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X Rebirth New Video – Trading and Mining

By on October 2nd, 2013 10:56 am

X Rebirth - Trade and Mining video

Boy, they aren’t kidding, are they! Talking about a realistic economy in space. Well, of what it could be like, at least. Talk with NPCs to buy and sell individual things or go with large transactions involving large quantities of goods using transporter ships. And watch all that happening? Sounds good.

And there seems to be a lot more going on in the background too.

Prices and the economy can and will be influenced by pirates, warring factions disrupting supply routes, broken station power units, shot-down freighters, good relations with merchants, and the list goes on… For example, if a player directs his aggression at a freighter, he can be sure that his action will make prices rise or delay production elsewhere. –Egosoft

Mining in X Rebirth seems to be mostly about harvesting asteroids and nebulae. You can decide to have a more hands-on approach and select what you want to mine. Or, you can just click on an auto feature, and instruct other ships to mine a resource field for you while you’re into other business.

Sounds daunting but inviting at the same time. If you’re into space trading and combat simulation, then I guess you should be pretty excited about this stuff. If you missed the first trailer, then do yourself a favor and go watch it!

X- Rebirth is slated to release on November 15th 2013 in Europe and November 19th in North America for the PC. There will be a digital edition (on Steam), a box edition (German only) and a collector’s edition (English & German). According to Egosoft, all editions will require online activation through Steam but no persistent online connection will be required.

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  1. David Walsh says:

    Good to see some mention of the excellent X-series on Space Sector.

  2. TanC says:

    Great news, though I’d still wait for more Let’s Plays and reviews to surface for this overhauled game before buying.

    • Adam Solo says:

      A wise decision, I would say :)

      • TanC says:

        Guess who has to step up to the plate and review it… ;)

        Looking forward to it, sir! :D

        • Adam Solo says:

          We’ll see :) I played a lot of X-Wing, Tie Fighter and a fair deal of Wing Commander back in the day, but let’s say that this falls a bit outside of my field of expertise. Space Sector has yet to find its Space Sim Hero.

        • Keith Turner says:

          Like Adam, I’ve not played space sims like this in many years. They aren’t my particular cup of tea, so to speak, and we believe the best reviews come from those who feel passionately about the particular genre the game is in.

  3. Thrangar says:

    the most disturbing thing about this video is, how much the ship appears to be moving in flight it looks to much like quake inspace.

    Tie fighter and wing commander were good inpart because of their flight mechanics
    this doesn’t look that…at least from memory, it has been awhile

    • Expanding Man says:

      Actually, that is in many ways very much how the universally loved and acclaimed Freespace 2 felt. Wouldn’t want to see every game like this, and I’m happy Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous will have realistic physics, but something more Freespace-esque is also exciting. Also, being a fan of the X series, this seems appropriate for it. We have been waiting SO long for these types of games…

  4. Dudester says:

    Oculus Rift ready?

  5. Mark says:

    I *am* very excited by this game, but I still haven’t forgiven them for – once again – completely forgetting that planets are present in the universe. So much for realism in a space game, nice one Egosoft! And don’t give me that “too technically difficult” crap, Braben was doing seamless planet landings – by himself – 30 years ago. And no one ever said it had to be seamless, something like Freelancer would have been fine as long as you made some token acknowledgement – for the sake of immersion – that Planets actually exist. But nope not even a bloody landing cut-scene. In this day and age, with this technology, that’s utterly Pathetic, no other word for it.

    To those of you on the Dev team who let the suits talk you into this, you may now officially hang you heads in shame, you are just about to release a 2014 space exploration / trading game with cutting edge technology, emphasis on realism and absolutely NO PLANETS. That’s kind of like releasing a brand new RTS with no terrain. How many more X titles are we going to have to sit through where planets are nothing more than eye candy in the distance?

    The fact that we are stuck with one ship for the entire game is also somewhat disappointing but I accept that its the price we pay for a walkable ship interior and an admittedly nice looking cockpit. Pretty high price though, you’d think that someone smart would have been able to think of a brilliant, innovative way to have our cake and eat it too. I wont state the obvious.

    At least we’ll still be able to own other ships, even if we can only fly them remotely. The rest of the game looks simply awesome, no complaints there and I’m dying to play it, so despite my grumbles there’s no chance that I wont be buying it. I can really see that “no planets” thing souring my experience though.

    • Jay says:

      In a galaxy where space stations are common and easily built it is more realistic for goods to be traded on stations. Moving things in bulk is always more profitable than smaller ships. Hence why cargo ships are now 900 feet long and 106 feet wide.

      When there’s huge amounts of trade between planets there will be corporations who will build these stations so that they can service larger cargo ships. Large ships me more cargo and thus more profit. But why just service their own fleet when they can include smaller docks for smaller private ships to dock there and charge them a docking fee? And why limit yourself to cargo? Allow passenger ships to dock there as waypoints between systems. Now you have a massive city in space that can do everything a ground-side spaceport can do but better.

      There is also the advantage of reduced congestion within the atmosphere itself when there’s no longer hundreds of small ships attempting to land at the same time.

      If you are really hard up on landing on planets go check out Star Citizen by the same guy who created Freespace and Wing COmmander.

      • Mark says:

        Billions of people live on planets, that’s not going to change, so however you decide to move cargo, it will still have to get *down* to the billions of people on the planets. Also, goods will still have to be moved *up* from the many factories on the planets into orbit.

        The X-series totally ignores this fact and they do so to simply avoid having to code planetary environments into the game and therefore just deal with those weird boxy little sectors in space.

        In the older X games I could understand why they would wish to avoid planet interaction, but with the graphics capabilities of today’s computers, that excuse is becoming increasingly feeble with each successive new X-game.

  6. Lens Flares Suck says:

    Looks more like working than playing.

    I just want to be a pilot. In my X-Wing. Sigh.

  7. Dave says:

    Day one purchase for me, gonna be a bit different from others in the x-series, but may be a good thing as the previous games werent for everyone! Still, looking forward to this!

  8. Dudester says:

    Space Freighter Simulator 2014. yawn.

    • lammaer says:

      Bet u don’t know the X series then :)

      Trading is just ONE aspect of the game, it is not the core fundamental of it….

  9. lammaer says:

    Somehow I have odd feelings regarding this detailed trade system. Ok, it is looking good on the presentation videos ONE TIME, that you can run for a minute in s tation to meet the trader, or that loading/unloading a ship is realistically modelled and takes time.

    BUT: will it be still interesting after we saw it 10 times? I feel tedium and boredom here, especially at the beginning,when we have just one ship and have to do the manual trading to get the money (I assume we wont start as a mogul commanding fleets of freighters….)

    For me even animated menus are unbearable when I want to do a quick trade :)

    • Mark says:

      I welcome the RPG aspect of it, but I would be very surprised if there were not some additional “fast” way of doing the same thing.

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