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Space Colony HD: Firefly’s Sci-Fi Strategy Simulation Updated

By on November 9th, 2012 10:17 am

Space Colony HD

Space Colony is real-time strategy/simulation game released in 2003 where your job is to colonise a planet, build a base, set up mining operations, build facilities and perimeter defenses.

Now, Firefly Studios announced Space Colony HD, an update to the original version with high-definition graphics and increased resolution support, and is now available for the PC at GOG, Amazon, GetGames and DotEmu .

Key Features

  • Colonise space with a ragtag crew, each with their own distinct personality
  • Build your base for mining, intergalactic golf or alien warfare
  • Serve Blackwater Industries as a civilian or military commander, with two distinct paths to choose from
  • Experience Space Colony for the first time in high definition
  • Play through 8 never before seen Official Bonus Campaigns and 6 user-created campaigns

Firefly also offers a patch to people who own the previous version, which upgrades the old game to the new HD version free of charge.

Space Colony HD

Somehow I missed this one, and it seems quite interesting. It sounds like a mix of city-building games like Caesar or Zeus and The Sims with RTS mechanics in a sci-fi setting.

I fired the demo I found of the original Space Colony to get a taste of the game. Yes, it feels much like playing The Sims, at least at first. In the simulation part of the game you need to satisfy your colonists needs, providing them with food, energy, accommodation. You also need to keep the place clean, and need to worry about energy and oxygen supply. The strategy part deals with what you should do to achieve your objectives. In the demo the objective is to keep your colonists happy, the place clean and harvest 10 nutrients. The game’s feel is light and humorous.

Well, looks like it could be a fun one for city-building enthusiasts.

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  1. Garmine says:

    The 2nd shot instantly reminded me of Imperium Galactica.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, it really does capture the same type of feeling and style. A IG shot here btw.

      It probably means a space colony will not be very different from these two examples :) At least in our imagination.

  2. vincku says:

    It would be good to see this game running on Android tablets.

  3. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Looks interesting.

    Firefly, sounds familiar. Are they the ones who made Stronghold series? Is this something like stronghold?

    • Adam Solo says:

      It’s the Stronghold guys yes. I don’t know if it’s similar because I didn’t play Stronghold, but it may be the case, because I read that Stronghold is also a real-time simulation city-building kind of game. Castle construction? I need to check these games out!

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        Just checked GOG and its pretty tempting. Heck, I just got stronghold HD at discounted price on release.

        Question though, is it more of a city-builder like lets say Anno series where city building and taking care of your citizens comes first and combat is just an extra?

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        Found out about it. I think its not my cup of tea but it looks pretty interesting though. Be sure to try stronghold HD if you want the standard castle-sim or if you want a setting like something likethe movie kingdom of heaven then I suggest getting Stronghold Crusaders HD.

  4. Zero says:

    This looks rather charming. I have a hard-core soul though. I want to see a game about colonizing a distant world and having serious survival pressures placed on me. I will probably give this a shot

    • kevin says:

      I know this is three years later, not sure if you’ll even see this – but for those looking for what you mentioned – Rimworld.

      Its in alpha right now. Sort of how Minecraft was, or most indie games. Has Pokémon-gameboy-esque graphics. RTS/survival. Making food, building a ship, defending from space pirates.

  5. Chop says:

    Bought this when it first came out and must say I was surprised to see an update on SpaceSector.
    Yes it plays like The Sims, sort of, a Sim has a very, very limited AI on the way they approach other Sims and unless you sit there micro’ing everything they just dont get things done. The characters in Space Colony all have different personalities and work skills, the skills can be upgraded as needed and the personalities are just worked with, theres a biker, an alcoholic, obsessive shopper and quite a few others, each character has likes and dislikes, so base design is part of the strategy, with careful thought the layout can be used to make sure the right sort of characters mix and become friends, happy folks are hard working, the alcoholic Tami and the biker Stig have given me many a smile when they disagree with each other. The voice acting is spot on, no cut scenes as such, just an animated intro for the mission in the form of a briefing but yet again very well done, the only thing I find is the layout of domes is a little fiddly, having just installed it again im hoping the HD patch might make it a little easier to line the sections up, you only get a very limited space to build a colony and as the mission progresses and the base needs new sections space gets a little tight. Also worth a mention is the free download from Firefly for an old school shooter called Alien Horde, if you like old school you will really enjoy it, graphics are straight out of the Space Colony game, along with new voice samples for Stig and Venus.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks for your impressions on the game. From your description it looks like you had fun playing. Thanks also for your heads up on the Alien Horde game. I watched a video and it does look like a nice old school mini game alright :) And free.

  6. Samwell says:

    Odd, can’t recall hearing of this game when it came out, still thx for the article, seems like a worthwhile distraction, ordered, and downloading now, lets see how it goes.

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