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XCOM 2 – E3 2015 First Gameplay Trailer

By on June 26th, 2015 10:56 am

XCOM 2 - Gameplay

So, here’s the first video showing off the gameplay of XCOM 2, the recently announced sequel to Firaxis Games’ turn-based sci-fi strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

This time, the story is about a reality where XCOM, the paramilitary organization assembled to combat the aliens wasn’t able to stop the invasion and was forced to continue its operations as an underground force while the aliens ruled the world.

New features that I could take note so far include procedurally-generated maps, a “deeper level” of modding support, five soldier classes, more soldier customization options, “more alien and enemy types”, melee weapons, enemies’ weaponry hacking, stealth as a main game element, soldiers killed need be carried back to keep their equipment, loot of corpses for weapons and other artifacts, and secondary objectives.

Let’s see what else Firaxis has in stock for us. Hope there’s less scripted game progression this time, bigger maps and less bugs.

XCOM 2 is slated for a November 2015 release for the PC.

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  1. dscarron says:

    Fraxis has a terrible track record for bugs.

    And yet I’m looking with glee at the chance to splatter more aliens. Ok, seriously, I’m the one on the receiving end.

    I can’t wait.

  2. SQW says:

    Bit late mate. I posted the link to the vid in the last article 11 days ago. =)

    Also, ign has all the exclusives so instead of googling all over the internet, just go to ign (yeah yeah, I know, silly choice) if you want to know what’s available on the game.

  3. Jodet says:

    Looks awful. Exact same problem as the first game – at it’s heart it’s a video game not a PC game.


    Back to Xenonauts.

    • SQW says:

      Oh look, a PURIST.

      Xeno isn’t any better than XCOM – both got some right and some wrong.

      Xeno is fun for the first half then you realize Gold Hawk ran out funds and rushed the rest. Boring weapons, generic tech progression and copy/paste aliens. UFO capture is so by the book it becomes a chore after the 20th crash landing.

      Also, in 2015, you should not have to send a soldier physically around a corner to take a shot and realize you are 1TU short of getting his butt back into cover. Anyone who misses this antique system needs to take off the nostalgia goggle.

      • Mark says:

        I like TU’s, they allow a greater degree of fine control over my soldiers that cant be achieved with the simplified range-bracket system. When things like changing clips, picking up items and crouching all take TU’s it makes me feel less like I’m playing a dry, abstract strategy game and more like I’m actually there, which is pretty much the entire point of playing. If I want dry strategy, I’ll just play chess and forgo the graphics.

        If having greater control and better immersion involves doing a little math in my head (to make sure that I don’t end up 1TU short) then so be it. Its not really about nostalgia at all, its about doing a better job of providing the type of game experience that I’m after, less abstract, more immersive.

        That said, I quite like the concept of being “human terrorists fighting the alien occupation” that this sequel portrays. I think its a very different and innovative take on XCOM. I know I wont get TU’s, but as long as they don’t dumb it down too much, I think there’s a good chance I’ll end up liking this sequel.

  4. Gunlord500 says:

    This looks pretty cool, especially the procedurally generated maps–no more storming the same farm like 10 times :D

  5. Alex Gorobets says:

    Would need to see the strategic layer elements before passing judgement on this one. Incompleteness in mind, the tactical layer is exactly what I expected; recycled.

    I hope these smaller features will not comprise the beef of the work being put into this title.

    • SQW says:

      Yeah. Also, interception wouldn’t make sense now so hopefully they have some mechanic to replace that.

      Planning to ambush a convoy or supply depo doesn’t seem as involved as sending out aircraft against UFOs.

      • Alex Gorobets says:

        Depends if you are in a mobile base or not. If you are moving around, a seemingly straightforward mechanic would be clearing out UFO patrols. But I agree that raiding a depo doesn’t sound as much fun as shooting down aircraft.

        I’m not expecting anything though. They could either be overhauling the strategic module into an orgasmic gem or half-assing it for a quick dollar.

      • SQW says:

        It’s been pretty much confirmed you are in a mobile base (converted alien transport ship).

        XCOM’s air combat was probably it’s weakest mechanic – far less involved and less complicated than even the original where you can have multiple fighters engaging the same ufo at once. Hopefully, there’s something interesting to transition the player between the strategic layer to the ground combat.

  6. karvanaama says:

    looks prehistoric. meh.

  7. zakarum says:

    “soldiers killed need be carried back to keep their equipment, loot of corpses for weapons and other artifacts”
    “procedurally-generated maps”

    Oh look, they are including some of the things they took out to make that watered down shallow game they call a reboot and selling in a second game!

    At least the new setting will justify a supranational global organization fighting for the survival of earth having one base, only 6 soldiers and one ship.

  8. ej says:

    This one has my interest. I’ll wait & check the review once it’s been graded by Adam. I hope it turns out to be a good game!

    • SQW says:

      If mod support this time isn’t just paying lip service like the last time, then I’d buy it regardless. Any problems with the core game will get fixed and improved upon by those who made the Long War Mod.

      …just don’t buy it on day 1. =P

  9. DrManhatten says:

    First video of the strategy layer aka “The Ant farm” has emerged

    Unfortunately interviewer is pretty lousy so not as much explaining going on here

    Overall doesn’t look so much different except probably a lot more customization of things in general and it looks like you specifically assign people to do jobs now. Guess you might even have to recruit tech staff now besides soldiers.

  10. SQW says:

    Just bumping this to show the new XCOM 2 vid.

  11. dscarron says:

    …and now it’s been bumped to next year. *sigh*

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