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Holiday Season Blog Contest – Win a Game of Your Choice [CLOSED]

By on December 7th, 2009 10:05 pm

For many people in the globe this is the Holiday season. For many is Merry Christmas, for others is Happy Hanukkah, many celebrate the coming of the new Year. To celebrate the occasion, to have a little fun and undoubtedly also aim to increase the community, I decided to run a contest at and give a present to the readers.

Stardock kindly accepted my request for sponsorship and supported my initiative by providing the prize. So the prize will be one of Stardock’s flag games. The winner may choose one of these game for free: Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition (full edition – includes all GalCiv2 expansions – $39.95 worth) or Sins of Solar Empire Bundle (includes the Sins expansion – Entrenchment – $22.99 worth) .

What do you have to do to have the chance to win one of these excellent space strategy games?


As said above the winner of this contest will receive one of these great games (of choice of the participant):

  • Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition
  • How to Enter the ContestSins of a Solar Empire Bundle

To become a valid participant in the contest you only have to do two things:

  1. Leave a comment on the forum under this topic (you need to subscribe in the forum for this): don’t forget to include in this subscription comment your prize pick (GalCiv2 or Sins);
  2. Subscribe the Newsletter (you can subscribe it when filling the forum register form or in the main page sidebar)

These are the minimum requirements that you need to satisfy in order to enter the contest (this gives you 2 points).

To increase your chances of winning you have to do the following actions, that provide additional bonus points:

  • (for 1 to 10 extra points) Make a comment to one of the SpaceSector’s articles. You can pick an article of your choice. The content of the comment will only be made public at the end of the contest. This will give you from 1 to 10 additional points depending on the quality of your comment (see “How the Winner Will be Chosen” below for details)
  • (for 2 extra points) Follow on Twitter: you need to provide your twitter username in your subscription comment (point 1.) and follow the spacesector username on Twitter to validate this;
  • (for 2 extra points) Twitt about the SpaceSector’s blog contest or make an entry about the SpaceSector contest on your facebook account for 2 extra points: you need to provide your twitter username or link pointing to your facebook account in order to validate this action;
  • (for 1 to 2 extra points) Tell your friends about If 1 of your friends registers the Newsletter you gain 1 extra point; if 3 of your friends sign the newsletter you gain 2 extra points): you need to provide the user names of your friends in your subscription comment (point 1.) in order to validate this step;
  • (for 2 extra points): Make a blog post on your own blog about this contest with a link to this blog post. If you don’t have a blog don’t worry, you can gain the 2 extra points also if you post and link to this page on a relevant website forum (related with space or games) or on a social site like digg, reddit, stumbleupon, other. Just don’t forget to provide the link of your submission on your subscription comment.

In summary the only requirements to enter the contest are the first two (1 – leave a comment and 2 – register the newsletter), the other actions provide additional bonuses that I leave up to you to satisfy in order to increase your chances.

How the Winner Will Be Chosen

The participant that makes the most points wins. The maximum amount of points is: 20 (all actions fulfilled and top score achieved on comment to article)

All actions that provide bonuses are scored objectively except the one regarding the comment about one of SpaceSector’s articles. For this last action (the more valuable one) the criteria will be: relevance, quality of the content and humor (size is not a criteria). Chewbacca moderator and Myself will score the comments.

In case of a Tie

In case of a tie the number of fulfilled actions will be used to pick the winner. If that does not solve it the participantes sharing the same score will take straws, which means that the winner will be randomly picked from the final bunch.



This contest is powered by Stardock, which I humbly thank for having supported this idea.

Stardock Entertainment is an emerging leader in the PC gaming industry. It develops and/or publishes a variety of popular games including Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire, The Political Machine, Demigod and more. Stardock has 2 of the top 10 highest rated PC games of the last couple of years according to Metacritic.

Start, End Date and Prize Claim

The contest started today at the time this blog was posted.

The contest ends in 18th of December 2009. In this day the winner will be announced. To pick the prize the winner just needs to create an account at (Stardock´s download central and Store) and after I announce the winner to Stardock the game of choice will be put in the user’s shopping cart for free.

Hope you enjoy the challenge.

Have Fun!

Adam Solo

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