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Space Force Constellations Revealed

By on September 13th, 2011 5:34 pm

Dreamatrix Publishing has revealed Space Force Constellations, a single-player turn-based space strategy game for the PC.

There is no release date announced yet but there is already a gameplay trailer and some screenshots that you can find below. For more information checkout the game official website.


  • Simple and addictive game play: explore, discover, build a fleet, conquer.
  • Turn based fleet combat.
  • Galaxy Map helps you navigate your fleet through many constellations.
  • Stunning universe dominated by four civilizations.
  • 80 one-on-one turn based battles in stunning 3D space constellations.
  • Fleet combinations consisting of Laser, Missile and Repair spaceships.
  • A dozen special attacks, each with stunning visuals.
  • Over 20 mother ship turn based card battles.
  • Crystal Mining mini game to find crystals needed for special attacks.
  • Search For Life mini game with 5 levels of achievements – each with a crystal pack reward.
  • Simple crafting panel in the space station.
  • Achievements panel “Hall of Fame” with medals and ranks.
  • Boost your leadership status to become an admiral.

Gameplay Trailer


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  1. jay says:

    This looks pretty bad honestly, and the description and video only help to that feeling…
    Also, “80 one-on-one turn based battles in stunning 3D space constellations.” what this is supposed to mean ?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Right, pretty strange sentence. We can tell battles are fought in 2D. It’s clearly an attempt to stuff things in a bad way.

      “80 one-on-one”!? I guess one-on-one means “1 player vs 1 computer battles”. But 80 what? Different background scenes maybe?

      With so few TBS games out there let’s ope it turns out to be an “ok” game,

  2. onix says:

    This looks pretty good honestly!

  3. tom says:

    wait isnt this just space force captains?

    • Adam Solo says:

      I believe Space Force Constellations will be set in the same universe as Space Force Captains. This last title was developed by Provox Games (a Croatian development studio), now Space Force Constellations (that is definitely a new game, I guess) is being developed by Dreamatrix Publishing (or Dreamatrix Game Studios …).

      Now I don’t know if Provox just changed name or if Dreamatrix is another development studio, but judging from Dreamatrix forums these guys are also Croatian. To add to all of this the contact email of Dreamatrix is :)

      So, answering to your question: I think it is a different game :)

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