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Legends of Pegasus Screens [Updated]

By on August 1st, 2012 9:30 am
Screenshots added on Aug 1, 2012

(Arthrox alien race revealed. All three playable races seem to be known now:  Humans, the X’or machines/cybernetic and now the organic Arthrox. The release is scheduled for Aug 10, 2012.)

Screenshots added on Jul 6, 2012
Screenshots added on May 10, 2012
Screenshots added on Apr 04, 2012
Screenshots added on Feb 27, 2012

(credits for these shots go to

Screenshots added on Feb 2, 2012

A new set of shots has just been released, where we can see more than explosions now!

(as in the publisher’s forum)

Screenshots added on Dec 14, 2011

For more information check our interview with Novacore Studios to know about how research works, what’s the ship design system like, to know details about the background story and the campaign, the races and more.

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  1. bertipa says:

    I’m officially fed up with 4X SciFi Strategy games that promote themselves with space combat screenshots.

    Do anyone know the difference between strategy and tactic?

    Do everybody think that, having to manage an interstellar empire, the most important thing is how the starships look when they explode?

    I’m so sad that I will go to do an honest Gratitious Space Battles match.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I agree. More and more publishers promote only the combat parts of space strategy games. Look what happened with Sword of the Stars 2. Gorgeous 3D battle screens and cut-scenes and the result is what’s around the corner, a complete disaster (or at least at release time it was).

      Yes, I think many people don’t understand the difference between tactics and strategy (and RPG and simulation as we are in the subject). I think it’s worthwhile for somebody to do an article introducing the basic differences between strategy and tactics in games. Although normally tactical games go along together with strategy games (it’s fairly accepted that the strategy games genre includes tactical games) they are quite different play styles.

      It gets even more strange. Kalypso media, the publisher, announced Legends of Pegasus as a “4X space simulation” game. BTW the complete announcement and features list was announced as:

      «Deep space never looked so amazing, as Kalypso Media today released a new ‘Battle Screenshot Pack’ for their upcoming 4X space simulation – Legends of Pegasus. The new screens showcase some of the stunning ship designs and lighting features of the game’s graphics engine, and are available at the link below.

      Grab the new images to immerse yourself in some of the massive space battles that will take place in the space simulation that will challenge players to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate.

      Legends of Pegasus will arrive in UK retail in Q2 2012.

      Features of Legends of Pegasus include:
      – A complete 4X science fiction gaming experience- eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate your way to galactic conquer
      – Tactical space combat– featuring a unique mix of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay
      – A realistic, immersive universe– three races and 12 playable factions exist in a living-breathing universe populated by a huge variety of non-player civilizations
      – Play alone or dominate with friends– an extensive single-player campaign coupled with a strong multiplayer part ensure an engaging experience
      – Massive customization options– design, build and deploy ships created from research into hundreds of technologies based on a customizable tech tree
      – Make it yours– modding options will be available, allowing players to customize missions, maps and more

      • David says:

        ” The new screens showcase some of the stunning ship designs and lighting features of the game’s graphics engine”
        As if genuine strategy gamers care about “lighting features”…!
        I remember watching an interview with the game designers of a well known adventure game, and when asked about the story in their game they looked askance at the interviewer, and one of them said…story? what’s that?
        Sums it up really. They are just tech geeks interested only in graphic effects etc; no clue at all about what a game really is. Thankfully there are some developers who do understand.
        Another problem is the suits…the guys with the spreadsheets and profit targets…they have killed a lot of games by pushing them out before they are finished. Again, thankfully there are some in the industry who do understand and are not just out to make a fast buck.

      • David says:

        PS as far as I remember Kalypso also released the first iteration of Sword before it was finished and lost a lot of sales on account of poor reviews. Some people never learn.

      • Olivier says:

        I want to see strategic and combat screenshots. For me both aspects are too important part of a game, I like too much combat that a good Strategic game without a good combat system doesnt sastify me.

      • Jeff P says:

        As I have mentioned in other posts, my big concern with this game is that Kalypso appears determined to release it without a beta period. I’m unaware of any game magazine or gaming website that has even seen the finished product, much less played it. My suspicions are that the game has taken too much time and resources to this point and Kalypso is shoving it out the door to try to recover development money. That usually means a buggy, unfinished game for the consumer.

    • Zeraan says:

      I agree! It’s like showing how blood splatters on a wall in a FPS game. It don’t show how the game is played.

      When I look at the 4X games in steam or other sites, I skip the combat screenshots because I want to see what the UI is like, how empire management is done, etc. Most of the time, there’s only one or two such screenshots :(

      Yes, someone should do an article explaining the difference between strategy and tactics

    • Smight says:

      Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

    • I like a pretty screenshot and see nothing wrong with the deception, though of course a mix of shots would be preferable.

