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Star Hammer Tactics Preview

By on October 30th, 2011 9:31 am

Star Hammer Tactics is set to release early November and Space Sector got an exclusive preview.

Fighter seeking refuge in an asteroid field, they can't repair like the larger Corvette below it.

If one were to compare Star Hammer Tactics, Gratuitous Space Battles immediately comes to mind. There are major differences that set them apart however, and that will be lightly covered in this preview.

Star Hammer Tactics for the iPad is a quick and dirty space tactical game meant to be played in short sessions (what is wrong with long sessions on the iPad?) through a campaign or skirmish mode.  The single player campaign cuts right through the chase with a simple briefing, then off to combat.

The Australian developer Black Lab Games makes no bones about this, Star Hammer Tactics is all about tactical space combat and nothing else.  There are only two sides the Alliance and Nautilids.

When escorting better maintain a screen, or one round exposed means failure.

The basic decisions presented to the Alliance player are where and when to move,  when to fire your missiles, adjusting offensive or defensive postures, and when to engage in direct combat.

In skirmish mode you can create your own custom fleet, and then use that fleet against the AI or a friend via Hot Seat (Pad?). While you can control your forces in the battle, there is no customization.  The Alliance player has 4 ship types that basically vary with power and the number of missiles, and ability to repair between turns.

Isometric 3D close-up battles

Black Lab Games did a great job with the AI, which forces the players to really think tactically (DOH!) because you are limited in what you can do.  If you fire your missile, does it have a clear path to target?  Can you follow up with an attack to maximize the use of your limited missiles?  The AI is crafty enough to make you pay for bad tactics, because when your missile does hit it will withdraw that unit to repair.

If you’re looking for a quick space tactical game where you don’t have to read a WIKI to learn how to play, then definitely look for this come early November.

iPad Trailer (alpha)

PSP mini Trailer

Kyle Rees “Lordxorn” has been a Space Sector contributor since May 2011. Kyle is a credited tester on games like Distant Worlds: Return of the Shakturi, and Panzer Corps, and an avid World of Tanks player. See all Kyle’s posts here.

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  1. Adam Solo says:

    Looks good. Can’t help of not remind of Master of Orion 2 space combat, looks very similar. I wish I had an iOS to try out Star Hammer.

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