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What Are You Playing Now, And Most Looking Forward To?

By on September 13th, 2013 11:16 am

What Are You Playing Now, And Most Looking Forward To?

It’s been a while since we’ve asked you what has been filling your gaming time. There haven’t been many sci-fi strategy games released of lately, but probably that will change till the end of the year. And, there are still some interesting titles to look for.

So, but what have you been playing? Found something interesting that we missed? What has pleased you? What has disappointed you? Help others find pleasure on a hidden gem or avoid spending money on a questionable title. And, it doesn’t need to be space-based, sci-fi themed or strategy at all. Just tell us what’s been keeping you busy playing.

So, what have you been at? And, what are you most looking forward to in the near future?

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  1. killias2 says:

    I’m playing EUIV and RTW2. I’m eagerly looking forward to news about EUIV patches and DLC. RTW2 is okay, but I’ll probably finish the campaign then move on. Maybe I’ll revisit it sometime next year.

    As for new releases that excite me.. Age of Wonders 3 is up there. Honestly, off the top of my head, most of the big strategy releases I was excited about have already arrived.

    • trix62 says:

      Those are exactly what im playing..mostly Rome 2 . When i play Rome, because the turns and load times are long I play my xbox360 with WWE 13 ( LOL).

  2. David H says:

    Well I haven’t been playing anything new. But I can say that a lot of my friends recently started playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown and have very much enjoyed it.

    A family member recently purchased civ 5, without expansions, and is on the fence about it. It’s strength he says is the multiplayer.

  3. csebal says:

    Crusader Kings 2
    Saints Row IV
    + a variety of action MMOs, such as Warframe or MWO.

    Looking forward to:
    Wasteland 2
    Age of Wonders 3

  4. BTAxis says:

    I’m playing Brutal Doom, using the Doom 2 Reloaded megawad. It’s rather a lot of fun. Games I’m looking forward to include Banished and Limit Theory.

  5. Mark says:

    Currently playing a game called ‘7 Grand Steps’. Its sort of a board game, not space themed at all, but with a surprising amount of strategy and deep thought needed to do well. Also – as I’m discovering – there’s rather a lot of luck involved too, which isn’t good as it can totally destroy hours of good play in a few seconds.

    I’m most looking forward to X-Rebirth and Limit Theory. I’m loving spacesector, keep up the good work guys!

    • DarkThug says:

      Yes, 7 grand step, I grab that game during steam summer sale. It is a surprisingly good game. I had a surprisingly good week with it. After playing that game, It made me install The guild II : renaissance and play it again for awhile lol

      Right now, I mainly play EU4.
      Still skeptical about Rome II total war and Civ5 brave new world, so I haven’t gotten them yet.

      What I’m looking forward for ? not really.
      Have a bit of hype about Star Citizen Hangar module but it will be awhile before it is in any playable state. At least I found out I gonna need new PC when that is the case lol.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m playing EU4 at this point and eagerly awaiting more patches, but not quite as eagerly as I want to get my mitts on East VS West which is spin off from Hearts of Iron 3, carrying the game into the Cold War.

    It’s gonna be great fun!

    Also, I’m looking forward to the release of Enemy Within for X-Com. I might just be able to get my brother to have a playthrough, too.

  7. Boris says:


    Medieval 2 Kingdoms with LOTR and Warhammer total conversions
    Panzer Corps
    Borderlands 2

    Looking forward to:

    A release worthy Rome 2 so I’m not paying for a terrible beta
    Completed Stardrive
    Completed Xenonauts
    Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade
    Age of Wonders 3

  8. David Walsh says:

    I’m playing some Battle for Middle Earth.
    Not playing any space related games at the minute; but thinking of venturing back into the X-universe. I think it’s a shame Adam and Space Sector ignores that series of excellent space games.

  9. Ace of the Stars says:

    Discovered X3 Albion Prelude and can´t seem to get my hands of it no matter what I do, guess I´m addicted.

