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Star Ruler – New Demo (v1.0.8.0) and Box Release Date Set

By on July 6th, 2011 1:25 pm

Star Ruler is a real-time 4x space strategy game being developed by Blind Mind Studios where you control an interstellar empire in a hostile galaxy against a number of opponents. In a sort of context definition Blind Mind Studios Staff defines Star Ruler as: “It’s slightly more RTS than 4X; it is most certainly way more 4X than SoaSE (Sins of a Solar Empire).

Some time ago, about 10 months to be more precise, I made a review of Star Ruler. By then, as I then came to know, the game (although released) was actually still in “Beta” (at version The review score turned out to come out a bit low because of that. I came to realise that although released the game was in fact “half-done”, well maybe not at half state but still under heavy development. BMS released the game as “it was” because allegedly they run-out of funding to continue the development.

And in fact BMS continued to improve Star Ruler. After a succession of patch releases the game should be now much more stable (and finished). With a physical box target release for 16th of September 2011 Star Ruler gains a new breath. You can download the latest demo (v1.0.8.0) from here.

Video games publisher Iceberg Interactive confirmed that will publish a boxed version of Star Ruler. The game will be available in retail stores throughout Europe, Australia, South-East Asia and various other territories on 16 September 2011. A fully localized German version will be on sale in German retail stores on the same date.

For more information about Star Ruler checkout the SpaceSector’s Star Ruler overview and review (for v1.0.0.6) and the Blind Mind Studios website and forums.

You can buy Star Ruler at GamersGate (digital download). If the game it’s not at present version you can update it in Blind Mind Studios patches page.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Steam has it on sale too. :)

  2. Drake says:

    This game makes using spreadsheets seem like fun by comparison. Enough said. I wish someone actually made a proper and successful franchise ala Civilization V, because all these efforts really miss the mark all the time.

    • Adam Solo says:

      They have reached v1.1.0.0 a few days. This will be the retail version to be sold in the US and Europe in September. I’m going to review this new version. I plan to have it ready by then.

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