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Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest – Fast-Paced RTS [Kickstarter]

By on January 7th, 2013 7:40 am

Galcon Fusion | Space-based fast-paced RTS

The creator of the space fast-paced RTS Galcon for Android and iPhone, Phil Hassey, is on Kickstarter for Galcon 2. And, although there was already a Galcon version (Galcon Fusion) available for Windows and iPad, Phil wants to enhance his series of games for the Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux computers.

Galcon is a simple RTS game where you send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the Galaxy. Gameplay is that simple. The central aspect of the game seems to be its frenetic nature to capture all planets as fast as possible.

With Galcon 2, Phil proposes essentially the same core gameplay of Galcon Fusion but with two main additions:

  • A galaxy map to track battle records. A high-level long-term game
  • Different classes or powers. Different players may have different powers

Nothing has been developed yet. Phil’s plan is to go with a community-centered development for Galcon 2 from day one. He plans to send backers all the prototypes as soon as possible so that they are part of the development process (if they wish) by giving feedback and suggesting ideas through the hole project.

Part of the reason for this post is that Phil is at 98% of his goal with less than 13 hours to go on Kickstarter, at the time of this writing. So, if you’re into this style of fast-paced (or even frenetic) type of space-based games, you still have a chance to help Phil go ahead with his vision. Or not. As always, I’m just the messenger in this type of Kickstarter business, so, my suggestion is to always think carefully before deciding to back up a project.

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  1. DevildogFF says:

    Hmmm, I’m not convinced. I’ll wait to see how it ends up.

  2. Chris says:

    I remember this game again, it’s a neat timewaster but nothing more. It lacks pretty much everything.

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