    Although I managed to play a few hours this week of Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II and I like it so far; I finished the first one and I have to say… what a good game it was!

  10. TimmY says:

    I’m not playing that much lately but from time to time I play Skyrim, New Vegas, Dota 2, Shogun 2 and SotS 2.

    I’m looking forward to play Wasteland 2 and Porject Eternity. Also in november we’ll have Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition.

  11. Christopher C. says:

    What I am playing:
    Tropico 4 (with a specific mod that gives you access to structures deemed obsolete by the expansion)

    Crusader Kings II

    Mass Effect 3 MP

    War Thunder

    What I am most looking forward to:

    Banished (indie city builder game. Seriously, everybody who even remotely likes city builders should look this up)

    Rome II: Total War, because I hope, once it’s actually a complete game, it’ll suck days off of my life

    Predestination (indie space 4X game)

    A complete Horizon

    A complete Stardrive

    • Jeza43 says:

      Wow thanks for the Banished game, just had a look and it seems really good already. I’ll be keeping my eye on that one :)

  12. Leon says:

    Currently I’m playing Freecol, and looking forward to further improvements as it works its way out of beta.

  13. SteJ says:

    I’m playing Stardrive and looking forward to all the bugs and what not being fixed. Its a game with great potential but needs some TLC.

    Also, Planetery Annihilation is on the radar but I’ll wait for the reviews and patches before I get into it

  14. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Diablo 3 ps3 with my sister’s bf. Looking forward to GTAV and pokemon XY and aussie release of dragon’s crown.

    Not much strategy this time but planning to revisit CK2 and form at least a stable Rus with Rurik.

  15. Jeff P says:

    XCOM EU, Civ 5, Gal Civ Twilight of the Arnor, and Borderlands 2 here. I’m looking forward to Horizon (only in alpha but looking very polished) and Predestination. MORE looks like it will die on the vine judging from the reported unrest among the developers, and Star Lords has gone silent. I’d love to see a Gal Civ 3 but I’m not holding my breath.

  16. Scott F says:

    I’ve been playing Stardrive, X3:Albion Prelude, and EU4.

    I am looking forward to X:Rebirth, M.O.R.E., a completed Stardrive, and a completed Horizon.

    • Ace of the Stars says:

      Guess we have similar tastes, I´m also waiting for X Rebirth, M.O.R.E. and a finished Horizon.

  17. matt says:

    EUIV and Crusader Kings 2, Kerbal Space Program (for like a year), I’ve recently finished Far Cry 3, probably will go for Blood Dragon after ending my current EUIV playthrough. And I’d be happy to find some guys IRL to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

    Looking for X Rebirth, Wasteland 2, Horizon, Predestination, MORE, Planetary Annihilation.

  18. Nua says:

    ATM, replaying Nexus:The Jupiter Incident (still wished it was Imperium Galactica 3)

    Looking forward to the obvious few, eg. M.O.R.E, AOW3. 1 stands out is Pulsar:Lost Colony, looks like it’s going to be a coop mayhem.

  19. Alien JD says:

    I’m playing Rome Total War (the first one) and GalCiv 2. When I finish my current GalCiv 2 game I’m going to play the campaigns. I’ve had this game for years and played dozens of hours and have yet to play any of the campaigns.

    I’m looking forward to Xenonauts, Wasteland 2, and especially SOTS Ground Pounders (although it doesn’t look like they’ll make their goal).

  20. zigzag says:

    Currently not playing anything. :(

    Looking forward to Xcom: Enemy Within, Age of Wonders 3, X:Rebirth, and Planetary Annihilation. (And Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.)

  21. Evil Azrael says:

    My play time is currently consumed by encrypting and securing a bunch of systems, hard drives, network communications, daemons… You can call that the big NSA/GCHQ Challenge.
    Playing when out of reach of a PC:
    – Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (aka the big Scam)
    Otherwise i would like to finish:
    – XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    – Borderlands 2
    – X³: Reunion
    – Space Pirates and Zombies
    – Bioshock 1

  22. Fimbul says:

    i’m looking forward for Xenonauts but hey, there is aswell news for UFO2 Extraterrestrials, now with the addition of “: Battle for Mercury” release Q4 2013

  23. TanC says:

    Currently playing Distant Worlds Shadows.

