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StarDrive Beta Giveaway Contest – 5 Steam Keys! [RESULTS]

By on January 18th, 2013 4:52 pm

StarDrive Beta Contest Results

And the winners of the StarDrive Beta giveaway contest are:

StarDrive Contest results (final)

Congratulations! The gods were with you today. I’ll be sending you your StarDrive beta Steam key as soon as I verify that you met the contest entry requirements. The winners were picked with the help of

Thanks to all who participated. Hope everybody had a bit of fun. A big thanks to Iceberg Interactive for sponsoring this contest.

StarDrive beta is expected to open to the public on Steam on January 29th. In our recent interview, Iceberg said that the game will cost around $29.99/€29.99. However, there’s no confirmation if that will be the beta price. If you want to know more about this new space 4X game, have a look at our most recent hands-on preview.

The contest details and all the people who participated can be found in this post.

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  1. Daniel Ribeiro says:

    OMG. Can’t believe i WON =D
    How exactly do i collect my steam-key ?

  2. dthorus says:

    Grats! I am jelly.
    Hopefully they will offer some kind of preorder/beta discount, 30 EUR is kinda steep nowadays,when it’s basicly guaranteed 50% off after 1-2 months.

  3. Jeff P says:

    Grats on winning the lottery, guys! Now do a good job with the beta so the rest of us will have a great game to play later this year.

  4. David Carron says:

    Sweet! Thanks so much!

  5. Keith Turner says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  6. Goddo says:

    Hello Adam,
    Very Excited to see my name among the winners (first time I ever won anything) But don’t understand why it says “not verified”. I’ve done all the steps required for this competition.

    I have been following this game for quite a while now and wanting it, and I also read Space Sector to see what’s new in the 4x genre, congratulations on a great, informative site.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Congratulations! Have you received my email with the instructions on how to validate your entry in the contest? I used the email address you used in the comment. If that’s not the correct email send me an email and I’ll reply to you with the verification instructions. It’s simple. You’ll have your prize in no time.

  7. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Congratulations to the winners.

    It will interesting to see what the pre-order package is, when it becomes available.

    Many interesting titles coming in 2013 = stiff competition for my money…

    If anything the four savage burns I got from pre-orders in 2012 have convinced me it’s much cheaper and easier to wait for a while to purchase anything… or just keep giving my money to World of Tanks…

  8. Herbert Brown says:

    Hey Adam,just wondering when everyone else will have a chace at this game been following this game for a while but did not know of this contest ,my fault but i wish i had cause i could have been one of the few here already playing this great game ,my ? is when will the Masses have there chance,looked on steam for the game still not out so just wondering if you do know and can please tell all of us hard core gamers of this type,when we will be able to purchase,,,thanks ,and nice job on this project Dan started awesome game from the looks of it ,,,,keep up the good work ….thanks HB…

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hi Herbert, the 29th Jan release for the StarDrive open beta (paid beta on Steam) was not achieved. It was not really an official date however.

      It’s unclear who is holding the release at the moment, if Dan (the developer) or Valve (Steam) or both. Anyway, the beta should open in the near future, and rest assured that you and everyone else reading the site will know as soon as that happens.

      We’ll also have a nice new write-up for you guys when that happens.

      • Herbert Brown says:

        Hey Adam Thks for the heads up ,its nice to know now that stardrive should be comeing soon and cant wait i found this game really a joy to follow and for me as a 4x gamer i think you guys did a fantastic job adam its real nice to know who is paying attention to we gamersin what we like to play and there is devs out there who care about a fun hip game for the masses,just want to thank you for your time and i hope to be playing star drive soon keep the good work going you guys rock,,,go stardrive go baby go….

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