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Horizon – A New Turn-Based Space Strategy Game Under Development

By on August 14th, 2010 10:44 am

Came across another space strategy game under development the other day, it is called Horizon. It will be a turn-based space strategy game set in the future where humans have just begun exploring outer space.

The story is about humanity coming into contact with other life forms and civilizations and the decisions they will have to make after that.

Features of Horizon

  • Total open space, your ships can travel anywhere between stars and inside solar systems
  • Full tactical combat across the galaxy, epic battles are possible between all races at the same time, reinforcements can arrive while battles are ongoing with no artificial limits on how long battles can last;
  • In depth ship design which let’s you choose weapons, emplacements and specials on different hull sizes;
  • Unique races, techs, weapons and ships based on each race’s culture and civilization;
  • Smart diplomacy, coordinated actions between races like you’ve never seen before;
  • Intelligent AI without cheating, that adjusts to the player actions as the game develops.

What inspired the design of Horizon

According to the Horizon FAQMany sci-fi shows and games have inspired the making of Horizon. But in short Babylon 5, Star Trek DS9 along with Star Control 2 and Master of Orion 1 and 2 had the greatest impact in the design and decision to make an epic sci-fi game that captured some of the best elements from these productions“.

A release data is not yet announced. The developers justify that by saing: “Being a small independent developer and our desire to release a game of certain quality, we are not cutting features that otherwise would have allowed us to announce and meet typical industry deadlines.

No multiplayer in first version

The game will not have multiplayer. The devs say that due to their limited resources as well as design choices they favored a single player experience but promise that will be a depth experience that will compensate for the lack of a multiplayer mode in the first version of Horizon.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

horizon_select_opponents_small horizon_ship_design_small horizon_research_small horizon_bugships_small

Check the Horizon forums for more information and updates on the game.

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  1. Terp says:

    Sounds really nice! Hope it works out!

  2. carlos says:

    i like to see a star trek turn base system and map generator so you can desin the maps.
    With all the star trek ships ever designed.

  3. John Hansen says:

    We used to run a door called Esterian Conquest on our bbs’s – it was turn based multiplayer. Is there a similar game available now that runs on lan or internet or at least multiplayer? Starz is not available from any links we have.


    John Hansen

  4. leon says:

    high respect for the idia and the desire to invest in quality rether then limiting yourself in time.
    i realy hope it workes out and very enctuose to try it out.

    i am a big fan of orion 1&2
    and what i liked about MOO2 was:
    1)turn base tactical play that let you take over ships and then extract technologies from those ships
    2)deplomacy that let you trade almost any thing (it was a bit bad becouse it was unfair toward AI)
    3)intuitive control with nice “picture like” UI – in other games i played desiners ignor those little things
    4)strong AI that evoleves faster than a human player – that could be defited only by using: capturing ships,traiding tehnologies,stealing tehnologies and using deplomasy (meaning : smart play)
    5)good pop up explanations in research and other stuff
    6)custom ship desine
    from what i can understand you meat most of it

    it would have bean very interesting if diferent races developed totaly diferent tehnologies that are suted each individual race and gives it a sertain adventage over others (lets say three teh trees)
    (regardless of race basic statistics like in MOO2) and some other rases that use one of those trees
    but in turn those tehnologies can be traided or stolen.

    just dreaming :)

  5. Gary says:

    I just saw that L3O announced on June 14, 2013 that Horizon will be available on Steam Early Access, within two weeks.

    Any chance of Space Sector doing a preview/review soon?

  6. Tester says:

    This game is RUBBISH and still pre-alpha.

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