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The Original Syndicate Hits GoG in Two Days

By on January 17th, 2012 9:19 am

I’m really feeling a bit nostalgic these days :) Syndicate, the original sci-fi strategy game developed by Bullfrog in the 90’s surely had some kind of magic to it. The game unfolds on a sci-fi cyberpunk setting where mega corporations have corrupted all the way to governments. Yes there’s plenty of violence in Syndicate, and immorality behind all that you do in the game, but there were few things after that that made me feel more powerful then when I used that Minigun and that Flamethrower to eradicate everything in my path. Hehe, it’s a game so there’s no problem in having a bit of fun :)

Good old Games (or GoG for short) has managed to bring Syndicate to their DRM-free collection of old video games. In two days GoG will start selling this great sci-fi strategy game masterpiece for $6 USD with some additional bonuses: the game manual, dark SF artworks, and avatars. In the meantime they have launched a contest to keep you in the loop.

A new Syndicate will come out this February 2012, but (un)fortunately (depending on your taste) now on a shooter form.

So, feeling in the mood to blow up buildings, shoot stuff and light everything on fire, all that in a sci-fi noir Blade Runner kinda of way? Then join the Syndicate and lead your cyborg mercenaries through missions to get the job done. Accidentally killed some innocents and half the city was left on fire? Well, that’s ok, it will take the Syndicate just a phone call to fix all that :)

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  1. Evil Azrael says:

    What is the advantage of GoG over fetching the game off the shelf and install it in dosbox or virtualbox?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Although I have no hands-on experience with GoG I think they test games on modern operating systems.

      As others have said:
      “(…)the main advantages are no CD hassling and bonus content.
      (…) GOG versions are much easier to install. You just start the exe, pick a directory, click next, wait a few minutes, and it’s done. (As opposed to the traditional method of placing each CD in separately during install which for me was quite a pain.)

      Besides that none I guess :)

      GoG’s main advantages are probably the easiness on how you can play old classic games and the fact they go through all the trouble of finding them, testing them and wrapping them in a nice package, usually cheap. Sometimes it’s just too hard to find and buy old games.

  2. Claude says:

    Many people won’t be able to use DOSbox. Not so easy at first sight.

    A great release from Gog. Instant buy for sure!


  3. BiggTedd says:

    LOVE IT! I was just talking about this game the other day, and how awesome it was when it came out… great idea, however we can get it!

  4. Cristo says:

    d-fend reloaded has a graphical hud and works with win7 plus additional settings are explained via mosueover.
    Mostly it is just requires you to pull the exe into the d-fend window and double click the game there. i use that tool for master of orion 2 dosversion on windows7 as a replacement for dosbox.

    if people still have the old install files from floppies then dragging the install.exe into the dfend window starts the installation.

  5. Cipher says:

    I purchased this game from GoG. Their DOSbox emulation is flawless. Game worked perfectly. I have almost beaten it, it certainly brings back memories. Usually, I stay away from playing old classics as Id rather remember the game as I do than play it and realize “this was garbage!” In this case, the game fulfills my memories expectations, and is actually enjoyable. 6 bucks? Worth it, totally.

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