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Space Sector’s Bargain List: GOG’s 2013 Winter Sale is Up

By on December 13th, 2013 9:15 am

2013 GOG's DRM-Free Winter Sales

One more year, one more GOG winter/holiday season/end-of-the-year DRM-free sale. This sale seems to put most of their games with a 50% discount, but of course you will want to double check this before you buy any title. They also offer some daily/flash deals where the discount can go up to 70% or more.

What’s special about GOG (previously known as Good Old Games) is the fact that their games are DRM-free, which means these games are really yours and there are no limits to how or where you play them. And, usually, you don’t need a third-party tool to run them. DRM-free games are more flexible and give you more freedom. No need for serials, installation activation, online verification or other enforced restrictions. Of course, copyright rules still apply, and it is assumed that you don’t pirate the games, of course.

Here’s our GOG list. What GOG has to offer on the realm of space-based, science-fiction themed and great strategy gaming. Warning: Some of these titles are quite retro. Enjoy!

Highly Recommended:

Other Space and Sci-Fi strategy deals (most at 50% off):

Other Space and Sci-Fi non-strategy deals (most at 50% off):

Other great strategy (all at 50% off):

These deals are included in GOG’s “2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale”, which puts almost all of GOG’s catalog at 50% off. The prices listed above were the ones presented at the time this article was posted. The sale supposedly ends on December 29th but some promotions may end sooner.

Note also that GOG is offering special deals each day in which they discount games even further (75% or so), sometimes if bought on a bundle. To make sure you receive the maximum discount, you might want to wait until a particular game you’re interested in becomes available as a daily deal or bundle deal, and then buy it before December 29th. Happy (DRM-free) gaming!

PS: By the way, they’re offering FalloutFallout 2 and Fallout Tactics for free today (up until Dec 14th, 13:59GMT). Go get them! :)

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  1. Chuki792 says:

    I remember not having a powerful enough rig to run Ground Control 2 and lamenting the fact i couldn’t get past the firt mission with the artillery piece. 100 years later (i actually am that old if the kids are to be believed) and I’m definitely going to finish it!

  2. towerbooks3192 says:

    Battleworld Kronos looks pretty tempting. I need my advance wars fill right now but I reckon I would wait for the last day just in case it goes down further.

    HoMM3 is a must buy and I would suggest getting Stronghold Crusaders for the reduced price.

    • towerbooks3192 says:

      Just a question to those who have Sid’s Colonization. Is the retro one better than the one running in Civ IV engine? I have both but don’t know whether to go retro or go with the newer one.

      • Adam Solo says:

        Interesting question. You know, I didn’t play the new Colonization game, the one on top of Civ4. I guess I just assumed it would be essentially Civ4 with the Colonization setting, which I guess it’s the all point anyway. Civ4:BTS is one of my favorite games of all time but for some reason I didn’t try the Colonization expansion. So, like you, I’m also curious to know what other people think about this.

        • towerbooks3192 says:

          I fell in love with vanilla civ iv when I saw it on a bargain bin on Kmart when I moved here in Australia. I just fell in love with it because of its complexity. Would have given it a chance but Civ V’s 1UPT killed it for me. Would absolutely give it a shot in a heartbeat if it is feasible to win against the stack of doom.

          Is it feasible to win against the stack of doom? Its the one thing that turned me off from taking BTS and trying colonization seriously. I heard a lot of people playing colonization saying it is fun but would want to hear someone who played the classic to death and played the Civ IV one.

          By the way, I must have missed it or something but I am looking forward to a Battleworld Kronos review. I was keeping an eye on it but I want to make sure that its worth it with that price tag

    • Adam Solo says:

      My Battle Worlds: Kronos first impressions are clearly overdue. I’ll see what I can do. Right now I’m with XCOM: Enemy Within.

    • TimmY says:

      I don’t think anyone who loves tbs games doesn’t have HoMM3.
      I have Heroes Complete Collection, big box :D

      • JohnR says:

        I really wanted to like HOMM (since I love Aow2), but I tried the demo about six months ago and couldn’t get in to it. I hated the grindy and attrition-based combat system; same problem with King’s Bounty.

        • towerbooks3192 says:

          Addictive and annoying at times. Magic makes a big difference though and knowing your troop’s special skills really helps a lot. HoMM3 is the best in the series but I prefer HoMM2 for its art. The only thing that stopped HoMM2 from being the best for me was the lack of a random map generator. IMHO any HoMM later than 3 is not worth your time.

          As for King’s bounty, the RPG focus is addictive but its basically running from one end to the other. It is very addictive though as I get that sort of metroidvania feeling where I could not get X or Y treasure because the troops guarding it are strong or I don’t have enough leadership to command a huge army yet.

          Both series should be a staple in a strategy fan’s library.

  3. Dominus says:

    Is star control worth a look? I was intrigued by the store page description, but I wanted to hear outside opinions before I pull the trigger.

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