    Am looking forward to these:

    Limit Theory
    Star Citizen
    Elite Dangerous (have you seen the latest vid??)
    Age Of Wonders
    Worlds of Magic
    Star Lords

  24. AlanH says:

    Playing EvE Online (always), EU IV, and X3 Universe. Looking forward to X3: Rebirth and Distant Worlds 2.

  25. farcodev says:

    I playing EU IV, DCS, Cataclysm, Civ4, Fallen Enchantress, KSP, Homeworld 2 and Pioneer

    I looking forward in Shadow Warrior, X3 Rebirth, Xenonauts and Wasteland.

  26. Ervin says:

    I enjoy playing WinSPMBT. Windows steel panthers main battle tank. It’s a great tactical turn strategy game based on REAL world military equipment. I’m waiting for Rome Total War 2 to go thru a couple of patches then I will get it in the future.

    Adam Solo, How about doing a review about WinSPMBT?

  27. RedArgo says:

    I’m currently playing Civ V with the new expansion and Neuroshima Hex on my phone.

    I’m looking forward getting time to play Forge of Freedom, which I picked up on sale recently and DW Shadows, plus like the other kickstarters, Predestination, MORE, and Star Lords.

    Too many games and not enough time!

  28. Robske says:

    Games I play currently (with my opinion in signs):
    – PA Alpha. ++ (could use quite some improvements still, but already very promising)
    – Dune 2 The Golden Path (multiplayer oriented remake of Dune 2 Building a Dynasty). +++ (awesome gameplay I must say. Play COOP against 4 hard AI’s is just win)
    – Battleworlds Kronos Beta. ++ (also VERY promising. Love the resupply mechanics, scavenging for repairs in some missions, etc)
    – Supreme Commander FA (FAF). +++ (if i need to tell you about this one, you really are lacking some good games in your life)
    – Total War Rome 2. +- (due to many bugs and long turn times, looks like the game was rushed)
    – Earth 2150 Escape from the blue planet. + (poor pathfinding really screws it up)
    – Distant Worlds Shadows. +++
    – Sots2. ++ (long loading times between turns)
    – King Arthur’s Gold. ++
    – Minecraft. +- (gets too repetitive after time, only play it together with a friend)

    Looking forward to:
    – Shores of Hazeron galaxy reset (with the galaxy reset comes a big game update which will hopefully lift the game to playable for general public level).
    – PA retail (can’t wait to see how it ends up. Even if the initial game content is kinda screwed up, due to moddability I think we will see proper mods very soon).
    – Limit Theory (looks to be a very interesting upcoming title).
    – Next DW expansion (More modding is always good).
    – Homeworld Ship Breakers (homeworld nutter here. I just want a decent singleplayer campaign, as that’s what made the homeworld games epic).
    – X rebirth (already pre ordered. Played all the X games since X2. Loving them.).
    – Thrive (spore but then done correctly. Sounds interesting).
    – Starship Corporation.
    – Pulsar lost colony.

    • Vissavald says:

      “Supreme Commander FA (FAF). +++ (if i need to tell you about this one, you really are lacking some good games in your life)” (c)


  29. Evrett says:

    Dwarf Fortress
    On idle:
    Guild wars 2
    Endless Space
    Torchlight 2
    Civ 5
    Looking forward to:
    Ages of Wonders 3

    • csebal says:

      Yea, I always think about firing up DF myself, but last time i played it just had too many issues for my taste and development on that one is.. well, slow.

      Last release is over a year ago. In fact I’m sometimes wondering if the devs do anything other than post some screenshots and write blog entries every now and then to keep the money flowing :)

      Still, some of my best roguelike memories are from that game. Glory to the Blood God.

