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15 Space Strategy Games for Your Android Device

By on December 5th, 2011 5:59 pm

Android owners were probably starting to get worried to see only iOS Apple (iPad, iPhone) space strategy game titles being featured in Space Sector. Well, rest assure that there are a good bunch of real-time, turn-based, casual 4X, action and tower defense space strategy games available for your Android device too.

I compiled a list of 15 titles. This list is a sample of the best space strategy games available for Android phones judging from the games descriptions, user reviews, screenshots and videos alone. Keep in mind that I don’t own (yet) an Android device so I could not test the games myself. Although most of the games are for Android phones some may also work on Android tablets too, check on the games description for that information.

Enjoy exploring and conquering the universe in your Android! Let me know if you played one of these titles already. Also, if there’s one title that you think should be in this list please just mention it in your comment below.

The games are sorted in no particular order.

Star Armada

Star Armada is a recently released space-based real-time strategy game where you explore deep space, establish planet bases, research upgrades and build and command your fleet to destroy the enemy.


Multiple ship types – Fighter, Destroyer, Battlecruiser and the fearsome Dreadnought;

Randomly generated space maps and AI tactics;

Customize ship weapons and ship orders – engagement, targeting, damage control and power priority;

Ships gain XP points for leveling up to better classes for improved attributes;

Build energy resource, ship generation and weapons research facilities;

Tablets supported.


CalactiConquer is another recently released action-strategy real-time space title. The objective is to colonize all the habitable planets in the galaxy. You will need to build mining facilities on the non-habitable planets and sell the mineral in your colonized planets.


Use your earned money to expand your colonies;

You are not alone in the universe, and your planets will be attacked by your enemies, so you will have to upgrade the ship and its weapons;

Game implements real physics so your space ship will be attracted to planets and stars;

Full version provides:

– No advertising, all ship upgrades are available, all galaxy sizes and difficult levels available, HD Graphics, bigger planets and ships.

Asteroid Defense 2

Asteroid Defense 2 is a tower defense space game. It is an evolution of the original Asteroid Defense title that features more than 300 user reviews and 100.000 games sold. Asteroid Defense I and II seem to be very popular Android titles.


Vivid awe-strucking graphics that will amaze you;

Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics;

Campaign mode (Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Kuiper’s Belt);

Survival mode with global leaderboard and achievements with;

Your game is automatically saved so you can play again later.


Galcon is more suited for a high-paced action-strategy experience. You basically send your ships to nearby planets as fast as you can to defeat enemy planets and conquer the universe. You can play online against other players too.


Equip your space stations with blaster lasers, solar panel, shields and freeze cannons;

Protect your command center away all incoming asteroid waves;

Infinite mode gameplay;

Beat other players and put your name on a global leaderboard and achievements;

Share the app on twitter, facebook and other;

Fun and challenging for kids and grown-ups.

Battle for Mars

Battle for Mars is a space turn-based strategy game set in … Mars :) The game seems to be fairly popular judging from the number of user reviews (1195) and allows multiplayer.


Turn-based strategy gameplay;

Support for online multiplayer. Each game can have up to four players;

Use soldiers, robots, hovercraft and spaceships to battle 3 enemy alien races;

Fight in the mountains, forests and at sea;

17 unit types,

6 building types;

13 quick maps and 12 map campaign;

Space STG 2 – Death Rain

Space STG 2 is a free to play real-time space strategy game. It is the continuation of it’s very popular predecessor Space STG.


Explore solar systems;

Manage cities, develop technology and a create space fleet;

40 missions in scenario (1 special surprise mission) + unlimited quick missions;

8 ships with (ex. Transporter, Fighter, MotherShip);

8 upgrades of ships (ex. shoots from distance to planet);

7 special technology (ex. nuclear missile, electrical storm);

7 technologies (ex. turn back in time, tunnel, enemy confusion);

There is an STG 2 version for tablets.

Solar Wars

Solar Wars is a free to play turn-based space strategy game. The goal is to conquer all planets on the map. To do this you need to send fleets to enemy planets.


Turn-based strategy gameplay;

Select your planet and create fleets;

Select fleets and send them to enemy planets;

You start with one planet. Each turn you will increase ships available on your planets;

Goal of the game is to conquer all planets on the map;

Winning with 1-2 AI players is easy, try to win with 9 enemies!

Command Crisis

Command Crisis is a free to play space-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS). There are both PvP and PvE against a non-player character (NPC) that emulates a player.


MMO real-time strategy gameplay;

Build defenses, ships, deploy units;

Pick your character class and gain special abilities. Work alone or with a team within an alliance;

Play online, on facebook, android and other mobile web devices;

In-game tutorial, help and FAQ;

Use in-game credits to buy resources and ships;

Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires is a free to play real-time action-strategy MMO game. You start out with just one undeveloped world and go on from there and turn that into a galactic empire.


Various types of missions: espionage, attacking other ships, transporting resources and harvesting;

Players can have armadas of spaceships;

Alliances allow players to band together for protection and free trade;

Can research technology to improve units and defenses;

Three resources for players to hoard: crystal, deuterium, and metal;

Ranking system that displays the top players;

Space Squadron

Space Squadron is a turn-based space strategy game in which you command an elite squadron of fighters. You need to devise an attack plan, set your moves, time the firing of your weapons, then end the turn and watch events unfold in real-time.


Strategic turn-based gameplay;

7 friendly ship classes from turrets to heavy assault ships, 11 enemy classes;

Use cannons, rockets and homing missiles;

10 level campaign with increasing difficulty and mission duration. Hours of game play;

Several mission types. Convoy assault/escort, base assault/defense and skirmishes;

Earn medals and promotions.

