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Ascendancy – 4x Space TBS Game – Available Now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By on January 16th, 2011 7:41 pm

Ascendancy (the old classic) is a 4x space turn-based strategy game released for DOS in 1995. Two days ago it has been re-released for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) by The Logic Factory, the same company that released the original DOS version in 1995.

The original Ascendancy was released very close to other classic game, Master of Orion 2. Both games are very similar in many aspects.

The game developers say that the iOS remake sticks quite true to the original version. They say that the bigger change was on the interface since it had to be re-worked to be able to operate in mobile and touch devices. Along with the interface they have made upgrades to the original AI and some of the game rules.

The game is single player and only works on Apple’s mobile devices. You can buy the app from iTunes. You need to have iTunes installed. Get iTunes from here.

Buy the iPhone or iPad Ascendancy App from here. Its the same as buying from iTunes directly (same price) but in the process you support :)

Its been curious to see that the gaming industry is also turning their heads to Apple mobile devices. This is also particularly true for space strategy gaming. Ascendancy was released for iOS on the 5th of January 2011. Another space strategy game, Empire of the Eclipse, will also be released for iOS in Q1 2011.

I invite you to read the article “Zarksoft Games Announces Empire of the Eclipse – MMO Strategy Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad” for details on Empire of the Eclipse, another interesting title to be released soon.

For Ascendancy for iOS features and Q&A have a look at The Logic Factory Game/Q&A page.

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