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The Parasites: Gratuitous Space Battles New Expansion Pack

By on September 12th, 2011 6:43 pm

Positech Games has announced, via a newsletter email this morning, the release of a new Gratuitous Space Battles expansion pack. The Parasites. This is basically a data-pack with new ships, not a sequel or gameplay re-write.

Indie developer Cliff Harris has been releasing Gratuitous Space Battles in chunks via expansion packs and DLCs. GSB already accounts 6 expansion packs (The Tribe, The Order, The Swarm, The Nomads, Galactic Conquest and now The Parasites). Almost all expansions always add the same type of features: new races, ships, equipment and sometimes new scenarios. And in The Parasites it is no different in that respect.

One expansion pack that intrigues me though is GSB Galactic Conquests. This expansion pack is different. It adds gameplay features that allow you to control planets. You can choose to play with any GSB race (including its expansion packs), battles unfold in the traditional GSB fashion.

I invite you to read the GSB review for more information on Gratuitious Space Battles.

What The Parasites expansion pack contains

10 New ships. 4 Cruisers 3 Frigates and 3 fighters, all in a new graphical style by the same artist who did the original GSB artwork. The parasite ships have multiple translucent sections in varying colors, coming across as classy, expensive, but also not to be messed with.

3 New ship equipment. The flak cannon is a cruiser weapon designed to target enemy fighter swarms. The cannon ahs an ‘area-of-effect’ damage as well as hitting the target ship. The Plasma slinger is a small but ultra-high-rate-of-fire plasma torpedo weapon. This is the first plasma weapon that can have multiple torpedoes in flight at the same time. The missile revenge scrambler is a whole new type of ECM weapon that actually sends missile back to attack the ship that launched them, rather than just scrambling their guidance systems.

New ship bonuses. The parasites build these ships to last. Most of the new hulls have both integrity and armor bonuses. The parasites aren’t so good on the shields front, but they make up for it with stronger armor.

1 New Scenario. One new map for you to fight against the parasites, and to use in online challenges. Obviously you can use the race in fighting any existing maps, from any other DLC or the base game.


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