    • Robske says:

      forgot pandora first contact in my list! Ty for reminding!

  30. Lango12 says:

    I am playing space ranger 2 and starbase Orion on my iPad. Before that was endless space, SOSE: rebellion and wargame: ALB. I am looking forward to Distant world 2, gratuitous space battle 2 and panzer corp on iPad.

    Oh and battle world Kronos as well!

  31. BTJ says:

    I am playing Civ5, Fallen Enchantress LH, Skyrim, Warlock MotA, Conquistador and Eador MotBW at the moment. I am looking forward to AoW 3, Star Citizen and user content for Shadowrun Returns.

    EDIT: Just saw the preview video of DAS24680 on Youtube and now I am looking forward to Dominions 4 as well. ;-)

  32. Garmine says:

    I’m looking forward to ScrumbleShip!
    And seeing in the comments above now I can’t wait for Gratuitous Space Battles 2 either.

    Nowadays I’m playing StarSector (StarFarer) with tonns of mods, pretty fun stuff. To be honest I play it too much ’cause (unfortunately) it runs on Linux too… :)

  33. Lukasz Malanowski says:

    Right now it’s Spellforce 2 (with all expansions), next would be my comeback to Shogun 2 and Anno 2070, and after that new expansion to Civ V…

    As for future titles I’m waiting for X Rebirth, Worms Clan Wars and Planetary Annihilation (I’m a big SupCom series fan)…

    And generally I try to check out every good strategy I see. By good I mean “very complex and complicated, with both single and multi as well as decent background story”.

  34. Daniel Judah says:

    Right now :
    – Crusader Kings II
    – Saints Row IV
    – Kerbal Space Program
    – Rome 2 Total War (soon)
    – Magicka (soon)
    – Splinter Cell (soon)
    – Civilization V

    Waiting for :
    – Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade
    – Star Citizen
    – Grand Theft Auto V
    – Limit Theory
    – Starship Corporation
    – Call of Duty Ghosts

  35. Sam says:

    I am playing alpha centauri.
    I am looking forward to a hard sci-fi game with competent ai.

  36. zac says:

    Right now, mostly Civ5, DXHR, Shadowrun Returns, just finished Brothers (thanks TB!) and for nostalgia factor SuperfrogHD.

    I’m eagerly waiting for GTA5, Limit Theory and, if my computer can handle it, X Rebirth.

  37. JoeZ says:


    -Skyrim (Heavily modded with almost 200 mods)- having a blast
    -Neverwinter: its free and the combat has been fun.

    As soon as Star Citizen comes out say goodbye to all other games for awhile!

  38. The_Black_Knight says:

    Evochron Mercenary by Starwraith 3D Games. I still find new ways to be entertained in this sandbox space combat and trading simulator. I think this is because it works very well in using a dedicated flight system and cockpit. There just are not that many space games that give you the complete freedom to go from point A to B however you want and explore the Evochron universe your way. Navigation is a highpoint with actual use of 3D space coordinates, wormholes, jump gates, and black holes, and even planet landings. No game other than this has done this properly and seamlessly before. Although complicated in its use of controls, this is part of Evochron Mercenary’s ultimate charm in the ability to learn things like efficient use of combat controls in a zero g inertial flight system.

    Games in development/released I am watching:
    Space Rangers HD – A War Apart
    Star Citizen
    X Rebirth
    Starpoint Gemini 2
    Distant Worlds Shadows UPDATES
    Project Zomboid
    Rise of Flight UPDATES
    Pro Pinball Timeshock! ULTRA (Kickstarter)
    DayZ Standalone

  39. Benji says:

    You guys should give wargame: airland battle a chance. I’ve been playing nothing but, beating out civ5 and distant worlds almost every time I have time to play! It may come across a bit niche, but it’s really awesome. awesome awesome awesome!

    • Ambushclose says:

      I too have been playing wargame: air land battle and it’s really enjoyable. The scale and attention to detail is impressive. I like that they chose the cold war time period. I feel like everything that comes out for rts is either WW2, scifi(I personally can’t stand starcraft) or fantasy.

