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Worlds of Magic – New Demo Battle Scenarios

By on October 31st, 2013 6:00 am

Worlds of Magic - New Demo Battle Scenarios

As their 2nd kickstarter campaign winds closer to a successful close with just a couple days remaining, Wastelands Interactive has announced an updated free demo for Worlds of Magic featuring a few new battle scenarios. While there have been a few revisions of the original demo prior to this one, this one adds a fair amount more content. If you’re interested in seeing the game’s progress, at least from the combat perspective, you can download it from their site (“Download” option or alternatively the “Arena” option to open the demo in the browser).

In addition to numerous bug fixes, there are also quite a few new additions. Most notable is that there are now 2 modes available, arena and story. Of these, story is the new addition and allows you to play a few preset scenario battles. If you’re anxious to see the campaign and strategy elements of the game, I need to emphasize that this story mode and demo still does not include any strategy or campaign map elements. What it does include is the addition of a hero unit to fight with, several new battle arena maps to fight on, and a few new units belonging to the Unhallowed (undead) faction.

Also new since the original demo are the addition of a couple of passive unit abilities, like the hero’s first strike, as well as active unit abilities like the cleric’s healing ability. The spell menu has been modified a bit and includes some new spells as well. Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t have tooltips or further explanation on the spells, so it’s mostly a trial and error endeavor for the time being.

Worlds of Magic - New Demo Battle Scenarios

The expand button is also functional now, and the character panel can now be expanded to show attributes, saving throws, and damage statistics. The D20 influences become very obvious when looking at the panel, as it looks very similar to AD&D attributes. Again we’re left without tooltips here, so I’m sure more will be explained later, but fair warning that you might find damage calculations to be a bit difficult to figure out as I have thus far. I’m seeing more damage than I would expect in most cases. Anyway, what I do know though is that by the end of the story mode, I was left as the last side standing. I suppose that’s what really matters.

If you decide to play the demo, I’d love to hear your thoughts. How close do you think Worlds of Magic is, from a tactical combat perspective anyway, to being a true successor to Master of Magic?

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  1. Martok says:

    Also, Worlds of Magic has now successfully been Greenlit on Steam. Congrats to the devs!

  2. doomtrader says:

    Thank you everybody for your votes!

  3. TimmY says:

    I have finished the story mode. It was ok. Summons are very good for the first missions. On last mission where you need to kill a drake, summons are not the way to go. One spell is very good tho.

    The game looks promising but there is much work to do so keep up the good work! :)

    • Keith Turner says:

      I’m not sure if they patched it or not, but I did have great success against the drake by using a spell to give him a taste of his own medicine. I reported this as a balance issue though, so it may have been fixed.

      The elementals seemed a bit too powerful to me for the cost. I was able to win the entire first battle with just summons, and they also make the second and third battles much easier to handle. They do not perform well against Drakes though, you are certainly right about that!

  4. Lens Flares Suck says:

    Looks quite generic.

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