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Legions of Steel: The Video Game – The Kickstarter

By on October 10th, 2013 1:01 pm

Legions of Steel (digital adaptation) | Kickstarter

Ok, this one is more for the board game community out there. The guys from Studio Nyx, an indie studio aiming at developing digital adaptations of board games, has sent word that they’re currently on Kickstarter for a Legions of Steel digital adaptation.

The pitch:

We are adapting Legions of Steel on Android, iOS and PC platforms. This is a miniatures wargame released at the beginning of the 90s, and we believe it would be a great fit on digital platforms. Our version will be a faithful adaptation with an asynchronous multiplayer mode, in a bird-view fashion. -Romain Soulie (Studio Ny)

They ask for £25,000 to make the game but are still far from reaching their goal. And, they’re also short on time. Well, there’s always hope for them, I guess. Who knows, maybe some Space Sector readers are Legions of Steel fans, tactical board game enthusiasts or just people who are attracted to this sort of sci-fi tactical gameplay with very simple mechanics. If so, then head on to their kickstarter page and help them out. Game pledge starts at £5.

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  1. SteJ says:

    Another kickstarter. Yet mmore promises yet will they deliver. Whilst I like the kickstarter idea I feel there are far too many broken promises out there :(

  2. Jeff says:

    I regard Kickstarter as nothing more than a pre-orders website for forthcoming products.

  3. Studio Nyx says:

    Thanks Adam for posting about our project here :)

    Hi guys,
    I work at Studio Nyx. I jump in the thread. We like crowdfunding and think it is not (only) a pre-order system but also a way to make original/indie projects happen. Regarding the broken promises, it is true some project owners do not deliver. But there are also beautiful achievements, such as Battle of the Bulge by Shenandoah Studio. As per our project, we tried to be as realistic as possible in our promise vs. budget. Kind regards.

    • Adam Solo says:

      You’re welcome. I see that you’re probably not gonna make it on Kickstarter (only 2 days to go). Better luck for the final hours, or for a next time.

      • Studio Nyx says:

        Thanks for the support. The team is brainstorming about how we can continue with Legions of Steel. We will not have a successful Kickstarter this time, but many good things happened during the campaign, so we’ll try to find a way. Possibly a new crowdfunding with a more advanced prototype.

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