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M.O.R.E. Finished Its Kickstarter With Flair

By on October 29th, 2012 7:17 am

M.O.R.E. - Military, Organization, Research, Economy | Space 4X game

The 4X space strategy game project MORE. finished its Kickstarter campaign a few hours ago, achieving 182% of its $50,000 goal, for a total of $90,925 raised.

For the ones of you new to this game project, MORE is a space 4X game that wants to pickup from Master of Orion’s success and provide more on top, aiming at being a worthy successor of the space 4X game classic of the classics.

MORE promises to keep Master of Orions’ full turn-based nature intact, for both the strategic and space combat tactical layers. But, now on a 3D galaxy map and 3D space battle environment.

Other features include a design concept called Dysonian Spheres, which aim at reducing micromanagement at later game stages. Ship design is also a major feature, allowing you to design your ships almost from scratch by using building blocks.

The devs plan is indeed a bold one. IdeaLcenter aims at providing 20 playable races. Yes, 20 diverse factions, each with its unique UI style and special technologies. From crystal organisms, to fungus, amoeba space monsters, drones or robotic races.

M.O.R.E. | Lithodoros - Crystal Race

M.O.R.E. | Lithodoros - Crystal Race

IdeaLcenter also plans to provide animated cutscenes, something I always loved in these kind of games. They don’t need to be lengthy, but I find cutscenes to be an important game element that helps with immersion. And everything that helps with immersion is an important plus.

Latest kickstarter stretch goals unlocked a galactic council and more diplomatic options (important), more cutscenes, hot seat and PEBM support (very important!). And, they barely made it, but at the last minute they were able to raise enough money to include an intergalactic menace (like the Antarans in Master of Orion 2) and more random events. The last few hours were really generous for MORE.

They plan to release for Win PC, Linux and Mac. At the moment their schedule is to reach Alpha on July 2013, Beta in September 2013 and the full game in December 2013.

For more information on MORE check out our small preview and our interview with the devs. You also have all the information on the Kickstarter page and on the game’s official website, where you can interact with IdeaLcenter by using the forums.

I have high hopes for MORE and IdeaLcenter. They are surely bold, but the money they raised, although a nice amount, seems to be very little for what they are trying to achieve here. Some of the devs even work part time also, living a normal life with jobs and working on the game on the side (or the other way around perhaps). Can they make it? I surely hope they will.

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  1. Njordin says:

    <3 nice to hear.
    as far as i know we can achieve the next stretchgoals by spending money via paypal. that would be my way…
    cant understand why kickstarter has no other payment methods than credit card related, as most germans ( and maybe other europeans ) do not even have a credit card.

    ´merica. *shrug*

    • oldMooFan says:

      Me, in canada

      I use Pre-Paid credit card like Mastercard or Visa for my online needs..
      Buy them at Pharmacies, postal office, grocery, etc.
      Amount varies between 50 $ to 500 $
      Expire date are good, my last one is 2016

      maybe u can find them in europe.

      P.S. I’m looking forward for this game… Hope for a real sequel of MOO2

      • Evil Azrael says:

        Wow.. when i read the notification mail i thought your post is spam as you mention a lot of often spamvertized key words.

        I pay my kickstarter pledges via Amazon. Perhaps you can also pay via prepaid credits.

        @Njordin: If you are living in Germany and want a free (no fees..) credit card i can recommend Valovis for Mastercard (there are free cards offers between the one with fees) and a completely feeless bank account at DKB which comes with a Visa card for free.

    • Pesche says:

      Sure we have credit cards in Europe – even more modern technology than in the states (primarily chip based instead of mag stripe -> PIN first, verified by VISA, etc. -> more secure). Also, the marked for credit cards is pretty much saturated, given how many free cards are around. Sure, the amount of cards per head is certainly lower than in US, but most people have at least one. It’s more like many people are afraid of using them in the internet. But that should just be a matter of time.

  2. Evil Azrael says:

    “Finally we will be doing fine 4x strategy. Finally the time to dethrone Master of Orion 2 will come.”
    Pride goes before a fall.
    The last sentence mad the whole Thank You mail sour for me Many projects started as MoO2 successor and failed miserably. So, they have to prove it that they can do that. And it’s up to the players to judge that.

    • Njordin says:

      it even dont has to be an successor, just make it as enjoyable as those classic 4x games were and other 4x games are / will be : )

      offtopic: i still dont understand why nobody has just copied moo2 concept so far… strange.

