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Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: Full Trailer (Don’t miss it!)

By on April 2nd, 2012 3:26 pm


With SoaSE Rebellion still enduring heavy beta testing, with the official release date targeted for June 2012, Stardock releases now a trailer that tells you the story of Sins, since the beginning. This is probably one of the most beautiful and well done sci-fi game trailers I’ve seen to date. Great effects, pace and drama build-up. There are rumors (or perhaps more than that) that this is actually Rebellion’s intro (that got leaked in between beta builds somehow). I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case due to such fine quality. I sincerely hope that this expansion is as good and surprising as this video. Turn the volume up and choose 720p. Sit back and enjoy space opera action in its full splendor.

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  1. Ermdog says:

    The trailer looks awesome! I can’t wait till the full version comes out. Been playing the beta for a couple weeks, and looking forward to playing the other races. So far I like what they have done.

  2. TimmY says:

    Awesome trailer indeed. Can’t wait to play the game!

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