  2. zigzag says:

    Yes! I hate that companies always strip the ui out of early screenshots. That’s usually what I’m most interested in.

  3. SolCommand says:

    And yet, these are some pretty good explosions hehehe :p

  4. aReclusiveMind says:

    Kalypso put up some new screenshots featuring a few non-combat shots today. Looking good so far!

  5. Abinns2 says:

    I would like you to review Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade when i played it i liked it save for the religious aspects but was a really fun game.

    • Adam Solo says:

      In fact Genesis Rising is on my watch-list to have a look at. Can’t make any promises on a review though. I need a lot of help these days to keep up with everything :) The game has lots of mixed reviews. Hum, intriguing.

  6. Isosceles says:

    Seeing that screenshot of the planet with the blue, red, and green squares really reminds me of Ascendancy. I played that game a lot back in the 90’s. I wonder if there is any connection there inspiration wise?

  7. BiggTedd says:

    Game looks very nice to me! Everything we do and create in life is always going to be a result of our past experiences, as those define the world as we see it, so only natural that new game developers will have been inspired and influenced by other games that they saw and played in the past. The real creative genius comes in taking all those past experiences and redefining them to create something new and unique! Not that easy!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Agreed. I also think it’s natural to get influences from other games, some times even unconsciously you may end up doing something close to what’s been done before. Your comment also applies to books. For instance in the sci-fi novels category. By now it’s probably almost impossible not to come up with a story that has not been done before in some close form. So, I completely agree with your comment.

  8. Bako says:

    This game does look visually great, but I agree with Adam.
    The mechanics and how thought provoking, and how much room for creative development and choices are available through opportunities to win, is what makes games so fun.
    Aside from that, my little cousins just want a game they can be some person shooting people with an automatic big gun.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yea, but how old are your cousins btw? By the age of 10 I already enjoyed playing strategy games (e.g. Rebelstar, Railroad Tycoon). In any case it all comes to the offer. If the console market is flooded with action games, with lots of eye candy, that’s what kids will eventually play in the end. But by the age of 10 or 12, probably they will start to get a kick by making decisions and see the results of their decisions come to life (Wow, I did it!). And that’s the beauty of strategy games to me.

  9. jay says:

    I still can’t get excited over this… Every time I see a new screenshot all I can think of is “pew pew boom boom, how exciting” . Since it’s a strategy game for god’s sake show us the actual strategy parts so we can have an idea how the game is going to be !

    • Adam Solo says:

      There’s already a colony management and a ship design shot, however I know what you mean. I’m also curious to know more about the strategic parts of the game. I plan to have big news about LoP very soon. It’s a promise, so, stay tuned ;)

  10. aReclusiveMind says:

    Interesting. The screenshots are starting to get a bit more revealing regarding non-combat situations.

  11. TimmY says:

    This is not the only game where the graphics are promoted.
    I can still play MoO 2 without a problem, but many wouldn’t, because of graphics and because it’s old.

    I don’t care about graphics, I want good gameplay, storyline, diversity..for 4x games, awesome research, ship design, empire management, etc.

    This game have potential and I hope there is a lot more than eye candy.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I agree. Graphics are always important to increase game pleasure (fun) and production value but in strategy games it’s fairly consensual that that it’s not of utmost importance to have eye candy.

      Gameplay is king and right next to that comes how easy and simple it is to run your empire to help you when you want to have the best info available to make all the decisions you want to make.

      You are curious, you want to feel surprised (challenged) and ultimately you want to feel powerful. Add a great UI (which is the same as saying the least obtrusive possible), interesting opposition, the ability to customize your spaceships and interesting technology (gadgets, powerful stuff) and you have the ticket for a potential good strategy game. In this thread context a 4X one.

  12. aReclusiveMind says:

    They put up a new video from GDC 2012 recently. Here is the url:

    I am impressed! The game seems to be coming along nicely. The unique tech trees per race with a few optional add-on techs and the race and ancestor design sound fantastic for replayability. I also liked the terraform visuals. It’s not an essential gameplay element, but it is nice to see the visual feedback.

    No combat is shown in the video, which I liked for a change. I wish they had shown some elements of diplomacy. I see that certain races had advantages/disadvantages in diplomacy. It also looked like the third race was missing some preset ancestry choices, so the game is certainly still be worked on. Overall though, this game may move from my “Games to consider buying” list to my “must buy” list. The key factor is going to be longevity and replayability.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Looks like ship customization can turn really awesome. The terraforming visualization feature is also quite impressive. Nice sneak peek. Thanks for sharing the video!

  13. Adam Solo says:

    Yesterday, Kalypso Media released 5 new screenshots on facebook of Legends of Pegasus. Actually I think they are already a bit old, from GDC 2012 apparently. We can see a glimpse of what seems to be the diplomacy screen, the skirmish setup screen, one more of ship design and another one of a finished space yard.

