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Kerbal Space Program – Build Your Ship and Hope It Flies!

By on August 2nd, 2012 3:08 pm

Kerbal Space Program

Now that was fun! Ever wondered how it would be like to design your own “real-earth” space ship, launch it and then head on to the Moon for some prospecting? This game let’s you do exactly that – the Kerbal Space Program.

KSP’s Team idea is to allow the player to create his own space program. You can design your ship with a collection of parts that you must assemble correctly so not to crash immediately after lift off, or even don’t leave ground at all. It’s not that hard to launch and control your ship (the tutorial does a good job explaining the basics), the trouble is to leave Earth’s atmosphere and beyond! :)

Kerbal Space Program

At the moment KSP offers a sand-box experience only, with no objectives available yet. It includes vehicle assemble building, flight simulation controls and mod tools. I had a lot of fun playing the current demo. The design process is enjoyable, the launching sequence is quite satisfying to control and watch. I especially enjoyed the silence after the engines cut off when you’re in space (or near it).

In next versions the KSP Team plans to add a mission planner tool for you to create your own missions. You will eventually be allowed to hire and train astronauts and we’ll be able to head to the Moon and to other planets. They’re even thinking in adding space station building and surface base building on other worlds. Quite exciting stuff.

The current version – 0.16 – was released recently (Jul 20, 2012). There are demo versions available for Windows and Mac, but for an older version (0.13). At the moment Squad (the KSP’s Team name) is selling the game at a discounted price ($18 USD) which they plan to gradually increase as the game nears completion. I couldn’t find a definite release date.

Now, here’s a very interesting space simulation game that when completed will most probably be – literally – a blast to play :) Now, enjoy the trailer! And, a few more shots from my play session.

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  1. Mark says:

    OMG this looks so FUN! Throw together some parts and see what they can do! I am buying this immediately! Maybe, if I’m lucky, they’ll make an aircraft game also.

    • r4m0n says:

      Aircraft parts have been included in 0.15, there are lots of spaceplanes flying around now :-)

    • Lygho says:

      You can build “Space planes”, It has aircraft parts (jets, wings,…) that only function when you have an atmosphere but you can also add rocket parts to get into space, they also added a space plane hanger where you can build horizontally :)

    • Mark says:

      I just bought it. I’m in heaven! The combination of construction, simulation and fun attitude is nailed. So this is an alpha? Great job KSP devs!

  2. Solrax says:

    Yes, I bought into the alpha ages ago because I just fell in love with it. It’s a totally unique game, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, or so ambitious really.

    Simply getting your Kerbals into space and safely on the ground again is so satisfying!

  3. Hypnotron says:

    this really is a neat little simulation. just goes to show how a novel little idea with good execution can make a great game. congrats to the devs.

  4. Caleb says:

    Wtf do I do after I land? I’m just sitting here unable to do anything. Help?

  5. csebal says:

    Tried the .13 demo version, after about 15 minutes I went ahead and bought the game.

    Got like 30 hours out of the latest alpha version already, so thats 20 bucks well spent in my books, especially considering the promise the game shows.

    If you like to “build things” and like spaceships and rockets, then this game is a definite must-have purchase.

  6. I love it! Thanks for pointing me to it…
    I did like csebal, played the demo for some time first (until I achieved an orbit), then went an bought it. I am still playing around a lot, it could indeed need some structure and linearity, but I am sure once it’s completed it will be a really great game! It’s not very easy to send a crew to the Moon (sorry: Mun) though – as it should be, because after all, it’s Rocket Science! :)

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