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Planetary Annihilation Beta Begins

By on September 30th, 2013 9:51 am

Planetary Annihilation Beta Begins | Sci-fi RTS by Uber Entertainment

Planetary Annihilation, the Total Annihilation inspired by sci-fi RTS from Uber Entertainment, that made it big on Kickstarter about a year ago, has entered the beta stage.

In a nutshell, Planetary Annihilation seems to be much about complete destruction, huge battles, massive scale, planet smashing, explosions and robots. Lots of robots. You send units to planets and asteroids, construct bases and use asteroids as big kinetic bombardment weapons to smash your enemy’s planets. Well, at least that’s what I understand of it.

If you’re into that, and want to join the beta, you can pre-order the game for instance access starting from $40 $60 at the developer’s website. The game is also available for pre-order on Steam for $59,99/€54,99. Ouch!

Uber plans to stay in beta from now up until November for a world wide launch on December 2013 for the PC, Mac and Linux.

Here’s the beta launch trailer.

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  1. DeLastOne says:

    Hmm I think the 40 dollars tag do not include the Beta access. It remain $60

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks, fixed. I was confused by the text on the Uber store where one reads “Pre-order an edition below to get early access and exclusive goods!”, and the $40 edition was below. But, it doesn’t have the beta access listed.

  2. Laird says:

    I’m interested in the finished version. But, man, that seems like an awfully short development cycle.

    • Alien JD says:

      The guys who worked on this also did the tech behind Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. John Mavor (lead dev) is a bad ass at this stuff. I have no doubt that he can produce this game quickly because he’s just iterating and building over work he’s done before. Also the game is multiplayer only–no campaign or AI to worry about. That shortens dev time immensely.

      I’m not interested in this game because I only like single player.

      Also I get a bit pissed off when someone wants me to pay them to play the beta–I’m not paying you to test your game!

      • Laird says:

        Yeah, some of that is a bit of a turnoff.

      • TanC says:

        AlienJD, it does have AI. Though it was recently implemented just in time for this beta. I hope to see the AI further improved and refined as I am just like you – a single player gamer. Looking at the main menu it looks like there’s plans for Single Player but the option is greyed out for now.

  3. Dave says:

    Yeh deffo a wait and see on this one! But if they can get the Total Annihilation gameplay then it may be good…

  4. bonertoast says:

    If I remember correctly this was released on steam originally with a lower price point that did include beta access. But the price point was increased due to the way their kickstarter had structured rewards, specifically beta access, to avoid sending a big F-U to their kickstarter backers.

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