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Sentinel 3: Homeworld – iOS & Android Sci-Fi Tower Defense Now on the PC

By on March 2nd, 2012 11:07 am

Today, the indie folks of Origin8 have released their sci-fi tower defense game: Sentinel 3: Homeworld for the PC through Impulse, for a price of $7.95/£4.99/5.99€. The game series seems to be highly popular in the iOS, Android and Mac, with allegedly 3 million downloads to date across the three platforms. Sentinel 3’s features include a campaign with 20 levels across 14 maps; a skill-based game mode with new abilities to unlock and level up as you play (an RPG twist); 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons (some effects are spectacular indeed, judging from the trailer below). So, in the mood for some sci-fi fast-paced attack and defense positioning strategy? This one doesn’t seem to be a bad title for that.

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  1. BiggTedd says:

    Cool, just bought it, looking forward to seeing what it’s like! Thanks!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, please let us know your impressions of it.

    • bertipa says:

      I got it also for my iPad (hoping to be one of the 25 billion winners).

      Not checked it yet but the previous version was a quite nice tower defense game.

      I do not play them at home but I found tower defence games perfect for a few matches while commuting by train.

      • Adam Solo says:

        Yea, it does feel appropriate for that sort of situation. For a good half an hour perhaps (or even more?) Tower defense seems to be a bit more casual than your traditional strategy game (with much more action elements) however I think they may be a good middle ground between a complex and a light strategy game. I find them to have a good entertainment value.

  2. bertipa says:

    Tried it out (coming back home on the train of course) and the first map is quite amusing.
    If you have tried a previous version (or any other tower defense game) you already know the basics, the graphics are nice on my iPad 1 and there is just enough strategy requirement to keep your interest without taxing your attention too much.

    I have not played it enough to say if there are no-brainer repetitive strategies to win (a fail of other tower games).

    All in all I’m happy with it and I think I will play it for more than a few train trip.

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