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Conquest: Frontier Wars Sequel on … Kickstarter!

By on May 10th, 2012 3:27 pm

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising

I was finding strange that today was not going to be any big kickstarter announcement. Haa, wait! There you go. Today it was time for the highly popular Conquest: Frontier Wars’ sequel: Conquest 2 – The Vyrium Uprising to ask for the community’s support :)

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising is a sci-fi real-time strategy game that the devs claim to be more strategic than other kinds of RTS games. In the kickstarter movie one of the devs says that the idea is to offer much more than “who has the bigger fleet wins” kind of gameplay. I didn’t play the original Conquest: Frontier Wars, so, I really can’t say much but if “The Vyrium Uprising” will offer a more strategic sci-fi RTS experience that I’m all for it! Well, guess it’s time to update the Games list page.

You can see all the details at the kickstarter campaign page.

Thanks to blog member JD for the tip ;)

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  1. Ezequiel says:

    It was a pain to setup chains of supply, and unless they were protected, you could find yourself out of supply. The ships were ok, and everything was designed for a specific role, but they were the same across species, only changing the skins. It wasnt bad, but I dont think it deserved a sequel… Lets see what the people think about it.

  2. Cristo says:

    It obviously became popular to ask the community for support and it feels like the site is full of those. I wonder why the community doesnt start a project on their own – paying a group to do what we like them to do. that would be the step that would make me pay aswell.

    I want my real master of orion 3 with turn based combat which is the leading vote option for combat mechanics here aswell and it doesnt matter if everything is renamed due to copyright problems but i guess that would have a lot of followers.

    this board might be the place to start something like that cause i am pretty sure everybody waits for the next moo2 for years now.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I think you make a great point. The model as of now is for the devs to ask the community’s support to make the game they want. As you say, how about we (the community) pay a team (generously) to make the game WE want?

      Yes, it couldn’t be Master of Orion 4 unless we could raise enough money to pay the Atari guys, the ones than own the rights at the moment. Renaming could work. Orion of the Stars or Orion Civilizations names wouldn’t shock me. And frankly as long as the mechanics are similar the name is the least important thing.

      There is a project going on (for many years now) that sounds close to this idea. It’s called FreeOrion as many of you know. It’s an open source community that, of course, loves Master of Orion and decided to make their own free game. But, development has been hard, progress has been slow but results are promising. The problem with FreeOrion is as always, the money. They work for free in their spare times so, although great, little is achieved. According to your idea this would not be a problem. I’m sure we could raise $500.000 if we could decide what we want and pay a dev team to make it happen. In a way, the community becomes the publisher (the client) but instead of the devs coming to the publishers’ office, we (the publisher) launches a request for quotation for a job.

      I’ll be totally sincere, I have thought in launching the “MoO4” cause here at space sector before. It makes all the sense of the world. But then I thought: “Humm … maybe people aren’t interested in a new MoO2, maybe people want innovation or similar mechanics but not exactly those. So, I was in a dilemma. Now I feel it’s right to create such cause. If enough people support this we can think in a business model for this and make it happen. Although there are pitfalls involved, so, we must thing.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Opened a thread to discuss this MoO4 cause:
      But to anyone that doesn’t want to subscribe the forum can send me your thoughts directly to or leave a comment in this post.

    • Smight says:

      If community starts the project, who is gona decide what constituts a worthy succesor,
      3D engine, 2D engine, realtime combat, turn based combat, ground combat, no gound combat, everybodey will have diferent opinion, most of them will try to sell thair opinion as a fact it will soon became a total mess and you will get MoO 3 all over again,most people don’t know how to make the game and most vocal ones are those who know the least, just go look at wastelands forum if you dare,
      (can’t register on the forum at the moment, i’m at work :))

      • Adam Solo says:

        Good points. That’s why probably all we should do is get a ton of money and throw it to people like Steve Barcia for him to do a sequel. Perhaps the “cause” could be more one of raising money and then wake people up at the middle of night and say “hey, we have 1M cash, are you interested in doing this?” Ok, back to reality. Let’s try figure out the best way to “kickstart” this.

    • salvo says:

      yep, it’s a shame that ES has more or less ruined the combat model to appease the multiplayer crowd, I really don’t know how watching the same combat over and over again is going to be fun in the long run. I really love this game but this aspect simply kills it for me

  3. Zilcho says:

    This is great news, Conquest frontier war is a game I still undust every now and then to play.

    • Timmaigh! says:

      Agreed. With original Homeworld, Sins: Rebellion and Star Command Revolution, this is my fav RTS game and it fully deserves the sequel. Sadly, i do not see it happening.

      • JD says:

        Holy hamburgers batman. Another human who likes Star Command Revolution. Ohh the satisfacton to know I am not alone. I knew it I knew it :-)

  4. Evil Azrael says:

    I really like Conquest: Frontier Wars, but somehow i never managed to finish it. At somepoint i always loose interest :( The reason may be that those RTS are to frantic for me :(

    • Timmaigh says:

      I never bothered with campaign, but had a lot of brilliant multiplayer matches with my friend, him as Mantis, me as Celareon, happy times! The game was surely something else back in that time, the only games to come close since them were IMHO Haegemonia (but somehow i did not like that one very much) and then Sins (which is currently in its Rebellion version absolutely mint, seriously i am considering it to replace HW as my most fav game ever)….

      @JD> oh yes, SCR is a gem, one of its kind. Do not know, how you found out about it, i recall reading its review back in ´97 in one of local gaming mags (when it was still worth to buy them) a the author of that review was actually very intelligent person capable to recognize, how incredible the game is and appreciate it… actually this review was perhaps one of the best gaming review ive ever read, it made me want to play the game instantly. But that did not happen up until several years later, but it was surely worth the wait. BTW i am still to beat the campaign, i got stuck in one of the missions.

      • JD says:

        Funny, I had a similar introdouction, local gaming magazine. Alhtough the reviewer thought the game would be snowblinded by StarCraft which came out during the same time, and unfortunitly he was right. Then again the first StarCraft was cool too.

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