smaller corps. The complexity of the game and sheer endless list of features and possibilities always blew my mind (and still does).

  20. Lens Flares Suck says:

    This series doesn’t have a learning curve it has a learning wall.

    They ask a lot of you but I don’t know that they return the favor.

    • Mark says:

      IMO they do return the favor. X3 Terran conflict was amazing. Weirdly ignoring the fact that planets exist amazing, but still amazing.

      You’re right about the wall though, it does take quite a bit of time to get up to speed. Once you do though, the freedom and sandbox experience is pretty hard to match.

  21. Evil Azrael says:

    I hope this time they fulfill their promises. I eagerly awaited X – Beyond the Frontier in 2000 (1999?) and in the end the trailer promised much than what the game delivered.

    But yes, it looks really promising :)

    I am currently stuck in X3 – Reunion, and space fight is still a little bit disappoiting compared to real space “simulations” like wing Commander, Freespace, X-Wing, etc.

    In wonder if they could turn the engine into a military simulation where you can command fleets, fly fighters and board ships in FPS – style. Perhaps even in multiplayer. It looks the engine has all the parts for such a game.

  22. Buxaroo says:

    I am really looking forward to this. So glad I recently created my new rig with the i7 3770k and 660ti :).

    My only concern is what are they going to do with the GUI. X3 had so many possibilities, but to me the cumbersome and overly complicated UI made the game kind of frustrating to me. And this is coming from someone who played EVE Online for 7 years xD

    But anyways, I will be buying this as soon as it’s available, I will figure out someway to use whatever GUI they come up with. But the main thing I am looking forward to is the cockpit mode. That was what was truly missing from X3.

  23. Thrangar says:

    To me this version should have been what x2 was,there are still a couple of points I am disappointed in

    1) have to play plot before you can sandbox
    2) this prolly means there is only one start and one choice of who you are

    This game is going to be highly moddable and I would bet there are lvl 5/6 forum modders all ready working on landing mods for planets

    The menues are all npc actuated so no menue after menu under sub menu
    I also think to my memory that this the first game soley for 64bit and also written for multy core I believe 4 cores was optimal but 2 would be utilized also

    My biggest gripe on x3 was you had to play complete plot to get all playable options such as player headquarters you couldn’t just save up creds and buy one….did I say I hate plots, well at least in space sims

    This will be the first x game that I hold off until I read a review and do some forum reading first, oh and yes as always it looks amazing

  24. Pope says:

    will there be 3rd person view?

  25. Thrangar says:

    @ Pope

    There are different camera views but playing from them would severly limit you in your playability of the game…some of your menues are pop up screens that are part of the cockpit itself

  26. Adam f5ing says:

    im going to miss how my gtx 570 doesnt bust a sweat on x3 ap.. that’ll change

    Kind of used to the no cockpit view now that will be different.
    I’ve always fealt that X should be a Skyrim/GTA/EVE combo I hope X reunion caters to this.

  27. heretic says:

    The thing that makes me want to wait and not to buy the game at the release is the fact that you get to own and customize one ship. For me that’s kind of a deal breaker. Whats the point of owning all those stations and businesses when I cant be in control of any of the ships…

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