    Release date is set to 29th May 2012:

  14. aReclusiveMind says:

    Thanks Adam. Now we just need one of these big upcoming titles to actually release.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Legends of Pegasus in May 29th 2012 (seems pretty official).
      Sins Rebellion in June 2012 (also official).
      StarDrive probably only in the summer.
      Endless Space on late summer (the devs repeatedly talk about a summer 2012 release).

      Talking about 4X of course.

      In the fall we’ll get the Xenonauts / XCOM showdown!

  15. JD says:

    I know this does not belong here, but I am a huge fan of this game and I just need to spread the word out. After 11 years finally a sequel is announced:

    CONQUEST 2 Vyrium Uprising !!!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hey, this looks awesome. Yes, totally not the place to post this dude :) The other equal comment you left on the Xenonauts kickstarter was more appropriate.

  16. Yar says:

    They really need to start talking about this more. The screenshots and video make it out to be a 4x but we have no idea how “4x” it is aside from probably scouring the forums. Even then that place is seriously dead. I’m excited by the look of it but not enough to blindly plop down some cash for Legends of Pegasus.

  17. fafrin says:

    Any news on your preview copy arrival?

  18. Jeff P says:

    The websites for Kalypso Media and Legends of Pegasus have gone dark over the last few days. Did this project go belly-up? Steam and Amazon are still listing the game as a July 2012 release, but perhaps they haven’t gotten the message yet. Anyone know anything?

  19. Chris says:

    Hi guys!

    I can confirm the website blackout was just a temporary provider problem. All websites are back, the game has made tremendous progress and we are on a good way! Legends of Pegasus will be released in Summer 2012! Stay tuned for more info. We expect previews from E3 to come rolling in soon.

    Many greetings,
    Chris (LoP Producer at Kalypso)

  20. Alexander T. Kim says:

    reminds me of Ascendancy.

  21. TimmY says:

    Looks awesome! So we have terran, protoss and zerg :D

    • Adam Solo says:

      Close, but I think the protoss are humanoid while the X’or don’t seem to be. And for the amount of information we have on the LoP races there’s no way to tell anyway :)

      • caekdaemon says:

        After watching most of the trailers that are out, the X’or are a fully mechanical race, not humanoid in anyway. Not sure on the Arthrox, yet.

  22. Jeff P says:

    Check out the photos of the Ship Designer in April 2012, July 2012, and August 2012. Looks like they are still tinkering with the UI only weeks before release.

    This is a wait-and-see title for me. Kalypso’s general reticence to release the finished product to reviewers or even beta the game tempers my enthusiasm. I hope it turns out well, but we will see.

    • csebal says:

      Well, tinkering with the UI is not that big of an issue really. In fact the best thing you can hope for is that they will continue to tinker with it well after release.

      Why? Because unless they have some very VERY good UX specialists on board, and very few do, most companies have no clue when it comes to UI design. They just make something that the UI dev thinks is cool and usable, but what that guy usually forgets in the process is that things logical and usable for him, who has spent several years with the project already might make absolutely no sense whatsoever to a new player.

      So quite frankly, I do not expect much from games, especially indy games when it comes to the UI and usability. What I expect however is for them to stick around and improve upon it based on feedback received from the players, hence why I said, that you would do better in hoping that they will keep tinkering with it.

      As for the game itself, I’m really curious how it turns out. With so little information available, it is hard to tell really, after all.. endless space did look on paper, but turned out to be a rather disheartening game.

      The screenshots are promising, sort of like the way ship design “seems” to work, but hey.. ship design in galciv was great as well.. and still i would not rate that game higher than a 4/10 personally, so it is not all there is to a successful 4X game.

      The almost 1:1 copy of ascendancy for planet management is sorta cute. It does strike some strings of nostalgia in my heart, which might give the game a few plus points in my initial evaluation of it.

      With all that said, I will buy this one for multiple reasons:
      a) It looks promising and quite frankly, i have no other games to play in this genre right now. Tried to start with sots 2 again.. but that game just lost its magic for me, even though it supposedly is playable by now.
      b) It is a 4X game and as such i’m honor bound to support it, although my earlier reasoning for this (that there aren’t that many 4X games out there) seems to have been disproved in recent months :) I’m still hopeful, that one day someone will make the perfect one.

      What a lucky coincidence that i will be going on a week long vacation just when the game gets released. Will give me some time to try it out properly.

      • Jeff P says:

        My comment re: the UI was meant to highlight why Kalypso may not have beta tested the game: it isn’t finished yet.

        Have a nice vacation and post when you get back so we can determine if LoP is worth our time and money.

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