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Star Conflict: Space Action MMO Closed Beta Starts Today

By on April 12th, 2012 10:53 am


Star Conflict, a new space action MMO game that puts you at the helm of a space ship, has just entered closed-beta and is now accepting registrations on their website (\edit Jul 28 2012 – now closed). Star Conflict is a F2P (free to play) PvP-based MMO (no PvE). It’s not a browser-based game, it has a dedicated client application.

It’s a space combat game, but from what I could tell it’s not really a space simulation game but rather an action game. It features Newton’s laws of motion but the devs seem to have put more emphasis on how easy it is to play instead of on simulation details “We want it to be interesting to a wide audience” ~Star Gem, Inc. Apparently joysticks will not be supported but only keyboard+mouse and gamepads. Star Conflict seems to include also some RPG elements through abilities development and specialized skills through various types of fighters, which are divided into 3 categories – light, medium and heavy.

You have the beta launch trailer below, which is very nice by the way. If you’re more into action than careful strategic thinking than Star Conflict could be your thing.

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  1. LS35A says:

    No joystick support? That’s a nonstarter right there. Keep walking folks, nothing to see here….

    • Adam Solo says:

      You’re very direct! :D It’s an action game, I guess you don’t have much to dodge, dogfight, move, aim and fire :) It seems to be much more move, fire!

  2. James Coote says:

    I’ve had problems signing up, not been able to get in so far. Anyone else had the chance to check it out?

  3. BiggTedd says:

    Game looks nice, some ships, weapons etc. very reminiscent of Babylon 5… can’t go wrong there :) Thanks Adam!

  4. Gwen says:

    Gameplay is structured a lot like world of tanks… In space.

  5. Wooldemoort says:

    I bought an USB Joystick today especially for this game!
    And noe iread that it is not supported!
    Sorry ?? This is a HAVE TO !
    I have 10 years old games that have Joystick support.
    Is it only a mix of Wing Commander, EVE and WOT ??
    PLS ask the Programmers to give you the Joystick code.

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