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Unclaimed World: Extended Alpha Footage, Open Alpha Soon

By on February 11th, 2014 9:23 am

Unclaimed World Alpha Footage

Things certainly seem to be ramping up for developer Refactored Games and their sci-fi colony simulation game Unclaimed World. Just a couple of weeks ago, I reported on a brief alpha trailer for episode 1 of the game, an episode titled “The Lost Explorers”. After a long period of nearly complete hibernation, at least from the public information perspective, it appears that Unclaimed World is waking up in a big way. If you weren’t content with the short two-minute trailer, you’ll be very interested in a new video that has been released with over ten minutes of unedited alpha footage.

Unclaimed World’s latest demonstration video certainly reveals a lot more about the game than we ever knew before. Within the video, we see how resources are gathered from the nearby surroundings, how to hunt and collect food, how crafting is performed, how orders are given, how combat occurs, and how buildings are constructed. It’s a relatively hands off system, and very order driven, which is not unexpected given that the game is a simulation. We also learn that the alien wildlife can be very aggressive, even to the point of attacking their own kind. Seriously, those Quadites need some anger management I think. It’s fair to mention that the video notes do indicate that this particular setup had a lot of predators nearby, which is why we see a lot of combat in this video.

Highlights of the video for me personally included the deconstruction of certain pieces of the crashed ship for use in other construction project. It’s interesting to me that they included this as an option, as it seems like something we would naturally do in a similar situation. There also appeared to be a ton of resources available for gathering nearby, so hopefully they have some interesting choices regarding these. I also liked the banter between the colonists, including their different personalities, but I do have a slight concern as well. It seemed a bit scripted, and in a sandbox simulation that element could get stale quickly if that’s actually the case. I’m hoping its more context driven than it appeared in this initial video.

The video ends by stating that open alpha is coming in early 2014. Unclaimed World was successful on Steam’s Greenlight program not long ago, so we can expect to see it on that platform at the very least.

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  1. Gunnergoz says:

    I love the concept but just don’t enjoy the RTS aspect. If there was a TBS version or play option, I’d definitely bite.

  2. Ray says:

    This looks interesting, however it really depends on where they have taken it. We have plenty of survival type games out or coming out at the moment in both 2D and 3D. Apart from an Alien planet and alien species, everything appears similar to what is already out there. What I am hoping for is that this game goes big. (i.e.- take the player right thru survival to developed communities that eventually take them back into space.- now that would be interesting).

  3. Ermdog says:

    Looks pretty cool. I’m getting sick of all the Dayz and Rust hype going around. This looks more up my ally

  4. Lens Flares Suck says:

    Nice looking but the tiniest fonts I have ever seen. 20 minutes of and its migraine time.

  5. Chris says:

    I’m curious, but does anyone else feel as though this is Dwarf Fortress in space?

  6. Jeff P says:

    The tiny avatars roaming around the game field reminds me of an ant farm. Miniscule fonts don’t help to dispel the “for young guys with good eyesight” vibe. Interesting concept, but I’m not convinced Unclaimed World is my cup of tea.

  7. Markypoo says:

    I’m excited for this release. I’m really into space colonizing stuff right now, and this game looks like mature sci-fi.

  8. bbmike says:

    RTS? Bah.

  9. Jake says:

    Its definitely up my alley. Alot are complaining its not turn based. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Jagged Alliance 2(one of my fave) isn’t turned based until its in combat mode. Maybe they could turn base the combat. The rest can continue on. I am on the same page as some here saying DayZ and Rust are shite games and in the rehash bin. This looks promising, defintely keep an eye out.

  10. Tim says:

    wow this game looks awesome! :D it reminds me of a mix between Alpha Centauri and Rimworld but it looks so much more interesting, definitely going to get it

  11. Markypoo says:

    Don’t see why people are complaining about real time.
    It’s like Dwarf Fortress, you set work orders and the character do things as they please. I like that you indirectly guide the characters.

    I don’t think it’s the type of game that would benefit form turn based gameplay.

    • Hypnotron says:

      You are right. This is NOT real time micro manage click-fest, this is real time med-management game. WHat’s a good word between micro and macro? goldilocks, middle, medium?

  12. TylerDurden says:

    Its like saying Terraria or minecraft would benefit from turnbased gameplay. Somethings work better in real time. This strikes me more as a terraria type crafting game-style with elements of xcom and basic survival game mechanics of being marooned on an island to eke out an existence. I like the Alpha Centauri meets Pandora wildlife.

  13. Ervin Rome says:

    If this was a classic turn based Igougo game it would have my interest. Regular RTS games are a chore! Too much going on, tiny fonts etc….DEFINITELY not for the over 40s crowd.

  14. The Grinch says:

    I just had a look at their website and this game is exactly what I am looking for this day and age. After getting stuck on a few indie games I come to really like this whole idea of crafting. It really throws a spanner in the works for these types of games. I like the possibilities and the gameplay mechanics these features will afford the player. Its always been in the back of my mind having an isometric view Alpha Centauri meets some marooned on an island scenario. True genius.

  15. TylerDurden says:

    I played the Alpha and I have to say the artstyle has really grabbed me. I am loving the interface. I see great potential as this game expands. I don’t know how I feel about the non inter-activeness of some features like defending, but so far I am feeling this game. It really seems like a genre that has been sorely overlooked in recent years. These and many others like the X-COM series should be given another serious look. We need more games like these, there is only so much one can do with FPS. I consider games like Jagged Alliance 2 as one of the first games that allowed crafting on a isometric view turn based RPG. Look forward to seeing more.

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