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Space Sector’s Bargain List: GOG’s 2014 Summer Sale is Up

By on June 13th, 2014 3:35 pm


Summer approaches (in the northern hemisphere at least), so here’s GOG’s DRM-free summer sale for 2014 now. As usual, they’re selling almost everything with a 50% discount, including a few daily deals which can go up to 90% off.

As always, our intro on GOG and what makes DRM-free games special.

GOG (previously known as Good Old Games) sells DRM-free games, which means that these games are really yours and there are no limits to how or where you play them. And, usually, you don’t need a third-party tool to run them. DRM-free games are more flexible and give you more freedom. No need for serials, installation activation, online verification or other enforced restrictions. Of course, copyright rules still apply, and it is assumed that you don’t pirate the games, of course.

Next follows SpaceSector’s GOG list. What GOG has to offer on the realm of space-based, science-fiction themed and great strategy gaming.

The must-buy ones are the first four :) Unfortunately, we don’t have reviews for all. So, at least check GOG’s rating before you buy. Warning: Some of these titles are quite retro. Enjoy!

Highly Recommended:

Other Space and Sci-Fi strategy deals (most at 50% off):

Other Space and Sci-Fi non-strategy deals (all at 50% off):

Other great strategy (all at 50% off):

These deals are included in GOG’s “2014 DRM-Free Summer Sale”, which has almost all of GOG’s games catalog at 50% off. The prices listed above were the ones set when the article was posted.

Note also that GOG is offering special deals each day in which they discount games even further (up to 90%) in bundles and flash deals. To make sure you receive the maximum discount, you might want to wait until a particular game you’re interested in becomes available on such flash deal, or bundle deal. The sale should be up for the next couple of weeks. Happy gaming!

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  1. Buxaroo says:

    I finally used this as an excuse to pick up Alpha Centauri. Yeah, I feel ashamed to have never played it. But I just got it and I gotta say, it holds up pretty good for a 15 year old game. Glad to see that the res mod works for 1080p :)

    • Adam Solo says:

      Absolutely. Alpha Centauri is really an amazing game. A one of a kind. I replayed it recently too for my Pandora review, and it’s incredible how good it stood the test of time.

      Replaying it now felt that I was having as much much playing it (or even more) than when I did 15 years ago. Which is proof that graphics aren’t as important as deep gameplay and interesting mechanics. And now it comes with the Alien Crossfire expansion too.

      A must have in every sci-fi strategy enthusiast’s game collection.

      • hakkarin says:

        I bought AC but did not like it even though I loved Civ 4 and 5. The reason is the control. They suck. I need to use the arrow keys to make units move? Really? Also all of the units and the stuff on the map just looks waaaaaaay to small for some reason. It’s like you are always zoomed out at all times.

        • AstralWanderer says:

          @hakkarin: “I need to use the arrow keys to make units move? Really?”

          You can use the mouse as well – left-click on a unit and drag to the destination tile. Arrow keys are easier when you have to position a unit in a “busy” location (obscured by improvements and higher terrain) where the destination tile may be obscured.

          @hakkarin: “Also all of the units and the stuff on the map just looks waaaaaaay to small for some reason. ”

          Use Z to zoom in, X to zoom out (add the Shift key for “standard” zoom, Ctrl for full zoom). If you’re used to using a mousewheel, it should be possible to bind those commands to wheel-up/wheel-down with your mouse driver software or macro software like AutoHotKey.

    • Mark says:

      Totally agree, Alpha Centauri is one of my all time favorites.

  2. Smoking Robot says:

    Res mod? Where can one pick this up?

    Pharaoh and Cleopatra is a GREAT game. One of the best city-builders ever. Zeus was lots of fun, too, but I am not crazy about the art style.

    I’ve tried some of the Wing Commander games on GOG and could not get the joystick to work IN ANY OF THEM. Gog ‘support’ (notice the quotes) was zero help.

    • Buxaroo says:

      This is the funny thing…the mod isn’t something you need to download, it’s just a small addition you need to do to the Alpha Centauri.ini file that’s in the main AC directory.

      Just add this directly under the [Alpha Centauri] line: DirectDraw=0

      So the file should look like this at the beginning, might be slightly different, but as long as you place the line directly under the [Alpha Centauri] line you should be fine:

      [Alpha Centauri]

      That’s it, the game will now boot into your native res.

    • AstralWanderer says:

      “I’ve tried some of the Wing Commander games on GOG and could not get the joystick to work IN ANY OF THEM.”

      Since these use DOSBox, have you checked the joystick settings on that? (there should be a .conf file in the game folder – open it using Notepad and search for the [joystick] section). You may need to adjust the timed setting as noted in

  3. csebal says:

    My personal suggestion from that list:

    UFO Afterlight

    UFO Aftermath is a disaster
    UFO Aftershock is a fitting title for the sequel to that shcokingly horrible game, but it was still lacking in many areas.
    UFO Afterlight however.. now that has a story, tactics, strategy and management in just the right mix to be fun. Its pretty much XCOM on steroids. The first reimagination of XCOM that I had fun playing.

  4. AstralWanderer says:

    While the flash-sales last for 2 hours each, it looks like games are being rotated so anyone who’s missed one may be able to catch it later. has a list of previous and current flash sales.

  5. legion says:

    What, no mention of the best SF RTS, Total Annihilation?

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