      • Evil Azrael says:

        Probably because it won’t work anymore. Imagine MoO2 simply adaptet to run natively on Windows 7 (and not just so buggy like win95 version) and sold again. I doubt there will be many buyers. Probably game play would be considered to simple. But still i miss a good native-running remake.

        A good game does not need to be MOO2-like it just needs to be a good game.

      • Adam Solo says:

        “i still dont understand why nobody has just copied moo2 concept so far… strange.”

        By a multitude of different reasons I guess:

        1. It’s not an easy undertaking, even if you deliberately try to stick with the formula
        2. A MoO2 clone still needs to innovate a bit to be a success. By providing better multiplayer support or much better graphics. But, it MUST be an improvement, otherwise what’s the point?
        3. You can’t use the franchise name, and Atari doesn’t seem motivated to act
        4. It’s possible to play MoO2 today with DOSBox on modern operating systems, even on mobile devices

        MORE’s concept is one way to go. Pickup from what’s good in MoO2 and try to improve on what was not good, namely excessive micromanagement and tedious late-game combat. Hopefully with better graphics and improved multiplayer also.

  3. Jeff P says:

    I have never before given money to a game in development, but MORE has been the single exception.

    I found the MORE devs enthusiasm for this project infectious. The models are very impressive, the music is stirring and the planned features are exhaustive. I have reservations about some elements (20 unique races? Super massive Dyson spheres and planet-sized Titan ships?) but it is obvious the game developers are rabid fans of the genre. The part-time nature of the team may actually prove a benefit to us, the customers: they won’t be pressured to rush delivery before the game is finished in order to fulfill publisher contracted schedules.

    I certainly hope MORE is completed and lives up to its billing, but if it doesn’t, at least I went into it with my eyes open.

  4. Kyle Rees says:

    Even though I sat this one out, I am enthusiastically following its development. So thank you fellow Kickstarters for funding this one, lets hope our aspirations pan out for a new benchmark that this genre needs.

  5. May Player says:

    Another great part about M.O.R.E. is to be part of the development. As the devs said – anyone who contributs $15 or more will have access to the game forum and be able to VOTE on various components of the game. The forum is here:

    For $50 all future DLC releases are included. Why not include the DLCs in the main release? SIMPLE – The pretty small budget is barely enough to make the main game. We should be happy the game will include so much already…

    As to Moo2 and playing on Windows7, can download it from GOG or Gamestop. It plays right after downloading..

  6. Ashbery76 says:

    Like the old X-com, MOO2 is more about nostalgia myth than great gameplay in 2012 standards.Most of that design has been surpassed and I would rather load up the new generation.SOTS1-2,DistantWorlds,Armada.Lets hope Stardrive joins that list soon.

    I am skeptical about MORE because of the massive ambition but I hope they can pull it off.SOTS2 took a whole years extra development to reach close to the games ambition.

    • Martok says:

      I concur. MOO2 was indeed a classic, but it’s time to move on. More recent games like Armada 2526 and Distant Worlds show there’s still room for the genre to improve & evolve.

      I too am skeptical of MORE, given the dev team’s (over?)ambition. However, they’re so enthusiastic and passionate that it would have felt churlish of me to not support them anyway.

      • May Player says:

        @Martok – I guess people just do not want to ‘move on’ ;)
        Moving on is fine, but moving on to what? Maybe moving on to M.O.R.E. is the thing? Too bad other companies did not follow up on turn-based 4x strategy games. Luckily there are plenty of players who want to play such games and support them.

        Another example of nostalgia games is Star Citizen, yes it was also abandoned long time ago (remember Wing Commander?)
        Old, good games. I say lets help to revive them!

        Lastly, maybe that’s why there is such an abundance of shooters and role playing games, because there are always plenty more of foot-soldiers rather than generals? It’s quite natural and it’s supposed to be like that. Not everyone wants to be a general or emperor…

        I’m playing all sorts of games, anything that gets reviews around 8.0 or more.
        As to M.O.R.E. and Star Citizen I’m supporting them because of nostalgia and the fact that they are reviving the games which were so much fun to play.

  7. Zero says:

    Part-time development is impossible. You can get a foundation laid for a game in your part time. I did it. But I have been at it full time for most of a year now, and I can’t imagine ever finishing StarDrive if I had tried to do it part-time.

    It’s all or nothing I think.

  8. Keith Turner says:

    MORE sounds like its got some really great concepts and a lot of ambition. I decided to sit this one out, so like Kyle said already, I want to thank those of you that did choose to back the project. I really hope they are able to come through with everything they are promising. Promises are a long way from a finished project though. If they had been further along when the kickstarter ran, I would have been more willing to back it.

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