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Sword of the Stars 2: Opening Cinematic Sneak Peak

By on August 22nd, 2011 4:42 pm

Last week Kerberos Productions and Paradox Interactive were at Gamescom (the world’s largest gaming expo) presenting Sword of the Stars 2: The Lords of Winter. They gave a sneak peak of the game’s opening cinematic.

The video gives a first look at Lords of Winter themselves. It presents also some engine combat scenes that demonstrate Kerberos’s new MARS2 engine.

Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter will be available Sep 20th, 2011.

Come and discuss SOTS2 in the forums:

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  1. Mathias says:

    The ships still look like they are designed by a color blind 10 year old. The engine itself looks decent though.

  2. Adam Solo says:

    You’re right about the colors. The engine, the models and even the textures seem alright but there’s really something odd about the colors. The palette is not … that pretty. Minute 2.15 and 2.48 are good examples of that, I think.

  3. Malar says:

    I would much rather like to see some actual in game video of the strategic layer.. We’ve seen many videos about the new combat engine, the tactical part of the game, but for a 4X title, thats only 1/4 of the whole. It means nothing unless the strategic part of the game is also up for the task, but the way they are keeping that under wraps has me somewhat worried.

    Generally speaking the whole silence around the game is somewhat surprising if we consider that it should be out in less than a month.

  4. Mathias says:

    Good points, go check out the E3 “walkthrough” videos on gametrailers. Some interesting stuff. I’m surprised actually. If this game is very mod-able, I foresee a bright future.

  5. Adam Solo says:

    These are two good picks to checkout: and

    It’s just me or the starmap and what you can do with the planets remains basically the same? The overhaul seems to be concentrated in the battles.

  6. Malar says:

    Yea, i saw those videos.. quite interesting, but there are some very big questions regarding how the multiple planet systems will work from a tactical perspective.. how they relate to the combat timer, what happens to your ship positions between combat turns, etc…

    the combat part will probably be cool and stuff, but as i said earlier.. its only 1/4 of the whole package.
    The success of the game will hinge on the remaining 3/4 which we know nothing about.

    Also for me, multiplayer is an important aspect and the last game’s performance there was less than stellar. It was very sensitive to PC performance and it acted in a weird way so that whenever someone’s PC ran slower than the rest, the game became unplayable on the faster machines because it stopped every few seconds to wait for the slower PC to catch up.

    On the bright side, the media silence helps me not to get hyped up and keep my expectations low. :) Maybe that is the point. I dont know. Still.. I can’t help but wonder if the real reason for the silence is the lack of features to talk about. In which case, I will be a very sad panda on release day. (assuming they will release on time :P, which I still have some doubts about seeing the screens from the videos you linked)

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