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Hey, Nice Sci-Fi Titles on the IndieFort Championship Bundle

By on September 10th, 2012 4:01 pm

GamersGate has selected 24 indie games to be part of their new IndieFort Bundle starting today. The bundle will run for 3 weeks and there are 3 purchase packs available: Bronze (3 games at $3.99), Silver (6 games at $6.99) and Gold (9 games at $8.99).

Among these 24 games are familiar titles like the sci-fi real-time strategy games Star Prospector and Blue Libra and the tower defense title Sentinel 3: Homeworld, games we covered here at This means that you have a chance to get these three titles for as low as $3.99/€2.99 (bronze pack). But, there are other interesting sci-fi games to check like the RPG space sim Black Market or the space shooter Orbitron: Revolution.

On top of the affordable purchase packs GamersGate will also run a voting starting on 21st of September to elect the three favorite indie titles. These lucky ones will be included in a champions pack (Ultimate IndieFort Pack) which will be sold for $3.

The bundle can be found on GamersGate via this link, and a new indie dev community has been set up on IRC via – channel #indiegathering – where players and the press can chat with the devs.

This looks to be one of the largest Indie bundles I’ve ever seen and I hope it is a tremendous success. Got to show some love for the Indies. They help keep our beloved genres alive. Here’s a chance to give back for a nice price.

Star Prospector, Blue Libra and Sentinel 3: Homeworld are SpaceSector’s champions. For more information on these titles have a look at our Star Prospector first impressions, our Blue Libra review or a small preview we did on Sentinel 3: Homeworld.

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  1. Alex Ryden says:

    When I first saw the word Homeworld my heart lept for joy. Of course, I realized soon after that it was not actually Homeworld. But for one glorious second, I thought someone had released Homeworld through digital distribution at last.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Not THE Homeworld no, unfortunately. It would be great to see it in digital distribution some day, yes. And, I didn’t lose hope for Homeworld 3. Let’s hope that Relic, THQ and EA think the same. Maybe we should start a petition or something. In fact, after a search I discovered that there are plenty of those already.

      • Alex Ryden says:

        I would sign a petition if it existed. Homeworld was one of the first games I ever played. I have very fond memories of it and the sequel.

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