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Star Armada Now Available for the iPhone and iPad

By on March 21st, 2012 2:55 pm

Star Armada | Android, iPhone and iPad

Star Armada is a real-time space strategy game developed for the Android devices by Dancing Cat Development. Today the game has been re-released, now for the Apple iOS devices, as a universal app for the iPhone and iPad. Star Armada offers 2 game modes over its randomly generate space maps: Planet domination and Planet Survival (tower defense). In planet domination mode you’re supposed to develop bases in planets and order attacks on other planets while the AI does the same. In planet survival mode you have to protect your planet base by building weapon turrets to defend it against enemy attack waves.

The game allows you to level up your ships through XP points for better classes and improved attributes. In your planets you can build a bunch of different structures, including research labs, energy buildings (energy seems to be the main game resource), ship building facilities among others. You can assign different weapon combinations and different order combinations to your ships during space combat (engagement, targeting, damage control and power priority). You also seem to have a good bunch of weapon types to choose from. The game doesn’t look very complex but it surely looks nice and fun judging from the video below. Could be a good pick for a casual space strategy experience on your mobile device.

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