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Space Sector’s Bargain List: GameStop Year End Sale

By on December 28th, 2012 12:56 pm

Space Sector's Bargain List: GamerStop Holiday/Year End Sale

And now it’s GameStop’s turn. After GOG, Steam and GamersGate, it’s now time for GameStop’s Holiday sale. As usual, find sales for space-based, science fiction themed and great strategy games, now available on GameStop.

Note that many of GameStop’s games also need Steam to run. In those cases, you’ll be given a Steam key at the end of your purchase.

Gamestop also features “latest deals”, where they discount games even further. This sales is called “Year End Sale”, and I guess the promotions will run until December 31st 2012, but like in the GamersGate case, that’s just a guess :)

So, GameStop, what have you got?

Highly Recommended:

Other Space and Sci-Fi strategy deals:

Non-strategy space and sci-fi deals:

Great strategy (non-scifi-space):

These deals are included in the GameStop Holiday/Year End Sale, that will supposedly end on December 31st 2012 (but that’s just a guess!).

Note that some promotions may end sooner. Happy gaming!

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  1. Sicion says:

    If anyone wants XCom it’s 50% off over at GMG, you can also top it with the 30% coupon available.

    30% off coupon: GMG30-DPLIM-DN831

    Digital download!

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