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StarDrive Screens [Updated]

By on January 31st, 2012 5:45 am

Screenshots added on Jan 31, 2012

This game is looking better every day.

(credits for these shots go to Belhoriann in the forums and StarDrive at Desura)

Screenshots added on Dec 30, 2011

To commemorate the StarDrive’s successful funding (that ends today at Kickstarter), here are the first StarDrive screenshots that I could assemble from the kickstarter page and from StarDrive’s official website.

StarDrive is a 4X action-strategy space game being developed by Zer0sum Games.

For more information, which includes a gameplay trailer, check: StarDrive – A New 4X Action-Strategy Game for the PC

StarDrive is currently in alpha funding on Desura. You can pre-purchase the game’s alpha builds there. ETA for full release is somewhere in the summer of 2012.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey, Let me send you some new shots. Stay tuned for some new stuff.

  2. Zer0sum says:

    Here’s a combat video I put together for you. I’m testing out weapon arcs, which you can see in the colored overlays. This video is a high-tech ship whooping up on some relatively lower-tech ships.

  3. SolCommand says:

    The vid is cool but looks like it’s missing some missile swarms :)

  4. Adam Solo says:

    Congratulations Dan for your successful funding, that was 235% of what you asked ;), with more than $10.000 above your target. When projects are great people recognize that. I’m sure you’ll do well and have success with StarDrive.

    Have a great new year with your new life! I read that you quit your day job to work for StarDrive. Very nice! I’m sure you’ll live new and excitement times, with happy coding days and above all else, fun!


  5. BiggTedd says:

    Looks really good Dan, neat concept, looking forward to it! Good luck!

  6. Random says:

    I was one of the ppl that kickstarted the project. I can’t wait to play it! Unfortunately it will be a while for me, since I couldn’t afford the beta or dev amounts :(

  7. Aristabulus says:

    While the screenshots are looking good… There is a problem amongst them. The second one in the new batch (showing research tree) is using art lifted from Digital Blasphemy. (Crucible, 2007) I do not see the offending screenshot on StarDrive’s Desura listing, so I suspect Belhoriann is the culprit.

    I’m not going to call for pitchforks and torches, but this does need to get corrected. Digital Blasphemy is just one guy making art for his income, and deserves better.

  8. zero says:

    Ah, you know what, that image is in the game and it doesn’t belong there. One of the pitfalls of getting launched too early on Desura was that I didn’t clean out some placeholder art. I have a commissioned piece for the research screen but used crucible, which is my desktop, to hold its place as the image. I will replace that today.

    • Aristabulus says:

      Is the piece for the research screen coming from the same person as the pipe-captain and samurai-bear-guy above? I like the style of those, well done without being too detailed.

      I’m glad to see that Crucible was just an honest “oops”… I’ve had DB gracing my desktop for many many moons. (lifetime subscriber) I have no idea what Ryan’s rates are like, but I know he is open to at least discussing licensing his works. He might even entertain commissions, who knows… I bet he could whip up some mean nebulas. :)

    • Zer0sum says:

      Yeah I love Ryan’s work. I actually emailed him to see if I could commission some works this week, but his dad died suddenly very recently and I probably won’t hear from him soon.

  9. Belhoriann says:

    Hi Daniel and Adam,
    I would like to apologize, I didn’t mean to embarass anyone with those screenshots. I created a post on CanardPC forums today because I wanted to talk a little about the game and say how aweome it will be. I will remove immediatly the shot where we see the tech tree on the forum.
    Once again, sorry for this ! Keep up the good work Dan !

    • Zer0sum says:

      No worries Belhoriann, it’s really all my fault. I very much appreciate your support of StarDrive and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask about the game.

    • Belhoriann says:

      Ok, I hope it didn’t cause you any trouble :)
      I bought the game on Desura because I missed the Kickstarter campaign unfortunatly. I actually have some questions :
      – Did you find some help after the Kickstarter campaign ?
      – When can we expect the 0.55a and what are the new features ?

      I will ask some other questions and give suggestions on the official forum ;)
      Thanks !

  10. Zer0sum says:

    Yes I did, I have a bunch of help now. It costs, but I have it!

    I am posting .55a tonight. In it, there will be some performance fixes that are pretty substantial. You should see much, much better frame rates on epic games and in combat at all levels.

    I am also rolling out the new colony screen, at least partially, where you have to design your buildings using the grid.

    I have fixed the saving and loading of ships to be cleaner and look better in the shipyard screen, and I have fixed a number of small bugs.

    Oh, and we’ll have a new race added as well. Just the portrait and diplomacy dialogs, not the animations just yet.

    I have some new art ready for a new race.

    • Belhoriann says:

      Awesome news ! Really looking forward to it.

      One thing that I would like to see is a deep list of features concerning colony management for example. Are you planning to add more ressources to trade, like ore, electronic components and stuff like that ? We can imagine dedicated structures to make those ressources, forcing the player to specialize even more the colonies. To sum up, I’m wondering how deep and complex the management part will be.

      Also, are you planning to add some UI elements like ships list, colonies list… ? I think at the moment we’re lacking some tactical feedbacks in the game in general.

      Anyway, I’m glad you manage to improve the frame rate on epic games, because 5 fps isn’t what I call smooth :p I guess you did something to the asteroids !
      I’m also really excited about the new races. The animations of the Kulrathis are truly stunning, they participate greatly to improve the immersion in this kind of game.

    • Zer0sum says:

      Those management features are definitely coming. That’s what the empire button at the top is for, and the diplomacy button. Also there is a financial screen which we need to make. So there is a lot more information coming and just a ton of new features. Stay tuned and we’ll pump it out as quick as we can.

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