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Star Colonies: Free New Space Strategy Game for Android – Currently in Beta

By on May 28th, 2012 12:07 pm

Star Colonies | Android

Android folks will be glad to know that there is a new space strategy game available in Google Play. Its name is Star Colonies, and it is a real-time strategy game.

Star Colonies is a free app that is currently in beta, that apparently uses ads as business model. Final release is scheduled for May 2012. BluePlop Team describes their game as “Colonize star systems, build different buildings, discover new technologies and build the most powerful fleet to beat enemies! If you played and liked the game Master of Orion, you will enjoy this sci-fi game too!”. For the future BPT announces more difficulty levels, more races with special abilities and multiplayer. But, they are accepting new ideas.

Looks like an interesting game and it is scoring quite high in reviews (4.5/5.0 with 51 votes in Google Play). You have some game impressions by desito, a SS forum member (that doesn’t work for the devs ;) ), here. Maybe you should have a look. At least it’s free (for now).

Actually, there are quite a few other space strategy games available for Android for you to check out. Some of which are also free. Here are 15 of them: 15 Space Strategy Games for Your Android Device.

Thanks to the SS forum member desito for this find ;)

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  1. Saracen26 says:

    Hmm, looks good.. Although I’ll probably have to wait until I upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3 with it’s 4.9 inch screen. My current HTC Explorer leaves a lot to be desired in the screen size department, and this certainly won’t work too well on it.

  2. Yar says:

    It’s a pity my only android device is a Kindle Fire. That thing could use some good apps besides plants vs zombies and angry birds.

  3. desito says:

    Thanks for do a mencion to me.

    This is a amazing blog & I want to share my little discover with all of you.

    The sifi strategy genre in games is underated and it’s a shame.

    Long live to moo2


    By the why… I’m only a gamer… Seriously :-)

    Excuse my english (soy español)

    Hala Madrid!!!

    • Kyle Rees says:

      You are correct, it is a severely over rated genre that has been set aside for the quick buck. That is First Person Shooters. I can not name a single title on the PS3 or XBOX 360 that is a 4x space strategy.

      This is no fault of the developers/publishers because they do not warrant the sales figures. So one has to assume why kids now days have no desire to play 4x strategy games? Or has this genre always been a niche one?

      My brother who is in High School says my 4x games look boring. and only plays COD MW etc.
      He is also glued to texting, and it is literally hard to hold a conversation with him.

      • Adam Solo says:

        This is a good point. What do younger people think of 4X games? As you say there are none for consoles, so there you lose a lot of young people.

        The younger people I know for sure that play 4X games (Civ mainly) are in their late 20’s. But, early twenties or teens I know none.

        This is a very interesting point we never discussed before. How do we bring new players, young players to the genre?

        In his Stardock annual report, Brad Wardell states the following interesting (and positive) opinion about this (as we know Stardock is one of the few privatly-held companies that has a found love for developing complex strategy games: GalCiv, Sins and now Fallen Enchantress):

        “The counter-argument to making complex strategy games with high production values is that the demographic for these games, males 25 to 55, does not have a long-term market future. This argument assumes that the current key gaming demographic: 15 to 25 year olds – both male and female – have been raised on games that hand hold the player through a well-developed story (sometimes referred to playing on a “rail”) and are unlikely to be interested in games that rely on the player “discovering” the nuances of game play over many hours. Stardock’s position is that as the new 15 to 25 year old demographic transitions to the “older” demographic that their gaming requirements will transition as well. If this is the case, it will bode well to studios interested in developing games that appeal to men and women that involve considerable game play sophistication.” ~Brad Wardell (Stardock CEO)

        I think this is a very interesting topic and perhaps someone should open a topic about this in the forums.

        • Edward says:

          Hell yes and hell no! Hell yes games that hand-hold the player are PREFERRED to games that stress players to the breaking point. (Why do you think cheat utilities are developed? Programming is something some of us can do. Beating some games isn’t.) Some of us love playing “on a rail” and frankly need it to have any fun. We don’t have the time, patience, or attitude to handle eternal frustration and multiple blind random attempts.

          Hell no we are not likely to change our ways as we get older. Time and patience for beating a game decline markedly when one has the responsibilities of a job, a house, a relationship, and children to juggle. At that point, we desire DIVERSION, not more frustration. I think we can expect games with an emphasis on hand-holding to remain popular.

          That said, there may be an answer that satisfies all. Strategy games can be written to incorporate difficulty levels for all scenarios such that a player can choose to win without effort or struggle for every inch yet still experience the same game story. MOO2 did this very well. Star Colonies for Android does not and I can say with some certainty that a game save editor will be available soon.

    • Edward says:

      True enough. I loved MOO2 … once I discovered the Plasma Canon. Strategy games are great so long as the winning strategies are logical. Some of these so-called strategy games aren’t well thought out and force the player to adopt odd and counter-intuitive methods. The most frustrating pit the players against foes that could win any time they wanted but either don’t or delay for completely contrived reasons. Such games aren’t fun at best and extremely frustrating at times.