War Path

War Path seems to be a pretty complex real-time space strategy game. You can explore, exploit, build, fight, mine and trade.


Real-time strategy gameplay in single-player or with up to four players online;

Explorable galaxy of planets to be exploited for resources, colonized or subjugated;

Develop planets through investment in agriculture, defense, industry, education, mining and space dock;

Equip your ship with shields, pods, and weapons by shopping on friendly planets;

Unlocks additional weapons and upgrades with tech improvements;

Dogfight with other ships or battle planets directly with bombs;

Star Battle

Star Battle is a free to play action-strategy game where you fight to conquer the Universe. All planets generate ships and players can use their ships to get other planets. Get all planets and kill all enemy fleets.


Real-time action-strategy gameplay;

Generate ships on your planets and use these ships to get other planets as fast as possible;

Defend, expand and reinforce your planets;

Get all planets and kill all enemy fleets;

Very fast games in harder levels

The one, who first colonize all enemy’s planets  and makes sure the enemy has no more rockets wins the battle!

Space Station Frontier

Space Station Frontier is a tower defense space strategy game. You need to mine asteroids, harvest energy and build up your defenses in order to survive the alien onslaught.


Construct weaponry & mining tools using an intuitive tower-defence style interface;

Design & power vast networks of structures, then defend against alien assault;

Earn upgrades & unlocks for your Space Station to increase its power and abilities;

Enjoy the story-based campaign mode or one of the freeform endless modes;

Online leaderboards & with lots of achievements to earn;

Includes tablet layout/HD support for capable devices.

Space Uncharted

Space Uncharted is a free to play space-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game. Games take place over several weeks to 1-2 months.


Players colonize planets, construct buildings, create fleets of ships, explore the galaxy, form alliances with friends, & conquer other enemies’ territory;

Each game can support thousands of players in the same galaxy;

Space Uncharted runs slowly to allow players to choose actions carefully and collaborate with allies. Each game can take several weeks to a month, so players need only check in on their progress a few times a day;

In-game, email, and/or txt notifications alert you to unfolding events, such as discovering new planets or being attacked;

Full stats and a visual timeline of the map from each completed game as well as an overall player leaderboard are posted on our website.

Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest is a turn-based space strategy game, along the lines of Risk or Axis & Allies. Produce ships at your planets and use those ships for upgrading planets and attacking your opponents.


Capture planets by dragging the selected number of ships to send to that planet;

Each planet you capture will reveal adjacent planets, if there are any. Soon you will run into other ambitious souls attempting to take over the Universe;

Fortify our planets and upgrade their radar ability to higher levels;

Build radar stations to monitor enemy movement and determine weaknesses.

You can conduct research once per turn.

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  1. Javaslinger says:

    Uh, dude… you left out the absolute best one. Star Traders Elite! Heavily supported. Constantly updated. Passionate indie developers…. Check it out!!!

    • Adam Solo says:

      I checked Star Traders Elite while doing the article, and did noticed its popularity. However the issue is that Star Traders is not really a strategy game in the pure sense but more a space simulation / RPG from what I could tell. Although it probably may contain a sprinkle of strategy elements here and there it does not qualify exactly in my definition of a strategy game. But I may be wrong, since I never played the title I couldn’t be sure, so, thanks for bringing it up.

      But if you think Star Trader Elite does contain sufficient strategy elements please let me know. With that I mean if the game requires you to apply some degree of careful or skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory, or if the player needs to focus on operational aspects and control of warfare such as formations and tactics.

      If playing Star Traders Elite feels to you more of an adventure, where you stroll the universe, or fly a spaceship looking for opportunities to level up your character skills than Star Traders Elite should not be in this list but in a space RPG games list.

      So, what do you say?

      • Javaslinger says:

        I guess you are right… But I would say that any space strategy genre fan would probably enjoy it. Still, more of an RPG.

  2. Evil Azrael says:

    You forgot Angry Birds… upss. rather not ;)
    Crystal Wars is one of the better Galcon Clones, GalaxIR is another one. Both have their good and bad sides.
    Stellar Empire is a solo player Planetarion clone.

    • Evil Azrael says:

      Oh Military Madness/Nectaris is available for android, but only in an outdated non-scaling version :( Battle for Mars is similar. I wonder why it’s no longer on my tablet :}

  3. NacNud says:

    Know any good WebOs games? :)
    Love the site, keep up the great work!

  4. Ermdog says:

    Getting a new android phone and am interested in these games. Anyone have a favorite?

  5. tommy says:

    nice… found retro game galaga;

  6. Shanic says:

    Don’t forget Pardus!

  7. APista says:

    Hi, I cant find any good strategy or 4x strategy game for android, where I can play with more than one race. Could you suggest one or two? Thx

  8. David Brake says:

    Hey Adam have you bought an Android device yet? They’re pretty cheap by now. It’d be nice to see more reviews of games that aren’t also available on iOS (assuming there are some!). PS it’s good that you tag games also available on Android with the “android” tag but if (as in the case of “Star Armada Review (iPad)”) Android isn’t in the title people might not realise it’s also available on Android. PPS There’s a free “lite” version of Galacticonquer so people can try it out without risk…

  9. Trent says:

    Does anyone know of an Endless Space clone on Android? So far none of these games do 4x justice. At least not turn based. Freeciv is in beta for Android but iI really have an ich for a space 4x game and love Endless Space.

  10. Bob says:

    Just point your browser to Zorg Empire and play a real game

  11. Yukio says:

    Don’t forget about “Forbidden Planet” game. It’s a good strategy and semi TD.

  12. The Abyss says:

    Imperium Galactica 2, difficult to learn but fun.

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