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Interested in reaching an audience of many thousands of sci-fi and space gamers? has been growing  steadily over the years. In here you can find vibrant and unique content about space and sci-fi gaming: news, reviews, previews, interviews and discussions about the space and sci-fi gaming themes, with a particular focus on the strategy genre.

If you’d like information about available advertising placements and prices just shoot me (Adam Solo) an email. There is a good variety of ad sizes, shapes and prices available. So, don’t worry if you’re indie and have a low budget, I’m sure we will sort something out that you will find useful. Note that when you buy an ad on Space Sector it will always be visible, it will not share time with other advertisers.

At the end of each ad campaign, I will send you a nice set of statistics, so that you can assess your ad campaign’s effectiveness. This report includes CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost p/ click), CPM (cost p/ thousand impressions), number of clicks, page views, unique visitors and the trend graphs (clicks p/ day).