  4. Harry says:

    Quite nice..
    But after 2 hours you have all single player missions..

    It is not like MoO2 no diplomacy.. one type of ships..
    And why do i need to sacrifice 5 of my fighting ships for a colony??

    But its ok.. It is a start.

    • Adam Solo says:

      No diplo? There goes the 4X :)

      You mean that in 2 hours you’re done with all single player missions? What about the “random map generator”? Is that any good for replayability?

      I read that the devs plan to add:
      – Ad-free version with campaign
      – Free map editor!
      – Multiplayer (if all the earth will call “we need this!!!”)

      Perhaps the paid version will be worth it.

      • harry says:

        Diplo is allways war.. or all against you..

        Yes you are done after 2 hours.

        And the random Map large against 3 enemies(maximum) on hard is done after 40 minutes..
        But it makes a lot of fun..

        It is a good start..

        They need to implement more ship types(currently one).. Space defence stations.. Space Monsters..
        Terraforming.. Inavading.. Heroes..
        And then it is MoO like..

        The graphics and the ui is more friendly than distant worlds..

    • Edward says:

      Dude, there is no way you got through all the missions in two hours. That’s bull. Nice try. I doubt you even finished the campaigns. I doubt anyone has.

  5. Filip says:

    it is nice to read comments to our game. Yes, it is our opinion too that FPS games gives you more money….but we like classic strategic games. So – we develop it:-)

    Filip – BluePlop team

    PS: Harry: yes, we like MoO..but we do not want to copy it. About time: – full version has two additional campaignes (6+7 maps) and ability to load custom created maps.

    • Edward says:

      Why lock the levels, by the way? Some of us old fogies just aren’t going to win every level or even most but still appreciate the variety in the game. If we paid you for the game, why restrict us to just a few maps? We’re not all kids with unlimited time and patience.

  6. Edward says:

    Discouraging to hear hardcore gamers are able to complete all single-player scenarios in 2 hours. I’ve spent longer than that on one map (Robot Uprising – Tricked) and still have no clue how it’s even possible to beat. Hints anyone? Is a game-crack required?

    • Filip says:

      Hi Edward.
      No game-crack required:) Try to change your strategy. All levels are beatable.
      Good luck!

      • Edward says:

        Tried all I could think of. Remember some of us are Atari-generation and aren’t going to figure this out on our own. Please tell me the strategy to take. I’m not going to spend anymore time on it. (I almost broke the phone over this.)

      • Edward says:

        One other point. Some of us play these games just to pass the time and relax. Constant frustration, locked levels, and near-possible, counter-intuitive challenges aren’t fun in that case. The game is fine and I don’t mind losing so long it doesn’t trap me. Finding a way to open up the locked levels is more important than beating this or any other level. Is a game-crack or utility available for this?

    • Rafiki says:

      Ed, I myself was having difficulty with this map as well. Couldn’t find anything on the inter nets to help me. Played the mission again and again, and finally took the mission briefing a little more seriously.
      Follow what the briefing says and you should be fine. If not, I’ll just tell you what to do….

      • Edward says:

        Thanks Rafiki but I gave up. The guys who wrote this game obviously get their kicks making players squirm. (I thought cheat-modes existed so that human beings never had to be the game’s bitch?)

        • Rafiki says:

          If you feel that way. Just saying, it was a good mission to learn how shields work. If you destroy a few buildings and build power plants, shields boost faster the more excess power you have. As it says in the briefing. Most dynamic games shields (defense) isn’t the best move, but with this round as you just protect against static waves, beef up shields, wait a few min, and gg

  7. Edward says:

    Thanks, Rafiki. You’re a good guy. I play for diversion and variety, not to tear my hair out. (I poked around the web, by the way, and a few people would like to get their hands on this game’s authors.) Thanks for the strategy tips but I’ll just wait for the cheat-editor.

  8. Edward says:

    FYI. Since no cheats are available I’ve started looking over the game save file with a buddy to create one. Any contributions will be appreciated.

  9. Edward says:

    Took a few evenings effort but we cracked part of the save file. Now you can beat the unbeatable screens. Write for details. And a merry FU to the SOB developers who made this necessary.

  10. Stopgap says:

    The game sux. Need more dev time. Winners/losers decided by amount and placement of resources at the start. Some campaigns are unbeatable – never tested.

  11. OMG says:

    Edward and Stopgap,
    This game is not that hard. If you followed the advice given to you, it is any easy win.
    This game is a great game. I kill time playing the random maps ALOT! Addicting gameplay. I wish the developer would add more maps or do a second version. (Hopefully nothing like sea empire III)

  12. OMG right back says:

    The game is that hard and that frustrating. It’s best left until the next version. Seriously. I’ve tried on the order of 200 times to beat the Space Garden level. (Not exaggerating the numbers.) Clearly the developers didn’t test it enough. Personally, I think you’re lying about beating it. I don’t even try it anymore because I know I’ll have a splitting headache and seeing red for the rest of the day.

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