      • JohnR says:

        I’ve had my eye on this one for years. I may finally have to break down and try it.

        And yeah, I agree, Starcraft 2 is dreadful.

      • Benji says:

        Haha, I was just thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome if they take the wargame engine and put it to use in a WW2 scenario. With some proper infantry tactics.

        • Ambushclose says:

          It doesn’t look as shiny but if you want “proper” use of infantry tactics (I’m an 11b combat vet) there is only one game that comes close to recreating it and that’s Combat Mission Normandy.

  40. jshep says:

    Playing the crap out of Masterwork Dwarf Fortress.
    Also still on my free trial period for FFXIV, not sure if I will be a paying customer.
    I feel like all these new games can’t keep my interest for more than a few hours/days. Hopefully Maia, X-rebirth, Star Citizen and the new Warhammer can reinvigorate my love for games.

  41. Angel says:

    Playing alot of Arma 3 atm. I’m really looking forward to X-Rebirth.

    But after watching this gearbox conference which included some details on the upcoming Homeworld remakes – Part 1 – Part 2

    I cannot want this enough.

  42. adeepu9 says:

    current- total war shogun
    saints row 4
    analogue a hate story

    looking forward to -age of wonders 3
    dragon age inquisition
    xcom enemy within

  43. JohnR says:

    Civ5 Brave New World – Strategy doesn’t get much better than this.

    Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol – This little turn-based WW1 air combat game is a blast. The tactical battles are surprisingly realistic, there’s a lot of strategy involved in your campaign decisions, and the game is decidedly lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Star Trek Online – For all its faults, I keep coming back to STO 3-4 times a year. I also say somewhat facetiously that half the EVE players are playing STO while waiting for their EVE training to finish. lol

    Waiting For:
    Age of Wonders 3 – Age of Wonders 2 is still IMHO the best sword and sorcery 4X game on the market, and I fully expect AoW3 to retain this title. It’s also interesting to note that AoW2 is one of the few times where a 4X game actually had a pretty decent campaign and story. I would also add that although I’m leery of pre-ordering anymore due to all the bad launches occurring these days (Stardrive and Rome 2 come to mind), I will definitely pre-order AoW3. :O)

    I would also mention that I was kinda sorta looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online until I read that there’s going to be a subscription fee. In any case despite what the fanboys claim, I suspect ESO is not going to be anything groundbreaking.

  44. shbs says:

    World of Tanks
    War Thunder

    why? – because all the current space stuff at the moment is either buggy, incomplete or a re-hash.

    Maybe the new Distant Worlds – but that’s about all that’s out that’s playable.

    But, hey – thanks for all the tips above – i’m going to check some of them out

    Star Citizen

    • JohnR says:

      I hear you about Distant Worlds. Love the game, but for some reason I don’t find the content in Shadows all that compelling compared to the previous two expansions. I don’t know, I think it’s time they closed out Distant Worlds One (which in any case is starting to look its age) and started focusing on Distant Worlds 2.

      I sort of have half an eye on Star Citizen, but frankly I’ve never been that thrilled with Chris Roberts games. I think he’s one of the more overrated of the classic game developers from back in the day. Still in all I’m hopeful that Star Citizen will be good. It’s high time mmo developers got away from the old and tired them park/hero assembly line mmo’s and did more sandboxes.

  45. Elethio says:

    Just got hold of the Men of war bundle today, really excited been waiting for assault squad to drop below £20 for a while, and all of a sudden it £2.30 but with three other games as well!!

    Really good deal finishing soon

    Apart from that, I’ve played this year:
    Stardrive – finished (excellent)
    Xcom – finished (good)
    TFTD – (again) (good)
    Sanctum – finished (excellent)
    FTL – finished (excellent)

    Civ V – without expansion (its Ok)
    Zero-K – spring game (excellent free RTS)
    CoH2 – (not as good as previous editions)
    SotS2 – put in 2 hours, can’t face playing it any more.

