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SOL: Exodus – A New 3D Space Shooter is Coming Very Soon

By on January 22nd, 2012 7:24 am

Couple of days ago Seamless Entertainment, an indie game developement studio of 6 people, has announced in their website that SOL: Exodus, a space shooter they have been working on for the past years, is “GO FOR LAUNCH!”. Seamless folks announce their game as “If you like blowing things up, saving solar systems, and being a hero, we think you’re going to love SOL”. SOL: Exodus is a 3D space-action shooter that aims on bringing a modern graphics worthy successor of titles of series like Freespace and Wing Commander.

The game offers single-player missions, but from what I could tell the devs apologize that for now they had to sacrifice co-op multiplayer (although it was not completely clear to me if there’s no multiplayer at all. The game will run on Windows and will support a variety of input devices (joysticks, gamepads, …). For more information check out the SOL: Exodus website. SOL: Exodus will be launching on Steam next Wednesday, 25th January for the price of $9.99 USD.

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  1. Evil Azrael says:

    Looks really interesting . As dry as this genre has been in the last years i would buy it untested, but not via steam. I would pay double the price for a DRM-free download or even more for a physical release.

    • Adam Solo says:

      By the way, Seamless Entertainment also announced a German retail SKU. They promised to post more information about that in SOL: Exodus’ website as it becomes available. I wonder if that means a retail box version of the game?… Never saw this “SKU” designation before but the word “retail” seems to confirm that.

  2. BiggTedd says:

    Looks cool! Wing Commander lives :) Have to go out and buy a new joystick set up!

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