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XCOM: Enemy Within Expansion 12th Nov for PC and Consoles

By on August 21st, 2013 6:36 am

XCOM: Enemy Within | Expansion pack to XCOM: Enemy Unknown

So, it was indeed Enemy Within after all, the name of the first XCOM: Enemy Unknown expansion pack. The name was tossed around back in March of this year when some content codenamed “XCOM:EW” suddenly appeared on the Steam Apps Database.

2K Games announced that it would be revealing the game on Gamescom (currently in progress till the 25th of August). But, today many details have already emerged regarding XCOM:EU’s expansion, namely the following major ones I could compile from several sources (and prepare yourself for this):

  • New Resource: Self-destruct Meld recovered from the battlefield forces a more risky play style and unlocks new gameplay options;
  • New Improvements: Genetic modifications which enhance several areas of the body (uses Meld);
  • New Soldier Class: Mech troopers as a completely new class with a unique skill tree (uses Meld);
  • New Weapons: giant mini-gun, rail gun, flame thrower, proximity mines, kinetic strike module (power fist), needle grenade (large blast radius), stealth grenades (invisibility);
  • More Customization: A complete language set is now available for customization for all nationalities present in the game (e.g. German soldiers will talk German);
  • More Maps: 47 single player new maps! 8 for multiplayer. And modifications to the original single player maps (including crashed UFOs in city maps and other locations);
  • New Enemies: New sectoid variant, the Mechtoid. And possibly others…
  • New Second Wave option: Reworked cover system allows shooting angles to influence the probability to hit enemies (this one was confirmed to be Sid Meier’s idea);
  • New Second Wave option: Save Scum resets seed for different outcomes on reload;
  • New Second Wave option: Randomizes the upgrade trees for soldiers beyond their initial class-specific ability.

Via Polygon, IGN and Rev3Games. I particularly recommend Rev3Games’ interview with XCOM: Enemy Within’s senior game designer Ananda Gupta and Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis here.

The expansion is set to launch on the 12th of November 2013 and will cost around $30 for the PC and $40 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. More on this as we have it.

XCOM: Enemy Within | Mechtoid

XCOM: Enemy Within | Gene modifications

XCOM: Enemy Within | Mech class flame thrower

XCOM: Enemy Within | Mech class

XCOM: Enemy Within | New maps

XCOM: Enemy Within | New maps (UFO crash in new different locations)

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  1. Buatha says:

    I wonder if it seamlessly works into the existing campaign or if you have to start a “new” game where you’ve already completed the main campaign?

    • Adam Solo says:

      I think the new content blends into the existing campaign. It’s unclear if you can still choose between the original way (no extras) and the new Enemy Within way, but I get the feeling that it’s an augmented single campaign, an expanded one, rather than a new one that comes after the original one. At least that’s what I understood from the Rev3Games interview with the devs.

      • Buatha says:

        I was only worried since I’m in the middle of my campaign and would be happy if they could simply add the new maps into it. I can live without the other stuff until I finish my current run. However, after seeing the MEC trooper, maybe a seriously wounded trooper could have their limbs replaced if the damage is irreparable :)

    • Gunnergoz says:

      In the video they answer that: it is essentially an all-new, parallel campaign. It does not look like any characters from one campaign go over to the other with all their level ups, etc.

      • Adam Solo says:

        I also got that characters from the old campaign don’t go over to the new campaign. But, watching the interview, I get the feeling that it could be essentially the same campaign (same storyline), only augmented with the expanded features. So, the storyline would be the same (capture alien X, interrogate alien y, assault base, etc), but the experience would be richer now.

        \Edit: I re-watched the part where they talk about the new gameplay (9:02m) and it seems clear that it is essentially the same campaign, but with new goodies, maps, improvements, all the stuff announced for Enemy Within? So, it doesn’t seem to be a second campaign or “parallel campaign”, with a separate storyline, or anything like that. But, perhaps there’s some surprises reserved for that. Also, it’s unclear if you can disable the Enemy Within DLC at any time, like if you feel like playing the original campaign, without the expansion goodies.

