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Aliens: Colonial Marines – New Competitive Multiplayer Mode

By on August 30th, 2012 4:37 pm

Aliens: Colonial Marines | Sci-Fi FPS by Sega and Gear Software

Aliens: Colonial Marines got featured on the Space Sector’s “Sci-Fi/Space Games You Can’t Miss in 2012” list. Well, as usual in this business the release date got pushed, from spring 2012 to Feb 12, 2013 now. The new date is on the game’s official site, sounds definitive, but we never know. Better take more time but get it right!

I’m not much for shooters these days but A:CM is right on the border of games we tend to cover here and as its setting takes place on one of the most influential science fiction universes of all time (and one I particular love and I guess many of you also) I think it deserves the spotlight. The story starts onboard of the U.S.S. Sulaco, that got recovered in orbit around LV-426 (the planet where the Aliens movie unfolds – and part of original Alien movie too). After that the story continues on the surface of LV-426.

The new trailer shows-off the new competitive multiplayer mode called “Escape”. In this mode some guys play as marines and try to escape while others play as Xenomorphs and try to hunt them down. I don’t play FPS games in a long time but I guess A:CM could be one I would enjoy.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is being developed by Sega and Gearbox Software and is targeted for release on February 12, 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. One miss on the 2012 list, but not by far ;) I hope…

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  1. Keith Turner says:

    Hmm, the environments all look the same to me. Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the trailer. Like you, I’m not a big FPS fan, but I do enjoy a few select ones like Borderlands and the Red Faction series. Hopefully the extra time helps them spruce things up a little.

    • Adam Solo says:

      What I particularly find interesting about this game is the setting (Alien Universe). The atmosphere seems to be there, especially if you enjoyed the Alien 2 movie. I don’t play FPS games since Half Life 2, so I thought this could be a good candidate to give it a go before Half Life 3 gets announced.

      Sometimes I feel we also need a bit of adrenaline going, that’s why I thought this particular title could be of interest to the community. Guess not judging from the amount of comments so far :)

      • Matthew Zacharuk says:

        Are you kidding? I could name a dozen people on my steam friends list right off the top of my head who would be into this, purely for the setting. And some of them really don’t play FPS games, either… Call me fanboi, but I have been looking forward to this game since I first heard it was being worked on. As for Keith’s complaint about the environments… Well, when everything is built by the same corporation or infested by the same xenomorph species, as well as the lights being mostly broken, of course it’s going to look the same. I would actually turn that around and say that it’s a good thing that the atmosphere is consistent both internally and with the source material. My least favorite MP level in the first AvP was a mostly well lit facility with white walls and bright lights. There was no tension, no fear, because you could see everything coming.

        This trailer made me happy. Though to be honest, I’d be happier if there was a humans vs AI version of this game mode with lots more aliens, like the old AvP1 bug hunt mode. Or have just one or two human controlled aliens, and a small army of AI bugs. Imagine a swarm coming at you along the floor when the elevator doors open, while the player controlled bug sneaks through the shadows on the ceiling towards you…

        • Jorgamoundr says:

          I agree entirely, especially with the environments. Personally, I am an FPS fan but I’m a very avid gamer and I dabble deeply in most genres (expect sports games). I think the environments look very exciting – like you said, of course they’ll look the same, it’s all set in one area really, on one planet. I think from the looks of things it plays out wonderfully – the gameplay looks very tense, cinematic and claustrophobic. Another thing to remember is that the game is a game-sequel to Aliens to movie, set on Planet LV 426 (?), so it’s not as if they have free reign. The movies there, they’re limited by the planet and the setting itself established in the movie.

          I think a lot of the game is still tightly under wraps, so a humans vs AI coop game mode seems like it could be a possibility, keeping in mind the growing fondness in modern gaming communities for Horde-type game modes, cooperative play and the fact that it was a popular feature in AvP1 and AvP3.

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