    Still really enjoying:
    Airmech (ftp game and excellent)
    Natural Selection 2 (excellent)

    Waiting to get time to play:
    Sanctum 2
    FE-Legendary Heroes

    Looking forward too:
    Planetary Annihilation
    Starship Corporation
    Men of War Assault squad 2

    Thanks to yours and other reviews Ive avoided getting the new space hulk game and the new Xcom Bureau game(maybe I’ll get them when their cheaper), but I did get FTL and Legendary Heroes because so many people said their great.

    I’ve got to say it feels a really good time for games, I feel that there are plenty of good ones out there and on the way, but a year and a half ago I would of said the opposite.

  46. Mark says:

    Playing Arma 3, Cruader Kings 2, Distant Worlds Shadows, Civ V with all expansions and A Machine For Pigs.
    Want to start up a Mongoose Traveller game soon.

    Looking forward to; Pandora: First Contact, X-Rebirth, X-com Enemy within, Starbound, Incognita and State of Decay PC

  47. Thrangar says:

    Playing Civ5 BNW
    and CXL platinum

    Looking forward to X Rebirth and M.O.R.E. and a finished Stardrive

  48. mupshig says:


    Absorbed with Hegemony: Gold atm.
    Eagerly awaiting Hegemony: Rome

    • JohnR says:

      I hated Hegemony: Wars of Ancient Greece. Although I applaud Longbow in trying to do something different with the old RTS model, as it happens the game is micromanagement hell. Also, it’s one of those games like EVE Online where the players think they’re somehow smarter and better than everyone else. Please??? Concerning their Rome game, I wish developers would get away from the old and tired first century BC period that has been way overdone in games, and anyway I think the later empire is a lot more interesting than the republic.

  49. Jake says:

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist (the new one)…

    Great game, does stealth right.

    Can’t wait for the XCOM expansion!

  50. TauridBorn says:

    I am playing Descent:Freespace and eagerly waiting for Homeworld HD

  51. Vissavald says:


    Conquest Of Elysium 3
    Dominions 3
    (playing these Illwinter titles I laugh when I am told about games with “much content” and other propaganda crap for schoolboys)
    AI War + 5 DLCs

    Independent loners is my only hope…

    Waiting for:

    Dominions 4 (in beta 3.99g already)
    Warlords 5 or Warlords Battlecry 4 (Steve is a true creative mind)
    Some interesting from Cryptic Comet (Armageddon Empires 2 or Solium Infernum 2, maybe?).

  52. Royston62 says:

    I’m finding it impossible to not play Fallen Enchantress : Legendary heroes. For the uninitiated this is a Civilisation style game with heroes, quests, magic, monsters, and you can fight each battle on a tactical basis.
    Dragon Age Origins (For the third time having completed it twice with different characters)
    Medieval II TW. Still the most accessable title in the TW series

    Looking forward to Distant Worlds with larger fonts and customisable resolution !!!

  53. Evil Azrael says:

    Star Command on Android:
    FTL-Like (not clone..) with Star Trek Feeling. Part of the current Humble Bundle.

  54. buncheesy says:

    After the review on this site bought Distant Worlds +expansions (to Shadows) and am completely hooked. Looking for places to plug this game because its epic and I know that for most its difficult to justify the expense, as it was for me, especially given the lack of broad coverage ($100). But this game is the best in the genre (4x space) and worth every penny. So much for X-Universes supposedly vertical learning curve. This game goes from a complete sim to a micromanaging nightmare, depending on your preferences.

    Otherwise have, X-com and Empire Total War amongst others lying dormant in my steam collection to play.

    Keep thinking that I’ll pick up my Minecraft Feed The Beast modded world again and breed bees but perhaps that journey is over given my current addiction?

    Same for Medieval 2 Total War – stainless steel mod (with Bygs Grim Reality IV sub-mod). – the greatest video game experience I have ever had

    oh FTL is fun too!

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