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Starship Corporation: Building Better Worlds [IndieGoGo]

By on August 9th, 2012 6:42 pm

Starship Corporation

Today I got a great tip from Daniel DiCicco for a fabulous looking project currently at IndieGoGo. Ever wondered how it would be like to be in charge of a spaceship manufacturer company and be able to design and build spaceships with an incredible level of detail?

Welcome to Starship Corporation, a real-time strategy game where you create the layout for spaceships and planetary installations, train your crew for emergencies and battle and build a business empire. The design detail includes things like corridors, stairs, elevators, air supply, water, food, crew, medical supply, storage space, fuel supply, armor, shields and weapons.

In the project video you will see many references to sci-fi movies and games that served as inspiration for the developer. But, can you do this man? :) I mean, use copyrighted and trademarked material for promotional purposes? Guess you did your investigations but I was surprised, and frankly quite shocked to see that, although I enjoyed it a lot.

Starship Corporation

At the time of writing David, the developer, accumulates $5,727 from a his $6000 goal, with lots of time to spare (56 days). But this isn’t all. Development is divided in tears and corresponding funding levels. The six thousand mark corresponds to Level 1, which is the single player part of the game. With it the game should offer ship design, crew training and ship building.

Level 2 aims on multiplayer, design selling, trade, raid, destroy, terraforming and mining colonies. Quite ambitious stuff. If David reaches level 3 he plans on implementing a story-driven campaign with cut-scenes. Beyond that David proposes to use the extra funds to create additional content: fuselages, missions, room types, new units, better music, etc.

All the information on Starship Corporation’s IndieGogo page and official website.

Looks like I will finally be able to fulfill the dream of being in charge of the Corellian Engineering Corporation :)

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  1. caekdaemon says:

    Wow. This looks like a extremely fun game, and boarding looks like it’s rather detailed.

    I hope to see more of this game soon.

  2. Adam Solo says:

    David reached Level 1 funding tonight. Meaning single-player with ship design, crew training and ship building should be secured now.

  3. gunnergoz says:

    It’s still RTS…really tiresome.

  4. Renniegade says:

    i love this idea

  5. salarus says:

    This looks very cool. I’m going to make a pledge for this, be my first.

  6. Wayne Basta says:

    That looks like a pretty cool concept. Designing the interior of a starship and training crew is something unique to the best of my knowledge. Seriously considering funding.
    But he plans to base his single player storyline on Ayn Rand’s Atlast Shrugged which is making me equally consider never buying the game.

  7. Jamiri says:

    First I thought: this is Dungeon Keeper in space :-).

    Then, I thought: cool, lot´s of options and realism in the game.

    So, I am going to support this project.

    As for the single player campaign: I don´t think he is totally fixed on Ayn Rand, so why not try to change his mind…

  8. Ray says:

    I like this idea a lot and will be watching your development of this game with interest.
    One question; When you have created your ship does the liveable area remain a blue colour – or in other words, does the area take on real world colours – you know like grey walls, light floors, cream equipment red buttons blue consoles etc?. I know this would be a lot of work, but to me taking on that extra level of detail would add a good deal to the submersion level.

    The game would really only be a buy though with all 3 levels operational for me. While I support you in your endeavours, I hope you will forgive me when I say that I will not part with my hard in cash until I see something concrete.. Very best wishes to your progress.

  9. Will says:

    game looks awesome but the crew needs to be actual people not blue and red dots apart from that and a few improvements to the animation – doors opening, the game so var looks worthy of my money

  10. Gwen says:

    It does look great. I can’t believe nobody has done anything like this before. I just put in my pledge. Looking forward to this one! =)


  11. Szkeptik says:

    Shut up and take my money!

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