      • Adam Solo says:

        The Enemy Within lead designer Ananda Gupta confirmed on a interview that “Enemy Within is not a prequel nor it is a follow up chapter. It is the same alien invasion that you confront in XCOM: Enemy Unknown but with a all bunch of new stuff, just like Gods & Kings is the same story of Civ 5 but with a all bunch of new stuff.”.

        So, it’s the same campaign story-wise but “with a all bunch of more stuff”, using the lead designer’s words :)

  2. Keith Turner says:

    Seems like a pretty meaty expansion overall. I much prefer the larger and more expensive expansions like those Firaxis has done for Civilization V and now for XCOM, to the smaller DLCs that are commonly released these days.

    So at a glance it looks like the new class is kind of a cyborg as opposed to a strictly robotic mech? Is that correct?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, everything leads to believe that the new soldier class is a cyborg, meaning both organic and robotic parts. Apparently, you use the new resource (Meld) and may choose to enhance your soldiers with gene modifications or cybernetic parts. You can decide to go full gene, full cybernetic or a mix.

      But, Meld is limited, so, it seems that part of the strategy is to carefully choose where to spend it. If you go with a mix, you probably won’t unlock the full extent (probably the more powerful traits) of each path.

      • Keith Turner says:

        I decided to go watch the whole Rev3 video you mentioned. Of course, you covered most of it in the post, but I did enjoy watching the Mec smash the Mechtoid with his fist. I know Adam Sessler surely did, he mentioned it quite a few times. :)

        There was a big emphasis on the Meld changing up gameplay due to its timed nature. There won’t be much time for careful tactical moves if you want to get it, and it sounds like some soldiers may need to be sacrificed if you really want it all. It’s a choice though, not a requirement, which I think is the key here to satisfy all types of players.

  3. hakkarin says:

    I still don’t know if this will make the game worth playing more if they don’t fix some of the problems with the first game. One of the biggest nonsense’s in the first game was the fact when you spotted new enemies they were instantly allowed to take their turn which gave them an unfair advantage. If you combine that with the fact that your soldiers die FOREVER when killed and you have lots of rage quits. Then there is also the issue with some enemies just spawning out of thin air in front of you and killing everyone.

  4. Alien JD says:

    $30.00 seems a bit steep for some weapons and a bunch of maps (maps that should have been there from the beginning). I’ll get it it but not till it’s 5 bucks. I hope they do something with the strategic part of the game as well. That part of the game was pathetic.

    • Adam Solo says:

      There’s already the “go cyborg or gene modification path” choice in the strategic part of the game but they seem to be holding back on some new stuff for future hype. Maybe we’ll see something new done for the Geoscape and for the interception. At least I hope so.

      But, so far it doesn’t look too bad. New soldier class, new weapons and toys, more maps (47 and modifications to at least some of previous 80), more aliens, more second wave options. I mean, it could have been much worse. $30 too much? We’ll see when all features are disclosed and we have the opportunity to review the expansion.

      • Alien JD says:

        Good point. There might be a lot more coming when they do a full reveal. And I do want to have flame throwers. I tolerated Far Cry 2 for the flame throwers.

        • Adam Solo says:

          The Mech class flame throwers look awesome. You can see them in action in one of the screenshots above. Or on the Rev3Games interview. That interview has a lot of great new footage, by the way.

  5. Bkit_ says:

    I am really looking forward to the expansion. for me the new xcom was beyond awesome. Its the only game in recent years i have finished multiple times and still keep playing. After all this thought which went into this expansion i would be quite surprised if we will not see an exansion of the strategy layer as well. Only thing missing imho -> base defense. Thank you firaxis and xcom team for beeing awesome!

  6. Peter says:

    Omg they want 30$ for it? I payed for the first game Im hell not going to pay another 30 for this release. Bunch of money grabbers! The first release wasn’t worth it original price.

  7. Lucas says:

    If there were no additional story content, why the title “Enemy Within”? I would certainly expect to find new missions related to some rouge operatives within the XCOM or something similar; otherwise they should have call it “Bigger, Badder, Better” :).

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