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Ur-Quan Masters HD – An HD Remake of Star Control 2

By on January 8th, 2013 11:33 am

Ur-Quan Masters HD | Star Control 2 remake

I’ve received word that Damon Czanik and his team have completed an HD conversion of the acclaimed space adventure game Star Control 2. The mod is called Ur-Quan Masters HD and it uses the Ur-Quan Masters engine 0.7.0 build extended with improved graphics.

The Star Control 2 trademark is propriety of Atari. The original Star Control 2 was designed by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III in 1992. In 2002 the devs released the game as open source to a community of fans, which started working on it to port it for today’s computers. That’s how the Ur-Quan Masters project came to life, and in this specific case Ur-Quan Masters HD, a branch of that project.

Ur-Quan Masters HD is still an alpha version but it’s already playable and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (debian) for free. Yes, free stuff! :) If has no DRM and you don’t need any other package to play than the one found here. The devs expect to port the game also to Android. If you want, you can also play the game with the classic artwork. Boy, was I shocked when I find out that mouse input is not supported ;)

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  1. David Carron says:

    Sweet! One of the best games ever… for free!

  2. Gary says:

    Star Control 2 was ok, but I’d rather see a remake of StarFlight 2 :)

  3. Mark says:

    Loved this game when I was a kid. Thanks for the heads up Adam.

  4. Sam says:

    Whats HD?

    • RandomBlue says:

      High definition. In this case it’s 1280×960. The original game was in 320×240 and they’ve redone the graphics instead of just scaling them up so that it looks much better at 1280×960.

  5. Evil Azrael says:

    Sounds familiar to me ;)
    They just moved from Google Code to which is kind of weird, i think most people go from SF to google.

  6. Billy says:

    Is it working on windows 7 without any settings? I mean just install and play?

  7. Billy says:

    I can’t download the file. It gives me error. This file is incomplete maybe. I’ve tried to download it 5 times and it reach 70mb and it gives “unknown network error” whatever that means

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