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Birth of the Empires – 4x TBS Open Source – Alpha 6 (version 0.8)

By on February 5th, 2011 1:57 pm

Birth of the Empires, also known as “BotE”, is one of the three games that are being supported by the Birth of the Federation 2 Consortium – the group of developers and the community that surrounds it – and is being developed by SirPustekuchen. The BotE project has started in January 2004 and went public in August 2006. Other games being supported by the Birth of the Federation 2 Consortium are: Star Trek: Supremacy and Star Trek: Allegiance.

BotE, as for StarTrek Supremary, intend to be the spiritual successor to Star Trek Birth of the Federation (BotF). BotE is a 4X space turn-based strategy open source game.

Malvoisin made a post about BotE Alpha version in forum. He describes BotE as being a free standalone game in the likes of Master of Orion 2 or Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. Malvoisin clarifies that BotE is not a mod but a full game of its own.

BotE is in version 0.8 (Alpha 6) by now, Malvoisin states that the game is pretty far developed in terms of gameplay.

You can have a look in Malvoisin’s post for more details. He says that in BotE you can play as one of 5 races, both in multiplayer of singleplayer against the AI.

Checkout the the Birth of the Empires Alpha 6 release announcement which contains all the details about BotE Alpha 6 release.l

You can download the BotE Alpha version from here.

You can discuss the game in the Star Trek Games Forum.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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  1. Gary says:

    So whatever happened to this game?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Apparently their last version was Alpha 6.1 (v0.81) from May 2011. This post was about Alpha 6 0.80, so … I guess development more or less stopped there. I remember that the game was somewhat playable by then, but I’m not sure how playable. There hasn’t been much activity in the StarTrek games development (Star Trek Supremacy and Birth of the Empires). I’m afraid they must be heading to vaporware as well, which is very unfortunate. But I’ll keep tracking them and will post about them when I have some news.

  2. reg says:

    that’s right – last release was 6.1 :-(

    but development of BotE didn’t stopped…it’s still progressing . Maybe until end of 2012 there’ll be a new release.

    6.1 is well playable. Though BotE is multi-player, it’s also single-playable with a quite strong ai. Just try it

    Indeed at English forum is very less traffic, at German one is much.

    Wiki is (slowly) expanded into bi-lingual (German/English) see here

  3. darkshawdo2000 says:

    im alittle dissapointed that supremacy stopped i was enjoying the gameplay im downloading bote right now i do hope its further along and i do hope one is complete soon if not already. p.s. thank you guys for continuing one of the best games ive ever played on a pc

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